Pocket WiFi at Incheon Airport: prices, providers, and how to rent

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When we travel, we have many options to have internet, but one of the main ones to have a connection in multiple devices is the portable WiFi. That is why it is convenient to have them from the moment we arrive at our destination, and if you visit South Korea, getting your pocket WiFi at Incheon Airport is the best option.

It is easy to buy or rent one of these devices, but in many cases, we must schedule them in advance and before traveling. In this article, we will tell you how to do it, the prices and providers, and offer tips to use it and other alternatives to stay connected at Incheon International Airport.

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How to rent a pocket WiFi at Incheon Airport

When discussing renting portable WiFi at Incheon International Airport, we might think we are referring to a physical store. The truth is that most of the tourist options are online stores that offer pick-up at international terminals. So, to have a mobile hotspot at the airport, you should book at least one day before arrival.

You must consider how long you will be using the pocket WiFi, verify what requirements you may be asked to pick it up, and, of course, in which terminal you will pick it up. The provider usually requests all this information when you make your booking. In some cases, you may need to pay for the order in advance; in others, they may use your credit card as support.

Incheon International Airport. Source: Airline Quality.com

Step-by-step to rent a pocket WiFi

There are many international pocket WiFi providers, but the first thing to do is to locate those that can deliver to Incheon International Airport terminals. Some of these online stores are Get Your Guide, Trazy, and Korea Travel, with tourist deals and good coverage throughout South Korea.

After we see the options for each one, we can choose the most convenient for us and make our booking. We are now asked for information such as the terminal where we will pick up, the days we will use it, the amount of WiFi portable, data plan, etc. When we have organized our order, we can continue with the Booking and payment in case it is in advance.

At the moment of payment, depending on the provider, you can have several methods; most of them offer credit cards and AliPay at least. Finally, you will get a ticket with your booking information and number. Generally, Incheon Airport International Terminals 1 and 2 are used for delivery during regular business hours. When picking up your pocket WiFi, please have your order information and a valid credit card ready.

Options for pocket WiFi providers at Incheon International Airport

We can use several online providers to have our mobile Hotspot at Incheon Airport. Some even allow you to schedule without advance and withdraw with a credit card, where the charges will be made. Also, you can pick up at both international terminals with any of these stores. These are three of the alternatives for tourists

  • Get Your Guide: With this store, you can book your spot and pay nothing today, so you will pay and receive when you pick up at the airport. You must check availability for the day you plan to pick up.
  • Trazy: Ideal for more extended stays because they offer plans of thirty days or more at a lower cost. You can also rent for shorter periods but the cost per day will be higher.
  • Korea Travel: You must schedule at least two days in advance and indicate the date and place of pick up and return of the WiFi portable. You must also pay for the service in advance with a 100% refund before the 3-day cancellation policy.

In addition to the cancellation and return policies, it is customary to find clauses against damage and loss of the portable WiFi. This means that if, at the time of return, the provider identifies any damage to the device, we will have to pay an additional fee. Depending on the severity of the damage or if it is a loss, it can be costly.

Price and service comparison

This table compares the prices and features of the basic one-week rental plans for each service. More data plans are available, but they are more expensive. The table also includes information about the damage policy for lost devices.

Company Price (USD)DataSpeedDevices connectedDamage policy (USD)
Get Your Guide30.72$4 GB/Daily4G3up to 150$
Trazy26.4$Unlimited data20 Mbps3up to 120$
Korea Travel22.4$1 GB/Daily4G4-5Not established in the T&Cs
Table N°1. Comparison between pocket WiFi providers at Incheon Airport.

Other options to have mobile internet at the airport and in the city 

Having connections on many devices is convenient, plus the costs in Korea are not as high as in other destinations. However, other alternatives are easier to buy and do not have the risk of getting lost, such as eSIM, roaming, and free WiFi at the Airport. Having all the time the pocket WiFi to be connected can be annoying, and if we only need internet in one device, these alternatives have more advantages.

eSIM with unlimited data in Incheon

The digital era has arrived with SIM cards, and now we can have data plans without inserting a chip in our phones. These are the eSIM, which we can buy from home and install thanks to a QR code remotely. One of the main online options for Incheon is Holafly and its virtual SIM card with unlimited data.

eSIM with data in South Korea. Source: Holafly.

The plans for this destination include five, seven, ten, fifteen, or twenty days of use, and if your stay is more extended, you can repurchase any of the packages with top-ups. The eSIM makes things much easier for tourists. You can have from home the tool to stay connected in your travels around the world.

In destinations like Korea, language is often a barrier, so online stores like Holafly have support in more than five languages for all travelers. You won’t have to do anything when you arrive at Incheon International Airport. With an eSIM, you will be connected to the internet as soon as you are there.

International roaming in Incheon

International roaming services have been known for many years among travelers for two things: being a comfortable but also costly solution. With this service, you can use your usual data plan but abroad, of course, paying an additional fee or a higher rate than average. You don’t have to install anything on your phone; just contact your operator and check if they have coverage in Korea and their costs.

To give you an idea of the costs, we can compare rates. If you are a tourist from the USA, you know AT&T. This operator has a $10/day fee to surf in Korea. Another example is Three from the UK; with them, there are no day passes but rates of $7.32/Mb. Finally, we have Optus, a phone company from Australia with which you can use your data in South Korea for $5/Day only with some data plans.

WiFi at Incheon International Airport

Since 2008, Incheon International Airport has offered a free WiFi network in most of its areas. Just look for the SSID “AirportWiFi” in your device settings and connect. No password is required, but we recommend you use these networks for specific tasks because of the risk it represents for your personal information.

Information theft is common at airports, so avoid access to bank accounts, emails, or work information. If it is strictly necessary to access these platforms, you should install a VPN App or similar, which places one more barrier against this risk.

Use of pocket WiFi

The pocket WiFi gives you a private wireless network, which works similarly to your home’s WiFi. You must have the device nearby to improve the coverage and speed of the service. The network usually has a password that you can see on the device or that the staff of the provider you use will give you. It is not necessary to install additional Apps. You just need to find the network and connect.

Most portable WiFi has a display that shows signal strength, battery, time, and additional information. To see the network name and password on the screen, you must press the power button or another button with this function. With the password, you can access the network from any device. 

Always keep the mobile hotspot in a safe place, and when using it on the streets, always have it at hand. Damage and loss policies are expensive, and the best way to avoid paying these fees is to use the device carefully.

Which is the best option to be communicated at the airport and in the city

It depends on your needs and budget. When connecting multiple devices or traveling to remote areas, pocket WiFi is the best option. If you only need internet on one device and have a compatible device, an eSIM with unlimited data is a great choice. If you don’t mind paying more and don’t want to buy or rent a device, you can use your local operator’s roaming.

eSIMs offer the best combination of features for travelers: unlimited data, excellent coverage, and a low price. You can also use multiple eSIMs on the same device, which is ideal for connecting multiple destinations.

FAQ about pocket WiFi at Incheon International Airport

Can I use free WiFi zones at Incheon International Airport?

Yes, in many airport areas, both international and local terminals have a free public WiFi network. Just look for the name of the network and connect to your devices. The number of users conditions the speed and quality of service.

Can I use pocket WiFi in other countries?

The WiFi portables delivered at the airport only allow connection within the country. There are other alternatives with regional coverage but only supply to private addresses. If you want connection to other destinations in Asia, you can use the Holafly eSIM for Asia with unlimited data.

How can a traveler have internet access at Incheon International Airport?

As travelers, we have many alternatives, such as pocket WiFi or international roaming. However, if we want better coverage in the city, we can use eSIM cards and physical SIM cards. Finally, if it is a short stay at the airport, you have the public WiFi network in their facilities.

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