Pocket WiFi in Australia: what are the best options?

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Australia is well known as one of the most touristic places in all of Oceania and the world. It is very common to see every year people visiting this beautiful country with hundreds of tourist attractions. That’s precisely why if you travel to this country, you can’t miss the opportunity to stay connected with Pocket WiFi for Australia and avoid paying high roaming charges.

We bet you wouldn’t like to miss out on your adventure in a country like Australia, so it’s best to stay connected. However, it’s best to know all the options you have to make this possible. 

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Companies offering Pocket Wi-Fi for Australia

Pocket WiFi Provider BrandThe rate for one week including postage and handling + insurance
Klook WiFi$36.75 USD (Weekly Rental) + Pickup only in various cities in Australia
Travel WiFiUSD 71.6 (Weekly rent) + $8 to $30 USD (Shipping)
XOXO WiFiUSD 74.99 (Weekly rental) + $17 (Insurance) +  $5 to $60 USD (Shipping) 
MioWiFiUSD 56.00 (Weekly rental) + $50 (Shipping + Insurance) 
Travelers WiFiUSD 73.40 (Weekly income) + $4.55 to $34.09 USD (Shipping)
Table N°1 List of companies offering Pocket WiFi for Australia

Details and prices of the Pocket Wi-Fi for Australia

A country as touristy as Australia cannot be overlooked. People should have the power to choose from a variety of services that is best for them. The good thing is that there are several Pocket Wi-Fi options for Australia.

This allows you to evaluate your options before deciding on your trip. In addition, we will fins out which one may be the most suitable for each person’s needs. 


One of the companies that may surprise us to be on this list is Klook. The company is based in Hong Kong, but that has not prevented people from having its service in other countries.

One thing that changes a lot when it comes to Klook is its pricing. People can rent Pocket Wi-Fi for a wide range of prices. However, in the case of Australia, the price is 36.75 USD.

Also, something to keep in mind is that Klook changes its shipping policies a lot. Regarding the Pocket WiFi in Australia, they only allow it to be picked up by people once they are inside the country.

Concerning payment, people can pay by credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, among many other additional methods. 

Finally, the company penalizes those who lose their equipment. This penalty is not stipulated, but the amount should be between $140 and $180 dollars. 

Travel WiFi

Travel Wi-Fi is undoubtedly a leader in its field. They not only offer their Pocket Wi-Fi service in Europe, but also in other parts of the world.

One thing to mention regarding the company is that their tariffs change in some cases, although they tend to be flat rates in most cases. In Australia, the price for portable Wi-Fi is $71.6 dollars for a whole week.

As for shipping, this is a bit more complicated to deal with. The company charges between $8 to $30 dollars, but the final cost will depend on the destination.

Payments are something that Travel Wi-Fi has sought to improve and that its customers have been able to take advantage of. People wishing to rent a Pocket Wi-Fi for Australia with the company can pay with PayPal and credit cards.

We also want to mention that the company penalizes those who lose their equipment. If this happens to you, the penalty is around $149 to $199 dollars, so it is best to be careful with these devices. 


Once again, we have a company based within Europe on our list. XOXO Wi-Fi is an excellent alternative for travelers who need good quality portable Wi-Fi. 

As for price, the Pocket Wi-Fi in Australia is priced at just over 74.99 USD. However, it is ideal to mention that you won’t be able to consume more than 500 MB per day unless you buy an additional plan.

As for delivery, this is something that changes depending on location. Generally, in Europe, the rates are usually cheap, but for other destinations, it can be as high as $60 USD. 

Payment methods are something that has also been important for XOXO Wi-Fi. People will be able to pay via PayPal, Payment, and credit cards if they wish.

The last thing to mention is the price of the penalties. These ranges go from $140 to $170 USD, depending on whether the devices had additional accessories. However, you could pay $17 for insurance to reduce the amount of this penalty. 


One of the surprises on this list is MioWiFi. The Latin American company has made a name for itself, which is why they are on this list.

As for the price of their services, the company offers a flat rate in most destinations. Those who wish to purchase a Pocket Wi-Fi in Australia will have to pay $56 dollars for a week’s use.

When it comes to shipping, it can be tricky. People can pay up to $50 depending on the destination country of the package. However, there are cheaper rates that users can take advantage of.

When it comes to payment, the company is quite flexible. You’ll be able to pay by credit card or PayPal, so there are not many worries.

One last thing we must talk about is penalties. Just like other companies, MioWiFi charges a penalty for loss. People will have to pay an additional $250 dollars if they lose one of the company’s devices. 

Travelers WiFi

The last company on our list is one of the best for travelers. Travelers Wi-Fi is an excellent solution for this type of service, no matter what the destination.

The company offers only two rates, in the case of Australia, we went with the global rate. The price for a week’s use is 73.40 USD, which is a little higher than the price of other companies, but their service is unlimited, so it’s well-worth the price. 

One thing people don’t have to worry about is shipping. The company ships anywhere in the world, and their rates vary from $4.55 to $34.09 USD depending on the destination.

Payments are also something we don’t have to worry too much about. The company accepts both credit cards and PayPal, which makes them quite affordable for users.

The last thing everyone should be aware of is the penalty applied in case of loss. People will have to pay an additional 159.08 dollars to the company if this happens, so it’s best to be careful. 

Similar options to the Pocket Wi-Fi in Australia

We have already seen that there are several options for renting a Pocket Wi-Fi in Australia. Despite this, it would be great if you have a couple of extra alternatives in case of an emergency.

People should know that SIM cards, eSIM data cards, and free Wi-Fi can be very useful.

Data SIM card for travel to Australia

Leaving Wi-Fi aside, data SIM cards for Australia are an excellent alternative for people. They are the classic solution for many users, and the best thing is that they are quite affordable.

Not only is their price much lower, but they offer a much wider data connection. And it’s something you can stop using instantly’s notice without repercussions.

One of the best alternatives to get one of these cards is undoubtedly Online Stores. These companies seek to offer their services at affordable prices and with huge benefits, which people should take advantage of. 

Unlimited data eSIM for Australia

International eSIM for Australia
eSIM for Australia with unlimited data. Source: Holafly

One of the greatest alternatives on the market is the unlimited data eSIM. It offers the same as a traditional SIM card, but is much more helpful than its predecessor.

People can buy a data eSIM and will not have to put aside their old SIM, which is quite convenient. In addition, eSIMs vary in price and benefits depending on the country of destination, which is also quite useful for travelers.

Again, our recommendation, in this case, is Holafly. The company has made quite an effort to be recognized in this area, and its eSIM for Australia is one of the best on the market. In addition to unlimited data, it is easy to buy, with 24/7 multilingual customer support and the possibility to recharge your service through top-ups.

Free Wi-Fi

Australia is where you’re likely to get plenty of free networks to connect to. However, it’s worth mentioning that this is something that can only be useful for a few moments. 

These networks are often overloaded, although they can help travelers in a pinch. However, it is more advisable to have something that will provide a stable connection and a good speed.

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