How to get and activate a Verizon prepaid eSIM?

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One of the most recognized operators that people can use when they are in the United States is Verizon. With huge coverage in most cities around the country and those nearby, it is also one of the best eSIMs we can find. Thanks to how the Verizon eSIM works, there are many new things everyone should get to know regarding this service to be well-informed about what they offer.

As we said, there are several aspects to talk about when it comes to this eSIM, such as how to activate it, where to get it, and a lot more. So if you aren’t familiar with the service or you are keen to know more about it before signing up for any of their cellular services, here’s what you need to know.


How does Verizon eSIM work?

When we discuss a carrier such as Verizon, there are many different features that travelers need to keep in mind. One of those is how the Verizon eSIM works, which can be a little complicated for some to understand.

The thing with this eSIM, and with many others out there, is that it works completely similar to what we have seen before. Those interested will need to have a device that supports eSIM tech and get one from their favorite cellular operator or through an international provider.

Also, all the data plans and other benefits available offered by Verizon will be available when using the digital SIM card. There’s no need to worry about not getting all the regular benefits and features from the cellular company. And, this Verizon eSIM will also work with roaming services.

But, it’s necessary to dive deeper about how it will work and how people can buy this roaming service, so let’s get to it.

Does Verizon eSIM work internationally?

One of the doubts people will have, especially Verizon clients, is whether the eSIM will work or not internationally. Thankfully, as this one works as a replacement for the traditional SIM card, there’s no issue related to how it will work when taking it with you on a trip, as you’ll be able to get roaming services with it.

One of the best things about Verizon is the roaming rate. There are different prices, which is why people should take a look at this before using this amenity when traveling. Especially to see if their budget is adjusted to how much the company charges.

Up to this point, there were many important characteristics about Verizon, but let’s mention the actual details everyone should have about this eSIM.

Details of Verizon Prepaid eSIM

This is something good to know as those who aren’t clients of the company can get to know more about what they will get.

The first aspect for us is the coverage. When using a cellular provider, this is one of the most frequently asked questions. Currently, there are over 80 different countries where people can travel to without needing to change to a different service. As mentioned before, the only thing to check is the rate of the service.

As for the plans, there are numerous plans customers can choose when using a Verizon eSIM. There are all kinds of data plans, and people will get the chance to use the one they prefer. But more than this, they will be able to choose one data plan that suits their needs, which is great.

The customer support from Verizon is pretty reliable. The good thing about it comes with the fact the carrier is not located only in the United States, which means people will get the chance to ask for help from someone who either speaks English or Spanish. And they can choose the language they prefer, of course.

Other than this, the service is pretty good, and eSIMs have great coverage, which is great to know.

Verizon eSIM supported devices

Depending on the company, the devices that can work with an eSIM might vary a bit. Not all eSIMs are designed equally to work on all eSIM-supported devices, so that’s something everyone should keep in mind as much as they can.

As for now, all the cellphones eSIM compatible will suit this list. It can be a Samsung device, an Apple device, or any other device that works with eSIMs. It is something great to know as it makes everything easier.

Verizon Prepaid eSIM App

Let’s talk a bit about the Verizon app. It might not be completely dedicated to the eSIM, but customers can manage all of their services through the app. It means people won’t have a hard time trying to manage their eSIM when using it, so that’s something great to know for many people out there. And, the good thing is that it will work on both, iOS and Android devices.

The thing here is that users need to download the app and have a prior internet connection to use it properly. There’s no other requirement for customers to know about this app.

How to get an eSIM from Verizon?

When talking about the eSIM, there are some things we need to know, and that includes the process of getting the eSIM.

For those wondering how many methods there are to get the Verizon eSIM, there’s no need to worry, as there are two different ways to get one eSIM from them. The first one is through “My Verizon,” in which those interested can go ahead and ask for a new eSIM or a replacement.

And, the second option people have is to ask for an eSIM at a physical store. These will be handed to the customer immediately, and they can even get some help with the activation.

Verizon eSIM activation

Once travelers have gotten an eSIM, there’s another step to complete. In this case, we are talking about the activation process. Overall, there’s no need to worry about whether the process will be completed or not. The eSIM activation is easy to complete on either iOS or Android devices.

Verizon eSIM activation on iOS devices

When it comes to iOS devices, it can be summed up to two different steps which must be followed to properly activate the eSIM.

In this case, people will need to go to the phone settings and find the “Mobile/Cellular Data” option. Once there, users need to find the “Add New Data Plan” option to be able to scan the eSIM QR code. After this is all done, the eSIM will be available for use in seconds!

Verizon eSIM activation on Android and other devices

For Android devices, there aren’t many changes about how the process will be completed in most cases. The process is done through the “Mobile/Cellular Data” menu, just like it happens when activating an iOS device.

After doing this, it is required to scan the QR code to complete the process. It is also necessary to have an internet connection to complete the whole process without having further issues.

Verizon Prepaid eSIM alternatives

One of the best things people can get to know about eSIMs is the different alternatives available. Even though we can say they are just about unique due to how it works, there are other alternatives to using, especially for those who like to travel a lot around the world and want to stay connected while doing so.

For us, it is worth mentioning different services, such as the international eSIMs, which are offered by providers like Holafly. And some other options are available in the market, like pocket WiFi devices or even free WiFi when traveling. But, undoubtedly, the best alternative is the international eSIM, and we’ll talk about what it offers next.

eSIM Online

As we mentioned before, one of the best alternatives for Verizon eSIM is international eSIMs. In this case, these can be bought online. People won’t have to worry much about when buying one because the process is simple. Basically, all that is needed is a valid email address and a physical address. With those two things, buying an eSIM will take less than five minutes!

Also, there are other benefits when using options like Holafly when it comes to eSIMs. There’s no need to say there aren’t monthly data plans and there aren’t other extra charges or fees. Travelers or customers simply will only pay for what they will consume, and that’s it!

FAQ about the Verizon Prepaid eSIM

Can people use a SIM card with the Verizon eSIM?

Yes. There’s no need to worry as long as the device allows customers to use them both.

Can I order a Verizon eSIM through their app?

Yes. “My Verizon,” which is the app of the provider, will allow customers to order eSIMs while using it.

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