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For people who are planning on traveling abroad, one of the alternatives they can get to use while traveling from Australia to other countries around the world comes with the Simcorner eSIM, but what about other alternatives that are available in the market? If you want some extra alternatives, there’s no need to worry. There are plenty of alternatives in the market, as we could expect. But, for this guide about the Simcorner eSIM alternatives, we’ll focus on Holafly, Truphone, Ubigi, and Flexiroam

Therefore, if you are looking for alternatives for your trip, here are the best Simcorner eSIM alternatives you can get. That way, staying connected won’t be hard to achieve abroad!


Simcorner eSIM: how is it?

Let’s talk about Simcorner and their eSIM. First of all, it’s necessary to get to know the service, how it works, what it offers, and some extra features that will allow customers to know exactly what they are paying to get. In this case, we are talking about an Australia-based company.

Now, what about their eSIM? Well, there’s something important to mention here. Currently, Simcorner is mostly focused on international SIM cards, but their eSIM also works in more than 130 different destinations all around Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Therefore, staying connected won’t be a problem.

And, if people don’t have an eSIM-compatible device, then using a SIM card might be an alternative for those travelers. Something important that people who are using Simcorner need to know is the fact it only works with AUD, as the company is mostly focused on Aussies!

Besides this, the company doesn’t offer too many data packages for travelers using eSIMs, so getting an alternative with more data is better. But, they still offer good coverage on the different destinations where they are available.

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Simcorner eSIM card: alternatives

Now that we have a better idea of how Simcorner eSIM works and what it gives to its customers, it’s time to talk about alternatives. There are many in the market, but there’s no need to worry because we’ll focus on the top alternatives we previously mentioned that would be helpful for travelers.

Holafly eSIM card: Over +150 destinations available

Our first alternative for the Simcorner eSIM comes with Holafly. The Spain-based company offers people the chance to get access to the internet in more than 150 destinations around the world. In many of these destinations, people have access to unlimited data packages, and in Europe, people can make phone calls while using the Holafly eSIM!

An extra feature that people must know when using an Holafly eSIM is the fact people can buy as many as they need. The company has no limitation on the number of eSIMs people can buy. And, of course, there aren’t extra charges while using the Holafly eSIM, which makes it better for users.

As for the activation, there’s no need to worry. Everything it takes is a QR code and a few seconds to complete it. Other than this, people will not need to worry if they have issues while using the eSIM, as customer support is available 24/7 to help everyone.

Truphone eSIM card: Available in 113 countries

The second alternative comes with Truphone. This company offers people the chance to use an eSIM on different devices, not only on mobiles, but also on tablets and smartwatches. As expected, they offer different types of plans according to what people need while traveling.

On the other hand, Truphone has an app where people can manage and get an eSIM as well if needed. This service is available for both iOS and Android. It’s important that people know that the purchase can’t be completed through the official website.

Lastly, Truphone works with different currencies, which makes it easier for travelers to get their preferred eSIM.

Ubigi eSIM card: Three different types of data packages

Third on the list comes Ubigi. To get an eSIM from Ubigi, it’s necessary to basically create a user on the website after choosing which one people want to use. Compared to other alternatives, Ubigi is the one where people can take the most time buying an eSIM.

Other than this, the company offers people the chance to choose from three different data packages. The available alternatives are one-off, monthly, or yearly, which makes it easier for people to find their perfect eSIM.

One thing to note is the fact Ubigi offers people the chance to buy an eSIM using different currencies. Therefore, people from all around the world are able to get an eSIM from them in no time.

Flexiroam eSIM card: Different types of data plans available

Available in 200 countries thanks to their regional, global, and local data plans, Flexiroam comes as an alternative for people who want to use something different from the Simcorner eSIM.

Flexiroam offers people different types of data packages, and people can manage them all through their official app. It’s also important to note that Flexiroam offers a SIM card for those who can’t use an eSIM.

Lastly, the company only offers people the chance to buy an eSIM using USD and either Google Pay or credit cards.

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Alternatives for the Simcorner eSIM card: a comparison

Now that we have information about the Simcorner eSIM card alternatives, it’s time to make a side-to-side comparison. That way, people can get to know exactly what each one of these eSIMs offers.

CompanyAccountKeep your SIM cardShare dataCalls and texts
HolaflyNoYesYes, on certain destinations.Yes, on certain destinations.
Simcorner eSIM alternatives.

Our recommendation

Up to this point, and now that we have all the information regarding the Simcorner eSIM alternatives, which one is the one we recommend? This might be hard, but not impossible, to tell travelers the best option.

Compared side-to-side, in terms of price, data, and ease of use, Holafly comes in first place. There’s no doubt all the features offered by the company are among the best options for travelers to find.

Therefore, if you want to use a Simcorner eSIM alternative, chances are the best option for you is the Holafly eSIM!

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