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When it comes to countries, where you like to enjoy nice weather, beautiful beaches, and a new culture, Curacao seems like the perfect fit for people who love relaxing and forgetting about everything for a while. But, there are things to consider when traveling to these natural spectacles, such as how to get an internet connection, and that’s where eSIMs for Curacao must be considered as an alternative for many travelers.

For those who don’t know, the eSIM for Curacao, as well as for other destinations, are basically digital SIM cards that will allow you to access an internet connection when traveling. These are quite easy to buy and are cheaper than other alternatives, making it easier for those looking for an adventure.

Here in Roami, we’ll give you a guide to everything users need to know about eSIMs. So, in case you are keen to know more about how these work and where to get them, this is the perfect place for you then!



What you should know about the Curacao eSIM card:

Imagine that you are walking around the beaches of Curacao or maybe hiking through a beautiful nature road. This is a place where tourists can get to know many incredible historic places and, beyond this, have the opportunity to get to know a very rich culture as the one present in Curacao.

But before people get to know more about this incredible island and everything it offers, there are things to know to buy an eSIM and enjoy more of the trip. So, here are some things to know:

  • Before buying an eSIM, check that it is compatible with the eSIM technology.
  • Check that your cellphone is eSIM supported before buying.
  • Buyers must have a valid email to complete the eSIM purchase.
  • To activate an eSIM, people must have an internet connection available, as it is needed to download some of the operator’s servers before it works.
  • Some cellular providers might ask the customer to download an app for the eSIM to work.

In case the user can’t buy an eSIM, there are other alternatives to buy when traveling. A fair option instead eSIMs are traditional SIM cards that can be bought in Curacao.

Cellular providers of eSIM cards to travel to Curacao:

When it comes to choosing a plan that suits someone’s needs, there are different companies offering eSIM services for travelers. In this case, it is needed to know more about these companies to get to know what they offer, so let’s talk about these three carriers:

Rates and data plans from eSIM providers to travel to Curacao

One of the main things to know about these companies is the rates and data plans they offer. There’s no doubt there are differences on this, as well as there are differences with roaming, coverage, and more. So, it is important for people to know all of this.


One of the most popular providers that has been in the market for a bit now is Holafly. The cellular operator is one of the best options when it comes to getting an eSIM for Curacao due to everything it offers, especially when it comes to talking about the price and easiness of buying one. But of course, Holafly doesn’t simply work in Curacao; it works in over 100 different countries where there are different data plans and more.

When it comes to buying an eSIM from Holafly, the process is rather simple to complete. People simply need to visit the website of the company, choose the destination they are visiting, and pick the plan they prefer to use. Depending on the destination, the Holafly eSIM might give users unlimited cellular data, and that’s a huge plus. As for the eSIM for Curacao, it has prices that vary from $34 to $64, and it’s quite reasonable considering you’re far from home!

Pros of Holafly’s eSIM for Curacao:

  • High-speed cellular data with all the available plans.
  • 24/7 customer support from Holafly is available for its customers.
  • There’s no need to pay a monthly subscription to use an eSIM.
  • Different data plans are available for different types of travelers.

Cons of Holafly’s eSIM for Curacao:

  • Don’t support phone calls.
  • No SMS is included with the eSIM.
  • Doesn’t allow data sharing.


GlobaleSIM is another company some travelers probably know at this point. The company is mostly known by travelers who make short trips, especially those who travel for business. Most eSIMs offer people the opportunity to choose from different data plans available.

Also, GigSky has an app where customers can manage everything related to the eSIM and the other services available from the company. As for now, the company has coverage in plenty of different countries as well.

Pros of GigSky eSIM:

  • Variety of data plans for the different destinations.
  • Easy to manage through an app.
  • Works on a huge variety of mobile devices.
  • Offers in-flight data.

Cons of GigSky eSIM:

  • The internet connection might vary depending on where people are located.
  • Prices are higher than compared to other companies.
  • Doesn’t include either SMS or phone calls with their service.


The third alternative to mention is Ubigi. They offer different data plans according to the service the customer chooses, and it comes to be a suitable alternative for those who tend to travel for long times due to the different services there are available, but none of their eSIMs offer unlimited data.

Also, it is important to mention the fact that Ubigi it’s a provider that offers a rather easy service when it comes to buying an eSIM. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about how this is done. They also have an app where people can manage the eSIM and the other services available from the company.

Pros of Ubigi eSIM for Curacao:

  • Ubigi offers a data top-up service for its eSIMs.
  • Easy to set up once the purchase process is done.
  • There are different data plans according to how much people travel.

Cons of Ubigi eSIM for Curacao:

  • Doesn’t offer SMS or phone calls with its eSIM.
  • Prices are quite high compared to other companies.
  • Requires an account to buy any of the available eSIMs.

Comparison of eSIM providers for Curacao

ProviderDataDaysPriceLanguageSales channels
Holafly2GB5$34Spanish, English, German, and FrenchWeb
Holafly3GB7$49Spanish, English, German, and FrenchWeb
Holafly4GB15$64Spanish, English, German, and FrenchWeb
Ubigi1GB 30$19EnglishWeb
GigSky1GB7$13EnglishWeb, App Store, Play Store
Table 1. Comparison of eSIM providers to connect to the Internet in Curacao

Features of the eSIM to travel to Curacao

When it comes to using eSIM, there are several differences from when using a normal SIM card. As for now, there are some differences that customers need to know when using one of these to keep in mind.

  • When using international eSIMs, it is important to know that the customer can’t use these to make phone calls or send text messages, so that’s important to keep in mind.
  • eSIMs can only be installed once, so people need to beware when installing them to avoid certain issues with it.
  • Depending on the operator, the eSIM might or not activate the APN automatically.
  • Some eSIMs will allow the user to share cellular data and add more than one data plan.
  • When using a cellphone, the client can get to use up to two SIM cards and an eSIM without issues. When traveling, remember to keep an eye on the roaming of the SIM cards.

Mobile internet coverage map for travel to Curacao

For those who want to travel to Curacao, there are some things to keep in mind, such as the coverage. Therefore, it is important for people to know what coverage will be available when traveling to Curacao.

  • Digicel Mobile
  • Flow Mobile

Digicel Mobile 4G coverage map in Curacao

Digicel’s coverage map in Curacao. Source: NPERF

Flow Mobile 4G coverage map in Curacao

Flow coverage map in Curacao. Source: NPERF

Local cellular operators offering eSIM in Curacao

For those who want to travel to Curacao for more time or even to live in Curacao, there are different things to know about the eSIM. In this case, let’s talk about how people can get an eSIM from Digicel. There are different things to keep in mind, so let’s take a dive.

eSIM Digicel Mobile Curacao

At this point, Digicel Mobile is the only cellular operator that offers eSIMs. The eSIM is accessible for people who are regular company customers, and there are different data plans for those to choose from. Compared to other companies, this eSIM will work with the different data plans available given by the company.

Also, as the Digicel eSIM works with most of the important features, customers will also get different benefits included by the company. 

Benefits of Digicel eSIM in Curacao

Let’s elaborate on the different benefits people can get from using Digicel. There’s no doubt that, similar to other companies, Digicel will grant unique promotions to its customers. So, let’s talk about what people can find when using this company within Curacao.

  • All the main plans offered by Digicel include data, SMS, and phone calls.
  • Digicel offers a tourist SIM card for those who want to try out their service before paying for it.
  • There are different data plans available for people to use that will suit people’s needs.
  • Offers unique promotions for certain apps partnered with Digicel.

How to activate a Digicel eSIM in Curacao.

When it comes to using an eSIM from Digicel, it is important to know how to activate it. At this point, let’s talk about how this process is done. It is important to keep in mind that the eSIM can only be purchased at stores, so it is important for the customer to keep that in mind.

As the eSIM is bought in stores, it makes the process a lot easier for some users. That’s the main strength of the company as they don’t put through a struggle with their users when using an eSIM.

What’s important to keep in mind when using Digicel is the fact that they do ask for an ID, so people can buy an eSIM. If there’s no ID, then the company won’t be able to provide clients with an eSIM.

FAQ about eSIM Curacao

Up to this point, many things have been discussed, and now it’s time for people to know how to do certain things that might be left aside. So, alongside the different things we have already said, this will provide further information that travelers will surely like to know.

Do eSIMs expire?

Some do, but others don’t. The ones that expire are the international eSIMs that are bought when traveling for a certain amount of time.

How can people activate an eSIM in Curacao?

This depends on the company people are using. In most cases, what’s needed is to scan a QR that the company should provide through the “Mobile Data” menu and wait until the eSIM is installed to use it.

What happens when the data is over or the working days are completed?

Once the data plan is consumed, people will need to buy a new eSIM. It will stop working because that’s how prepaid eSIMs work.

Are eSIMs allowed to share cellular data?

Yes, but not all eSIMs share this feature. It is important for people to keep an eye on this because that’s an important detail.

Is it necessary to have a passport to buy an eSIM?

It depends. Passports are only required to buy an eSIM when using a local cellular provider, such as Digicel, for example. But for those buying an eSIM through a company such as Holafly, that’s not needed.

When does the eSIM data plan start working?

eSIMs will start working as soon as people activate the QR code they received.

Which cellphones can use an eSIM?

Not all cellphones, tablets or wearables are capable of using an eSIM. Therefore, before buying an eSIM for Curacao, it is important to check out that your cellphone is supports eSIM.

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