How to get Mobile Internet in Curacao: Which option to choose?

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When it comes to traveling, many of us know that it can be a headache not being able to remain connected to the internet while away from home. There are different ways to get cellular internet in Curacao, and that’s something people need to know more about before traveling so they can stay connected for as long as they are away from home! So, let’s take a deeper look.



How to get internet in Curacao?

In simple terms, there are different ways for travelers to get an internet connection while visiting Curacao. Currently, there are some offers that are better than others due to everything that is included, perks, benefits, and much more. Such is the case of the Holafly eSIM, which happens to be one great alternative to having ensuring an internet connection nowadays.

Another option that comes in second place is prepaid SIM cards, which are also easy to get for travelers, but aren’t as good as eSIMs. The third option on the list comes with roaming services and Pocket WiFi for Curacao, which are more expensive alternatives but must be mentioned here as well. Or you simply rely on free WiFi hotspots, which can help out some travelers.

What are the internet rates in Curacao?

When it comes to talking prices to get cellular internet in Curacao, all services will have different rates according to what they offer. There’s no doubt that this is something important to know because it will help out travelers to make a choice when choosing one service over another. Therefore, let’s discuss the different ways to get cellular internet in Curacao that are available to get nowadays.

Type of serviceInternet ratefor Curacao
eSIM for Curacao7 days with 2 GB at $34.00 USD
10 days with 3 GB at $49.00
15 days with 6 GB at $64.00
RoamingAT&Tin CuracaoInternational day pass: $10/day
*Allows SMS and Phone Calls.
RoamingVodafonein Curacao£6/day for roaming in Curacao
*The roaming day starts as soon as the service is activated.
4G data is available in Curacao with Vodafone.
RoamingT-Mobilein CuracaoData: $15.00/MB
Text: $0.50/txt
Calls: $0.25/min
RentPocket WiFiin Curacao1 GB / day at $8.80
Comparative table options to have internet in Curacao

For travelers, having access to alternatives that won’t need a cellular operator to provide coverage is somehow better. This supports the fact that eSIMs make a better alternative for backpackers or e-nomads, especially as some won’t need to rely on local providers.

The only thing that’s necessary here to keep in mind comes with the fact that people would need to check whether their phone is compatible with an eSIM or not.

eSIM card to have internet in Curacao

For eSIMs, there’s one option that comes first thanks to everything it offers and how easy it is to get one while traveling. We are talking about the Holafly eSIM for Curacao, which is one of the most reliable providers to use when traveling.

Using an eSIM from one of these operators is quite easy, especially because it can be purchased in just a few seconds, no matter where the customer is. Also, the activation process only requires a QR code, which makes it a lot easier.

Roaming to have internet in Curacao

For those who can’t rely on an eSIM when traveling, which can be the case, roaming is a second option to go for. There are different cellular operators, as seen before, which offer consumers the opportunity to visit Curacao and get an internet connection by simply paying a bit more to have all the features the eSIM offers, such as data, SMS, and more.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind that the rates will vary from one operator to another, so that’s something important to keep in mind when traveling. Depending on where you are, you can see how much it’s charged for this service on the table that’s been previously laid out.

Portable WiFi to have internet in Curacao

Chances are that when using roaming services, the budget is just too high due to how much the company charges, and it’s actually not uncommon. Some customers will prefer using an alternative that suits their needs and budget better.

For those who don’t know much about these devices, these are basically portable routers. People who rent or buy one can take it with them when traveling and activate it to get internet on the devices they have. It can either be a cellphone or a laptop. That’s why it is such an important option for some people.

The thing is that, when either renting or buying a Pocket WiFi, there are some things to know. Of course, renting this device is cheaper than buying one, but the price for renting one can increase to up to $100 for a week, depending on the company people are using when renting the device. And, the cellular data provided by the operator is somehow limited.

Also, one important thing to keep in mind is the fact the Pocket WiFi for Curacao can be more expensive than people can think. This is because if something happens to the device, the customer will have to pay an extra fee to the company right away.

Places with free WiFi in Curacao

As for another alternative that’s not so reliable due to how it works, there’s free WiFi for travelers. There’s no doubt that while traveling, people will come across different WiFi hotspots that they can use while being in certain places. That’s the main downside of these free networks.

Even if it doesn’t seem like such as good option, it can help consumers to save some money. But travelers still need to be careful as free WiFi hotspots can be dangerous due to the network being free for everyone to connect.

Our recommendation is to have internet in Curacao

Up to this point, there might be some doubts regarding what we recommend using when going to Curacao. If this is not so clear, keep reading to see why we say eSIMs are better options.

Up to this point, eSIMs are simply the best alternative due to the different things included for adventurers. The price is reasonable; there are different data plans available; it can be bought within seconds and much more. It is for sure one of the best alternatives for people who want to use an eSIM for Curacao.

FAQs about the internet in Curacao

What cellular providers are available for use in Curacao?

In Curacao, there are only two cellular providers available for use. These two are Flow Mobile and Digicel Mobile, being Flow Mobile the best option due to the extensive coverage it provides.

How fast will I connect during my vacation?

It will depend on the data plan and provided that the customer is using. As for now, people can get a plan with speeds from 2G to LTE while visiting Curacao.

What are the network frequencies of Curacao?

As for the network frequencies of Curacao, these are the ones available: GSM 900, GSM 1800 for 2G, UMTS 850, UMTS 2100 for 3G, and LTE 1800 for 4G.

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