The best SIM card to Morocco, which one to buy

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Morocco is a few steps away from Europe, is one of the most exotic and nearby attractions, and we know that you have set out to find the best SIM card in Morocco to have Internet and domestic calls on your trip.

We tell you the best alternatives in terms of prices below, stores and shopping methods when travelling to Morocco. Below You will feel like never before after returning home without paying roaming bills. Let’s continue with the details. Let’s get started!

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Why buy a SIM card for Morocco?

Can you imagine you in Morroco of line? likely looking for an ideal restaurant, hotel or any other place, it becomes a puzzling experience. A sim card might forget about coming home after a great vacation all over Morocco and to have a surprise like an expensive bill. The price of roaming becomes a nemesis.

Which SIM card provides more data and is less expensive in Morocco?

An excellent option that offers more data at a better price is Holafly’s virtual SIM for Morocco, which has five data plans:

  • Unlimited data for 5 days at USD 27
  • Unlimited data for 7 days at USD 34
  • Unlimited data for 10 days at USD 37
  • Unlimited data for 15 days at USD 47
  • Unlimited data for 20 days at USD 54

You will be connected to the Maroc Telecom operator network in Morocco. Find out some rates where you can see the price difference, check the comparison table, and make your conclusions.

With Holafly’s digital SIM card having Internet in Morocco is much cheaper and has some benefits that will help you keep in touch with your friends and family even in another country and another continent.

Where to buy the best prepaid SIM cards for Morocco? 

If you do not know where to buy your SIM card in Morocco, we tell you that there are 2 ways.

On line or face to face, online stores or physical stores, indirect or direct (from the carriers themselves), and types (prepaid, or prepaid, and those that require buying ‘data packs’ -data packs). In any case, our best recommendation is to buy the data sim before arriving in Morocco.

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Thais and Jon in the Moroccan desert. Source: @losviusviajeros.

To buy Morocco prepaid card from your country (Recommended)

Let us show you prepaid SIM card options for Morocco that you can buy from your country before going to Morocco online. We compare providers, prices, advantages and disadvantages.

One SIM Card SIM for Morocco

This company offers you a SIM card, to which you can add data credit according to the number of days (14 and 30 days) and data (from 500 MB and up).


  • You will be able to receive local text messages free.
  • It has seven types of data packages.


  • It charges you up to three fees, for the card (without data), the data package and the shipping.
  • If you want to receive the Morocco data SIM card as securely and quickly as possible, you will have to pay up to 100 euros for shipping alone.

TravelSIM prepaid SIM card when traveling to Morocco

Their web platform allows you to choose how much data, calls and SMS you want for your Morocco SIM card, and according to the type of package, you might not pay for shipping.


  • In some cases, it doesn’t charge you shipping.
  • Some cards give you 1 GB free on a promotional basis.


  • While it doesn’t charge you shipping, you will have to spend 10 euros just for the card without data.
  • Its data package is not cheap (up to 100% more expensive) compared to its competitors.

How much data do I need to travel to Morocco?

Keep in mind that the data you need to travel to Morocco depends on the SIM card usage. For example, under connection, data might be useful to guide you through the medinas or souks of one of the 10 most beautiful cities in Morocco, as you will use applications like Google Maps to avoid getting lost.

In Morocco establishments such as coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and more are connected by Wifi. However, in the outskirts of the cities, you will not connect. For example, if you go on a tour of the desert on horseback, it will be better to have mobile data. If you need more help, check out our article How much data do I need to travel?

How much does a SIM card for Morocco cost?

We will present and detail three alternatives of prepaid SIM cards in Morocco, there is no doubt that an option like Holafly allows you to enjoy a quality, secure and private Internet connection at a fair cost, add to that all the benefits that this company has, such instant shipping, 24 hours attention in English and other languages, unlimited data plans, recharge your eSIM through top-ups, among others

You can see that some limitations could lead you to one that does not have this kind of difficulties, Holafly stands out with the best prepaid virtual SIM card to have internet on your trip to Morocco. And if in the previous table you did not conclude yet for an alternative, in the next comparative table we will show you the prices of each of the data SIMs we have analyzed.

Note: Not all options are honest with the final prices. They show you the price of their data service, but they usually omit the cost of the card (without data, only the plastic), shipping (the famous ‘shipping fee’), and VAT, among others.

Card price (USD)Data price (USD)Shipping price (USD)Fixed price (USD)
Holafly0 540 54
TravelSIM10 97,69 0 107,69
One Sim Card18,45 55,43 2,77 76,65
Table N°1. Cost of SIM card for a 20-day stay in Morocco, from the providers Holafly, TravelSim, and One SIM Card.

Holafly makes you a single charge and offers you the best Internet connection service on your trip to Morocco, with the network of the mobile operator Maroc Telecom.

To buy my SIM card in Morocco

You can buy your SIM card in Morocco, in any airport, for example, in the capital Rabat, Marrakech, Tangier or Fez. In all of them, you will find different stores of cell phone operators that we indicate below. You can also buy in specialized stores in the city centre, shopping malls or near tourist attractions.

So, you will find official stores or boutiques in the hall of your hotel and you will not have to worry about running out of mobile data!

Los Vius, Travelers with mobile data in the Moroccan desert
Los Vius, Travelers with mobile data in the Moroccan desert. Source: @losviusviajeros.

The mobile operator companies are Maroc Telecom, formerly Itssalat, Orange Morocco, formerly Méditel, and Inwi. Relying on an ideal interconnection, thanks to 3G and 4G coverage in its cities, you will be able to navigate without difficulties.

Maroc Telecom SIM card

With ideal coverage in Marroco, this carrier is one of the principal mobile operators there formerly owned by Etisalat; the data packages are called Pass Jawal Internet and range from 500 MB upwards.


  • It has a free WIFI network in some areas of major Moroccan cities.
  • This benefit has a cost per hour and days.


  • If you want to know the Marroco card data usage, you have to dial by text message to 580, but it will have a little cost.
  • Their website and customer service are only in the French language.

Orange Morocco SIM card

One of the main operators in the country, of French origin, Orange Morocco has data SIM cards with a duration of up to one year, depending on the type of card.


  • They have data packages ranging from one day and 500 MB.
  • Some packages – “Recharge Al Khari” – can cover more than one country.


  • With this mobile operator, you will only be able to navigate in 4G/LTE in 8 cities in Morocco.

Inwi SIM card

Inwi is the smallest operator in Morocco, as a result, you will have a high-quality connection in the main cities. Their data SIMs for Morocco plans called “Tic Tac“, buy them in their specialized stores.


  • Inwi has 5 types of data packages to recharge.
  • This type of data packages ranges from 200 MB.


  • To add extra data you will have to follow a French-language menu, either on their website or app.
  • At some point, the speed of their data packages drops in a less than ideal way. 

SIM card for Morocco: which one to buy?

Well, without a doubt, Holafly’s virtual SIM card for Morocco is the best alternative, offering you a quality service at affordable prices.

Besides, you should take into account the next benefits: easy installationkeep your WhatsApp number, friendly-support. Unlimited data plansInstant shipping to your email, and you will have a great connection in Morocco.

Now, forget about roaming in Morocco, you know how to stay connected to the Internet on your trip with Holafly prepaid eSIM cards.

FAQs about SIM card for Morocco

How to have Internet in Morocco?

Here we are going counting this options to have the internet, please consider before buying: to buy a SIM card for tourists is one of them, to rent a pocket WIFI, to buy roaming with your mobile operator, to rent a Pocket Wifi and to take advantage of sites with free Wifi on your vacations.

How much does roaming cost in Morocco?

Here are some examples of prices that depend on the type of plan or tariff you have contracted with your carrier:

Vodafone, from a minimum of 6€ to 15€ per day for roaming in Morocco.
-Roaming Morocco with Orange, the cheapest rate is 7€ for 100MB of data and can reach up to 12€.
-Roaming Morocco with Movistar, a single tariff of 12€ per MB.

How to choose a data SIM card to have Internet and phone in Morocco?

To choose a SIM card to travel to Morocco, pay attention to the quality-price ratio: it has unlimited data, includes phone number, local calls and SMS, allows sharing data with other devices, operator coverage in Morocco, fits your days of stay, etc …

How much does a SIM card for Morocco cost?

As we saw above, the price of a Morocco SIM card will depend, in addition to its data plan, days of validity and whether it provides you with a phone number in Morocco, if you buy it upon arrival in the country or before travelling, online.

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