Top 4 Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Egypt

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Considered one of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries, Egypt is a very popular tourist destination for many travelers. However, it is vital for anyone who wants to go to this unique place to prepare accordingly. One of the main aspects to consider is the availability of communication services. That’s why we will show you the top 4 best prepaid SIM Cards for Egypt.

Don’t worry about not knowing what services you should purchase or which one best suits your travel needs, here you will learn everything you need to learn to enjoy your vacations properly. So, keep an eye on everything we have to say here.


Where can I buy a Prepaid SIM Card for Egypt?

There are different ways to obtain a prepaid SIM Card in Egypt. Among these options, we highlight two alternatives. The first is through the operators’ websites, besides, the vast majority of times this method is used, the delivery process can be somehow hard for some people.

 Despite this, acquiring it via the web allows travelers to be connected at all times because they have the SIM card before the trip. That’s an extra point for those who like to stay connected as much as possible. 

On the other hand, the SIM card can be purchased once you are in Egypt as well. There will be many stores available for you to buy one and the process shouldn’t take much time for travelers to complete.

The final choice on which service to use will be taken by travelers. Maybe some would like to stay connected from the first moment they reach the country, perhaps others would like to get to know more of the country they are visiting while looking for a SIM card, it will all depend.

What is the Best SIM Card for Egypt?

Just as it happens in many countries out there, there are many cellular companies available for people to use in Egypt. People think about using the most famous SIM card there, but things might be a bit different from, we think.

That’s why before making a choice, and especially making a list of which services are the ones travelers use most, we have to talk about some features these international SIM cards should always have.

So, keep pay attention to what we have to say. This is something that will even come in handy when traveling to other countries as well.

  • People should be able to choose different cellular data plans.
  • The SIM card must come with a new phone number for people to use while in Egypt.
  • The company should give people proper customer service while the SIM card is active.
  • SIM cards must be able to work with the different cellular networks in the country.
  • SIM cards should be bought through different methods.
  • Check the cellular coverage map of the company you are using.
Coverage map of WE in Egypt. Source: GSMArena

Everything we say here is available for people to consider while they are out of Egypt. There’s no need to think these rules are only applied to Egypt because they are not. But, now it’s time to talk about the top 4 best prepaid SIM cards to travel to Egypt.

In this case, we will talk about Holafly, Etisalat, WE, and Orange, the top 4 best prepaid SIM cards for Egypt that people can’t forget about.


As for our first option, we have to talk about the Holafly Egypt virtual SIM card. This company is present mostly in Europe, but its coverage range can be found all over the world. Sounds like something amazing, right? There’s more, as their digital SIM cards can be purchased before people travel to their destination through their website.

Other than that, people have to keep something pretty important in mind. No phone number is included with this virtual SIM so you will only have unlimited data for surfing. This is the only thing to worry about, but they can even help you solve that with ease in case you want to give them a try.


If you are looking for a wide variety of options Etisalat is one of the options for travelers in Egypt. This operator offers a wide variety of packages, which is what people look for most. In order to purchase any of the services, we are going to mention, having a SIM card is a must.

They offer people different plans, with different cellular data plans, and different benefits as well. Something to tell about Etisalat is the fact their cellular data doesn’t stream as fast as other companies, which is curious. But, buying this service as a foreigner can be hard.


WE is one of those cellular operators that can somehow surprise people. They have different cellular data plans, and different cellular plans, which can end up helping people to choose one service from the other.

Once this is cleared up, people have to keep in mind there are over 10 different packages available for use. The thing here comes when we talk about prices, but that’s something to discuss later. And, a disadvantage we have to mention here comes with the fact that this service is mostly focused on locals, so it’s better to keep that in mind as much as possible.


The last option on our list is Orange. They work in different countries worldwide, it is not a surprise they also offer their cellular services in Egypt. Just like it happens in other countries, they have different cellular data plans available for their customers.

As of now, there are over 6 different plans for travelers to choose from, but there are lots of differences among each one of them. The downside from Orange might come with the price they charge for their packages because as of now, they have decent coverage in the country.

What is the best price?

Time to talk about what people want to know most: prices. A cheap alternative to consider using is Holafly. Their price is not high at all, and they even have different data plans for people to use that they can easily choose from their website. It will all depend on what they need.

Another option we can consider using when traveling to Egypt is either Vodafone or Etisalat, this is because of the number of cellular data plans they have available for use. So, keep that in mind.

Which one offers more mobile data?

When talking about cellular data, we are telling people what they truly want to hear, alongside prices. This is very important information that guides customers to decide what SIM or cellular connectivity option suits them best, to stay connected while they are traveling to a place such as Egypt. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Another option we can tell here is Holafly as they have unlimited cellular data packages available for people to enjoy. So, when choosing one, keep in mind these options because knowing the amount of cellular data people can access is pretty important, and with this information, they can plan out their travels accordingly.

What is the most complete SIM Card?

When talking about the most complete SIM card, we are actually making a choice on which service is best for us to use. There are many things to consider here, which makes it a bit hard for people to choose what service they want to take with them.

For tourists, it is fair to say that Holafly comes first due to everything they have to offer to people. There are many advantages of using their service as your data provider in Egypt, and that’s why we have to put them first on our list.

On the other hand, the decision is a bit harder to make. The rest of the options we talked about here are decent too, and each one has its advantages. For us, we can tell you that Etisalat, Orange, and WE are the options people should consider. This is because of everything they have to offer, and how difficult it can be for people to get a SIM card from them.

Which SIM card is the most affordable?

Time to talk about something that is also pretty important for people to know. The price is something we couldn’t simply forget about, as many travelers will surely find a way to save some of their money.

Therefore, using a Holafly virtual SIM card can end up being the best option for people.  There’s nothing much to say here, they have different unlimited data plans available, and therefore, more options for customers to save some money.

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