Pocket WiFi in Thailand: what are the best options?

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Thailand is a country that can be considered a traveler’s paradise. Its beautiful beaches and landscapes bring people from all over the world to visit the country every year. That’s why if you are thinking of doing so, you should have Pocket WiFi in Thailand so you don’t lose your internet connection and avoid roaming charges.

We know that traveling is a fantastic adventure, but you must have a way to communicate at all times. So let’s take a look at the options you have to be able to maintain an internet connection at all times in Thailand

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Companies offering Pocket WiFi for Thailand

Pocket WiFi Provider BrandThe rate for one week including postage and handling + insurance
Cello Mobile104.93 USD (Weekly Rental) + $14.99 USD (Insurance) + $75 USD (Shipping outside the United States, Canada, or Mexico) or $20 to $40 USD (Shipping to Mexico, the United States or Canada)
Travel WiFi$55.65 USD (Weekly rent) + $8 to $30 USD (Shipping)
Rent n’ connected$74,07 to $82,05 USD (Weekly income) + $4,55 to $11,36 USD (Shipping) + $16,24 USD (VAT)
Travelers WiFi$75 to $113.13 USD (Weekly income) + $4,55 to $34,09 USD (Shipping)
My Webspot $78,75 USD (Weekly rent) + $5.60 to $11.32 USD (Shipping) 
List of companies offering Pocket WiFi for Thailand

Details and prices of Portable WiFi for Thailand

As you might expect, a service like this is not offered by just one company. Currently, we can see that the Pocket WiFi market in Thailand is somewhat conglomerated.

That’s why before you decide which company will be your service provider, you need to know every single detail of what they offer. And that’s just what we’ll be doing so you know which one is the best choice for you. 

Cello Mobile

One company that can help us stay connected no matter where we are is undoubtedly Cello Mobile. 

The company from the United States is one of the best options you can have, although its rental price is a bit high. In total, for a week’s rental, the price is 104.93 dollars, regardless of the traveler’s destination. Something important to mention is that the service is not completely unlimited.

Shipping is a little bit complicated due to the different rates that the company handles. Currently, shipments to the United States, Canada, and Mexico are priced from 10 to 30 dollars, but for the rest of the world the rate increases to 75 dollars.

At the moment, the company only accepts credit cards for payments, which is limited but still a useful option for users.

The last thing to mention is the penalty imposed by the company in the event of losing one of its devices. This is $75, which is low compared to other companies.

Travel WiFi

One of the companies that have been offering the Pocket WiFi service in Thailand for some time now is Travel WiFi. Even before changing its name, the company already had Thailand among the countries where its equipment has a range.

One thing worth mentioning about the company is that its tariffs do not change to any great extent. In the case of Thailand, the Pocket WiFi costs $55.65 USD for a week.

Again, shipping can be a bit tricky. Prices vary quite a bit, though rates tend to range from $3 to $29 depending on the destination.

As for payments, the company has enabled two modes of payment which are quite useful for people. In the first instance, they have credit cards and you can also see that they accept PayPal through Braintree.

The last thing every traveler should be aware of is that the company will penalize those who lose their equipment. Such penalties range in price from $149 to $199, and the price will be determined when it is known whether or not the equipment had accessories.

Rent n’ Connect

A company that has been making a lot of noise in recent years is Rent n’ Connect, which is why they are part of our options.

The company’s prices vary a little depending on where you are going. In the case of the Pocket WiFi in Thailand, a week’s rental costs $76,36 USD. In addition, VAT must be added, which is an additional $16,24 USD.

The shipping cost will vary depending on where the device is going. In general, the prices are not very high, as regardless of the destination, the rate is usually between $4,55 to $11,36 USD.

When it comes to payment, the company has a big advantage over its competitors. Not only do they accept credit cards, but we can also mention that they accept payments through Stripe and PayPal.

The last thing to mention about Rent n’ Connect has to do with the penalties in case you lose your equipment. Although the amount is not stipulated, we assume that the payment will be around $147,72 to $215,90 dollars.

Travelers WiFi

Travelers WiFi is one of the oldest companies on this list. Based in Switzerland, they have proven to offer a very good and high-quality service.

Best of all, the company has prices that are quite affordable. The company has a global rate which obviously includes Thailand. The rental price for a week is 80,11 dollars, and the service is unlimited.

On the other hand, we have to talk about shipping. The company offers to ship its equipment to any country in the world. However, there are price variations ranging from $4,55 to $34,09 USD depending on the country of destination.

In addition, we can not fail to talk about the means of payment. The company accepts both credit cards and PayPal as payment methods, which makes it quite affordable.

Finally, the company charges 159,08 dollars to those who lose their equipment. This is by way of a penalty and must be paid immediately.

My Webspot 

The last company on the list is My Webspot. The company has been growing gradually and today, it is an excellent choice for travelers.

The company has a variety of rates, although when it comes to Thailand we can see that it is a bit more expensive than other destinations. The price of their service is $78,75 USD for a week of use.

When it comes to shipping, My Webspot is one of the companies with the best rates. Currently, the company charges between  $5.60 to $11.32 USD depending on the country where the equipment will be delivered.

One thing we can’t overlook is the issue of payment. The company accepts payments through various platforms such as Stripe and PayPal, as well as credit cards.

Finally, the company penalizes those who lose their devices with an additional 204,53 dollars. However, this can be reduced by purchasing insurance for 13,64 dollars, which reduces the penalty to 102,27 dollars. 

Similar options to Pocket WiFi in Thailand

As we can see, there are several companies offering Pocket WiFi service in Thailand. However, we cannot only count on these options when traveling.

That’s why we need to have a couple of additional alternatives, especially if we plan to travel constantly. 

Data SIM card for Thailand

Data SIM cards for Thailand are one of the options we can never overlook. They are useful and also, the prices they usually have are much more affordable than we may think.

In addition, a data SIM card has better connectivity. And if that wasn’t enough, the price you will pay is much lower, as we already mentioned, so it shouldn’t be a problem to get one.

In case you want to get a data SIM card to visit Thailand, we recommend you visit the Holafly website and check out the alternatives they have available.

Data eSIM

One option that is relatively new and has ended up being quite useful for many people is the data eSIM. 

Data eSIM to Thailand is relatively new to the market, although by now they have managed to make a mark among the tourist population. Generally, eSIMs have more benefits than regular SIM. And their price tends to vary according to your needs.

That’s why if you want to find out more and get a data eSIM, one option you can’t leave aside is Holafly, who are pioneers in this field. 

Free WiFi

An option that for a while was the most widely used has been increasingly pushed to the side. Free WiFi is quite useful, but nowadays there are better alternatives for people.

While it is true that we won’t have to pay anything to use it, there may not be free WiFi in all the places we visit. Also, since it is free, many people will be using it and this can make it difficult to connect. However, it is an option that can save you a lot of trouble.

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