Pocket Wifi in Costa Rica: what are the best options?

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Costa Rica is one of the favorite destinations for many travelers, due to its beautiful beaches and landscapes. However, there is nothing worse than running out of the internet when you are away from home, right? For this reason, we will tell you how to stay connected to the internet with Pocket Wifi in Costa Rica. Which is one of the most expensive but effective ways on the market to connect to the internet in Costa Rica and avoid Roaming.

In Roaming, we will show you everything you need to know to purchase, use and activate your Pocket Wifi for your trip to Costa Rica. In addition to this, we will also show you the prices and data rates that these little pocket routers have for you. And at the end, you can find other options such as international SIM and eSIM cards.

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Companies offering Pocket WiFi for Costa Rica

Pocket WiFi Provider BrandRate for one week including postage and handling + insurance
XOXO WiFi$69.30 USD (Weekly rental) + $15 (Insurance) +  $5 to $60 USD (Shipping) 
Travelers WiFi$84.85 USD (Weekly income) + $32 USD (Shipping)
Travel WiFi$62.65 USD (Weekly rent) + $8 to $30 USD (Shipping)
My Webspot $83.85 USD (Weekly rent) + $30 USD (Shipping) + $20 USD (Insurance)
Table N°1. Comparision between pocket WiFi providers for Costa Rica.

Details and prices of Portable WiFi for Costa Rica

Now that you know some of the companies that offer the possibility to get your Pocket wifi for your trip to Costa Rica, we will introduce you to each of these companies in depth. This way you’ll really know what they offer and the terms.

Before choosing one of these companies, we encourage you to know all the alternatives available. This way you will be able to connect to the internet in Costa Rica in the best way.


The first of the options that we will show you to connect to the internet in Costa Rica with a portable Wifi comes from a European company. XOXO Wifi has quality service.

The cost of their products in general averages around $63 per week of rental. This is a very affordable price when compared to the rest of their competitors. However, the internet service is not unlimited. Since it only offers a limited daily data tariff, if you want more data, you have to pay a lot more.

Regarding the shipping, this company has a tariff that varies quite a lot. It ranges from $5 to $60 dollars, which we can say is its biggest weakness, as the shipping price can be almost the same as the price of renting Pocket Wifi.

On the other hand, one of the biggest positive points that we can see when buying this product is the number of payment methods that the company accepts. These payment methods range from Payment, PayPal, and traditional credit and debit cards. Finally, you must take into account that this company charges a penalty if the Pocket Wifi is lost during your trip, this penalty ranges from $135 to $160 dollars.

Travelers Wifi

Travelers Wifi is a company that offers its product in a large number of countries. The total number of countries available with this company is 150, which makes it a safe option for your future travels. Among these countries is Costa Rica.

The prices that this company offers for the rental of their Wifi Pockets or portable Wifi are pretty standard. This company is not known for having very high prices, but they are not known for having very low prices either. Therefore, in terms of price and rates, we can say that it is on average.

On the other hand, on the subject of shipping. This company gives us two different options. The first option is to pick up the Pocket Wifi at an airport. This option is called Pickup. Another option to purchase their Pockets Wifi is the shipping option, in which Travel Wifi will deliver the product to the address you put during the purchase process. In the case of the Pocket Wifi or Portable Wifi for Costa Rica, you can only count on the shipping option. The shipping price is between $30 and $40 dollars.

As for the available payment methods, Travelers Wifi accepts Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards. In addition to this, it also allows payment via PayPal or Discovery. Finally, the company does not specify if there is a penalty for loss, but most likely there will be, so you should be careful.

My Webspot

My Webspot is a French company that deals in portable Wifi for travel. However, this company is not as well known or as big as the ones we have talked about before. For this reason, the option to deliver the Pocket Wifi to the destination, which in this case is Costa Rica, is not available. If you want to purchase this product you will have to order it before traveling. This is a big disadvantage.

Regarding the price of the product, My Webspot charges $84 dollars for a one-week rental, however, this company offers unlimited data during those 7 days. This may or may not make up for its high price, but the fact is that it has one of the highest prices.

On the other hand, the shipping price depends on where you are going to send it, as we said, not all countries are available to receive the shipment, so you should check if your country has a delivery option for this product. The shipping cost is $12 dollars on average. The return of the Portable Wifi is totally free of charge.

On the subject of payment methods, this company has many payment methods, which makes it quite convenient to make purchases. The payment methods are PayPal, credit or debit cards, and also companies such as American Express and Discovery.

As for additional policies and prices, you can ensure your Pocket Wifi against loss, damage, or theft for $20. This is highly recommended if you want to avoid paying a much more expensive penalty.

Travel WiFi

Without a doubt, a company that could not be missing from the list of the best companies to buy your Pocket Wifi to connect to the internet in Costa Rica. This Spanish company has a long list of countries in which it can offer Pocket Wifi, among these countries is Costa Rica.

This company offers its services at a very affordable price, in the case of connecting to the internet for a week in Costa Rica, the price is $62 dollars. However the amount of data is not unlimited, the minimum you can have is 1GB per day, which is quite good if we compare it with other companies that offer the same price, but a much lower data rate.

The shipping rates offered by this company are also quite affordable. Depending on the destination country, of course. However, these prices are usually between $3 and $30 dollars, which is quite affordable. On the other hand, there are only two payment methods available at the moment, PayPal or credit card. This limits the options a bit but makes the process easy.

Last but not least. If you are going to buy this product, you should take into account its loss policy. With Travel Wifi, if you lose the Portable Wifi in Costa Rica, you will have to pay a penalty of between $149 and $199.

Similar options to Portable Wifi for Costa Rica

Currently, there are a couple of very good alternatives that will be very useful if you are a traveler. These alternatives are the Costa Rica prepaid SIM card and the Costa Rica eSIM. Both of which will give you internet at a much cheaper price than the Wifi Portable for Costa Rica.

Data SIM card for Costa Rica

The new data SIM cards for Costa Rica are, without a doubt, one of the best alternatives you can have to connect to the internet in this country. Everyone has used one at least once and knows how easy and useful it can be.

In case you are interested in this alternative, we encourage you to take a look at online stores, which are considered to be the best option to buy your data SIM card for your trip.

International data eSIM

International travel virtual SIM card for Costa Rica. Source: Holafly.

Just like the SIM card, the eSIM with data for Costa Rica is a very useful alternative to connect to the internet during your trip. No need to install a chip on your phone. Simply scan the QR code and that’s it!

Holalfy offers unlimited data for this destination with five, seven, ten, fifteen or twenty days of use. Costs range from $27 to $54. You can also use the multi-language customer service for any inquiries. Staying connected to the internet is much easier with an eSIM for Costa Rica.

If you want to know more information, we encourage you to visit the Holafly eSIM shop. It is a shop where you can get your ideal eSIM for Costa Rica. Besides knowing much more about this product.

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