Pocket WiFi Brazil: What are the best options?

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Latin America is surely the home of some beautiful countries people would love to visit. Brazil is part of that list, and we can’t deny it. Whether it is for its landscapes, football, or carnivals, everyone should visit Brazil at least once in their lives. And, in case you want to do this, we recommend using Pocket WiFi Brazil.

But, if you haven’t heard about these devices don’t worry, we will explain everything you need to know about them. That’s why you need to pay attention to all that we will tell, so you can be ready to take that Pocket WiFi Brazil with you.

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Companies offering Portable WiFi in Brazil

Portable WiFi provider company Weekly rates (Including other expenses)
Travelers WiFi84.85 USD (Weekly use) + 5.80 to 35 USD (Delivery)
Mio WiFi64 USD (Weekly use) + 11.36 to 22.71 USD (Delivery)
Travel WiFi62.65 USD (Weekly use) + 50 USD (Delivery + Insurance)
Cello Mobile104,93 USD (Weekly use) + 14.99 USD (Insurance) + 75 USD (Worldwide delivery) or 20 to 40 USD (Delivery to Brazil, USA, and Canada) 
My Webspot 83.85 USD (Weekly use) + 5.57 to 11.24 USD (Delivery)
Table N°1. Comparison between pocket WiFi providers for Brazil.

Details and rates of Portable WiFi for Brazil

Now that you have seen the companies offering the Pocket WiFi service to people out there, we have to talk about the little details about each one of them.

As you might have already imagined, these companies don’t work in the same way. And some of them include different terms and conditions people must keep in mind as much as they can, and that’s what we will tell you.

Travelers WiFi

Coming directly from Switzerland, we have the first company on our list; Travelers WiFi, which has been around for quite some time now.

For those wondering if they have coverage in Latin America, they do. So, in case you want to go to Brazil and use them as your Pocket WiFi Brazil provider, you will have to pay $84.85 for a week of usage.

In case you are not in Switzerland or Europe, you can ask for the device to be delivered directly to your house. For those who want to use this service, the rates are around 5.80 to 35 USD depending on where they are located.

To close things up with Travelers WiFi, we have to mention something pretty important. In case someone breaks or loses the device they rented, they will have to pay for it. To be more exact, the price to pay is $159.


Near Brazil we can find a company that will give travelers the chance to enjoy their Pocket WiFi service. 

For those who want to use this alternative due to how close the company is, because they are based in Argentina, the first thing to know is the price of using their Pocket WiFi is $64 a week with limited mobile data.

For those who are not in Argentina and need to receive the device before traveling, there’s a delivery option too. People can use it, and the price to pay is around 40 to 50 USD depending on where the device is going.

The last thing to know about the Pocket WiFi Brazil service offered by this company is that people must take as much care as possible of their device. If the device is damaged or lost, the company charges $260 immediately to their customer.

Travel WiFi

In case you are located in Spain, then Travel WiFi is an option you can think about. If the name doesn’t seem familiar to you, they were known as Wifivox in the past.

Surprisingly, the rates offered by the company aren’t so high. For a week of usage, people have to pay $62.65, which is even lower than when renting a device for traveling around Europe, curious, no?

Just like other companies, they also offer people the chance to receive the device directly in their country. For this service, the company charges from 3 to 23 USD, and the final price will depend on how far people are from Spain.

To finish things up, we have to talk about something we have previously mentioned. This company also charges people if they lose or damage their device, and rates vary from 149 to 199 USD, and will mostly depend on whether the device had any extra accessories or not.

Cello Mobile

Going back to America, we have to talk about Cello Mobile now. They are somehow near Brazil, and they are a company that has been around for more than 20 years.

We can’t say their service is bad, but the service is somehow expensive. For a week of usage, which is limited to only 1GB of mobile data per day, people have to pay $104.93, which is quite a lot.

Moving on with other things, we have to talk about the delivery rates. If you are in Mexico, Canada, or the United States, rates vary from 10 to 30 USD. But, if you are somewhere else, then the price rises to $75 for the delivery.

The last thing to mention about the company is the fact they also charge people who lose or damage their devices. In case this happens, they will ask for customers to pay $75 right away, as they previously charge for insurance worth $14.

My Webspot 

The last company on our list is My Webspot. They are also based in Europe, but they offer the Pocket WiFi Brazil service as well.

As we have seen before, each one of these companies charges people different prices depending on their rates. In this case, the company will charge $83.85, and the service is limited to 1GB per day.

Other than that, we also see they offer people the chance to receive the device in their houses with ease thanks to the delivery service. For this, people will have to pay around 5 to 11 USD depending on where they are at.

And, as we couldn’t leave this behind, we also have to talk about the penalties imposed by the company. If you lose or damage the device, as seen in other companies, they will charge around $204 to 102 to their customers. The final price will be decided on whether people paid for the insurance or not.

Similar Portable WiFi options in Brazil

So far, we have been clear with everything people need to know about the Pocket WiFi Brazil service. But, what about those who think the price is way too high for what they will receive when using it?

No need to worry about that, because there are some alternatives in case that happens. People can now rely on SIM and eSIM cards, and that’s what we will explain to you right now.

International SIM Card for Brazil

For those who don’t know, SIM cards can now be used for international traveling. Sounds like something great, right? Now people will be able to use all the features of a SIM card, and it won’t matter where they go to.

Nowadays it is easy to buy these kinds of cards in different places as lots of companies offer them to people. So, in case you are interested in getting a cheaper alternative than Pocket WiFi, this might be the one for you.

But, which one should I buy and why? To be fair, we highly recommend people to use online stores due to how good they are, and also due to the price they offer to people.

eSIM cards for Brazil

eSIM for Brazil
eSIM with unlimited data in Brazil. Source: Holafly.

Let’s talk about eSIMs now. These cards are pretty similar to what we have seen in the SIM cards for quite some time now. The main difference? They are all digital.

So, in case you have a last-gen device, such as a smartwatch or cellphone, this might be a good idea for you to have when traveling. The activations process is easy and prices are not so high.

Once again, if you need a recommendation, we have one for you right here. Most companies will ask you to be their customer for a while before giving you an eSIM, but that doesn’t happen with Holafly. So go ahead and try the Holafly Brazil eSIM.

Free WiFi

Do you have in mind only using the WiFi in the hotel room and in those places you will visit on your trip? It is a good idea, but there’s something to take into consideration here.

Most WiFi connections don’t work while being in long distances from the hotspot. That’s true, and that’s why people shouldn’t completely rely on them, so try getting a SIM card or eSIM with you.

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