How to get and activate an AT&T prepaid eSIM?

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For those wondering how AT&T works and how to get an eSIM, there are many details to keep in mind. The AT&T eSIM is an alternative people can get once they are clients of the carrier but is it as easy as it sounds? What else is there to know?

Well, truth be told, it’s important for those interested to know how an eSIM works. Therefore, here they will find everything related to how the AT&T eSIM works, but that’s not all, as many things related to the service must be discussed as well. So, if you are keen to know more about AT&T, keep an eye on everything we have to say!


How does AT&T eSIM work?

The first doubt, and probably the main doubt some people have in mind, comes with the fact they might think that the eSIM works differently. At the end of the day, there aren’t many differences in how the eSIM works versus a traditional SIM.

Most eSIMs can vary in what they offer to users but not in the way they work. The first thing for an eSIM to work is that it must be activated and installed on the cellular device, whether it’d be a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. and this is a key feature.

Once this is done, people only need to see whether they can use the eSIM when traveling or not. But if the eSIM will work as a substitute for the traditional SIM card, traveling with the AT&T eSIM will surely be something easy to do. The only thing to check here would be roaming services

Other than this, there’s nothing out of the ordinary when talking about the AT&T eSIM, which is great.

Does AT&T eSIM work internationally?

People might be wondering if when using an eSIM will work when traveling. Some eSIMs are designed for this, but not all eSIMs will work when people are traveling worldwide. It is important to mention and for people to keep in mind, as this is something not everyone knows.

In this particular case, AT&T’s digital SIM card will work when traveling worldwide.  Being well-informed makes it is easier for people to know if they can rely on this alternative or if they have to use a different one.

Now that people know this particular feature, it’s time to talk about the details of what eSIM offers.

Details of AT&T Prepaid eSIM

One of the most important things about eSIMs comes with the fact people need to know everything about the details of the service it offers. It is not the same as talking about an eSIM from one cellular provider as talking about the AT&T eSIM.

To begin with, an important characteristic to mention is that buyers will be able to use their eSIM in more than 80 countries, astonishing. This is due to the fact that the coverage map provided by AT&T is quite ample. And that’s great to know as a user who likes to travel.

Regarding the data plans, AT&T offers people different data plans that suit all types of needs. This is one of the strong perks of the carrier as people won’t need to adjust their budget or needs according to what they offer.

Also, it is important to say that AT&T provides customers with excellent service and tech support. As we are talking about an international company, it means people can get support in two different languages. In this case, the customer support service works both in Spanish and English, which is great.

The sum of all this makes the eSIM a great alternative for people, and that’s something for people to consider when using AT&T.

AT&T eSIM-supported devices

Nowadays, talking about eSIM-supported devices might be something complicated for some people. Firstly, it is required for people to know they need a cellphone or tablet that supports eSIMs.

At this point, many different cellphones or smartphones allow people to use eSIMs. As for AT&T, devices from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google, and others are among the options to use with their eSIM.

AT&T Prepaid eSIM App

Something that has become common to see among different cellular companies is they have provided an app to keep track of all their services. In this case, the AT&T eSIM doesn’t need an app to be managed. There’s no available AT&T app for people to download to monitor their services.

The only thing similar to an app, at least in AT&T’s case, is the “My AT&T” option, but it is not the same as it is managed through a browser. 

How to get an eSIM from AT&T?

When it comes to AT&T, the process to get an eSIM is slightly different from what some people could have in mind. 

In most cases, eSIMs are asked directly in a store, and it happens with AT&T as well. But those with an Apple device can save some time ordering their eSIM directly through their device. It is something great for these users!

For other users, the process is still quite simple as there aren’t any complicated steps to follow. The only thing people will need to do to get an eSIM is to go to a store and ask for one. Other than this, there’s nothing else to mention.

AT&T eSIM activation

One of the processes people need to keep in mind to use an eSIM is the activation process. So, let’s talk a bit about this. Some people probably haven’t used an eSIM up to this point, so knowing how it is activated can actually save some time!

AT&T eSIM activation on iOS devices

When using an iOS device, the process of activating and using an eSIM is not complicated. Some people might think it is, but it is actually easier than expected, and that’s a huge advantage.

Firstly, people need to have access to a WiFi network, and the eSIM activation process will begin there. It can either be automatically activated. If not, people can wait for the “AT&T Cellular Plan Ready To Be Installed” notification to complete the process.

AT&T eSIM activation on Android and other devices

When using an Android device, the process slightly varies a bit from what we just saw with iOS devices. This is due to how the system works, and the fact iOS works better with eSIMs than Android devices.

In this case, people will need to go to the “Mobile/Cellular Data” menu, which is located among the settings of the device. Then, scan the QR code to complete the activation process for the AT&T eSIM. It is easy and fast to do, you won’t stress for a second!

AT&T Prepaid eSIM alternatives

Customers might be wondering whether there are or not other alternatives to relying on the AT&T eSIM. For those who aren’t regulars of this cellular carrier or who are from a different country and need some ideas on what to use, there are different options available to use to stay connected while traveling.

One alternative, which is worth keeping in mind as much as possible, is the international eSIMs. These are quite popular, and options like the Holafly eSIM are among the top options in the market. Of course, options like roaming, pocket WiFi devices, and even relying on free internet are also on the list.

But for us, the eSIM is by far a better option, and we need to talk a bit more about it so, people can get to know more about what it offers.

eSIM Online

Compared to the AT&T international eSIM, online eSIMs that work internationally are easier for people to use, and they are easier to get compared to traditional cellular providers’ digital SIM cards

In most cases, especially if an alternative like Holafly is selected, people will get the chance to buy an eSIM to over 100 different destinations in less than 5 minutes. The only thing needed to do this is a valid email and physical address, and that’s it!

The eSIM will be sent immediately. And consumers won’t have to worry about not being able to use it for not being frequent users.

FAQ about the AT&T Prepaid eSIM

Can I order an AT&T eSIM through their app?

No. As there’s no official AT&T app, it is not possible to get an eSIM this way.

Can people use a SIM card with the AT&T eSIM?

Yes. As long as there’s available space for the SIM card on the device, they will work at the same time.

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