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It can be considered the country of castles, besides having an immense number of museums and artistic culture, these and other reasons can take you to the UK on your next trip. As there are many opportunities in the country, you have more than one option to stay connected to the internet during your experience. Today, we will be talking about the Vodafone unlimited data plan they offer in British territory.

The cellular carrier Vodafone has a large presence in the UK. With a coverage range close to 99% of the country’s entire area and also enjoys 5G speeds. And, of course, all the technology and support available to their local customers and tourists. 

Among the possibilities offered are their unlimited data plans that we will be talking about in this article. Additionally, we will present a great alternative, such as International eSIM, with which you can also stay connected. 


What is unlimited data?

As technology advances, so does our consumption of content and data on our phones. Everything we do that requires an internet connection consumes this resource through our plan or SIM card. That’s why phone companies like Vodafone offer unlimited data plans so you won’t be caught by surprise when you run out of internet connection.

Of course, these unlimited data plans have some conditions. The unlimited consumption may be directed only to social networks like Instagram or Facebook, certain streaming applications like Netflix or Spotify, and not directly to web browsing. In other cases, the restriction is in the available connection speed. It is still an unlimited plan but does not enjoy 5G speeds or similar to what we are used to.

Despite this, we can always find an unlimited data plan that fits our needs. As we mentioned, some are focused on specific applications. But others offer all the benefits without limitations but for a slightly higher cost. The panorama is served for you to choose one that fits your consumption with the price ratio you consider viable.

Is unlimited data really unlimited?

This is a doubt that often crosses the minds of customers. Unlimited data plans mean that you will not have a limit for data consumption that you can have within the duration of the plan you purchase. You will not have to worry about the amount of data you use. The limitations are due to the usage conditions that your plan may have. As we mentioned before, the use of some applications not having the possibility of sharing data or perhaps a reduced connection speed. 

It is a matter of confirming that these conditions do not affect your normal consumption of content on your phone. And, of course, think thoroughly if you are willing to pay a little more for not having limitations on the connection speed.

How to get unlimited data with Vodafone in the UK

Originally, we mentioned that Vodafone has a large presence in the UK. So, they enjoy excellent coverage throughout the territory. The company offers 30-day prepaid data packages. In its most premium version, it has unlimited data, minutes, and messages for tourists interested in staying connected to the internet with its services.

To opt for these data packages, you do not need a contract or a credit record. In fact, Vodafone offers the possibility to request a free SIM without an associated plan through its website. Fill out a registration form with your general information, including your delivery address, and wait for the SIM to arrive. Insert it in your phone, and if you do not choose a plan, you will be consuming only what you top up on the SIM. Of course, we suggest choosing a plan because it is less expensive.

The other option is to purchase the service directly at a point of sale store. In this case, you do not have the option of a free SIM. And you must purchase it with one of the available plans. We remind you that only its premium version includes unlimited data. There are other options with an amount of GB of use within 30 days that we will detail later.

Vodafone SIM card

As mentioned above, you can purchase a 30-day prepaid plan that includes a SIM Card through the Vodafone website. There are five plans available ranging from low to high 21 GB, 40 GB, 80 GB, 300 GB, and unlimited data. In all versions, the plans also include unlimited calls and minutes. The process is simple, you select the plan, fill in the personal information along with the delivery postcode and complete the transaction with different payment methods available, including free delivery within the estimated time on the web.

The second option is to locate a Vodafone physical store near your location. Choose one of the available plans and proceed to pay for the service, after you have your SIM card for either option, place it in your phone, and you will be enjoying an internet connection.

Vodafone eSIM

If you are interested in using an eSIM instead of a traditional SIM card with Vodafone, the only possibility offered by Vodafone is that you first purchase a SIM card, go to a physical store, and request to change the SIM card for an eSIM on your phone. Of course, first, confirm that your phone has this technology available. And then, they will perform the configuration of your eSIM on the device. As it is actually a transfer, the plans, conditions, and information requested are the same as when you purchase a SIM card, as explained in the Vodafone SIM card terms and conditions.

How much does an unlimited data plan from Vodafone cost?

It is time to talk about the cost-service relationship. As we mentioned, Vodafone offers a single prepaid SIM Card option with unlimited data for 30 days. This has a cost of $45 plus taxes. It includes Unlimited 5G Data, Minutes, and Texts with free deliveries within the country. This plan is automatically renewed at the end of 30 days if you have enough credit at the time of the charge, i.e., you must top it up beforehand, and the company will send you a reminder from the 27th day of use onwards.

There are other prepaid SIM Card plans available but with monthly data limits. We would like to remind you that after getting any of the plans, you can convert your SIM Card into an eSIM by going to a Vodafone physical store and requesting the service.

Unlimited data plan in the UK with an International eSIM carrier.

We have told you about the possibilities offered by Vodafone, but it is true that telecommunications are globalized, and nowadays, it is an excellent option to buy an eSIM for the UK through online and remote providers. The eSIMs have the advantage of being completely digital, so their delivery and use do not depend on delivery, which makes it even more attractive to use this virtual option and buy one.

The eSIMs with unlimited data through online stores free you from tedious processes in physical stores and are more tailored to the needs of travelers because they are focused on them specifically. You’ll enjoy immediate delivery via email, and if that were not enough, you can enjoy an internet connection from the first moment you arrive at your destination, all compelling reasons to consider buying your eSIM Card for the UK through this way.

Holafly: online store to buy an unlimited data plan for the UK.

Definitely, to take full advantage of the eSIM Card, the best way to buy it is through online stores such as Holafly. This provider is one of the most recognized in the world for their type of service and, in the case of the UK, also offers different unlimited data plans. Giving more versatility to interested travelers because these are adjusted to different lengths of stay. You will not have to pay for 30 days if you are only going to be two weeks at your destination.

All plans offered by Holafly for the UK include unlimited data and customer service 24 hours a day, by different means of communication and in several languages such as English, Spanish, French, and others. After the purchase, you will immediately receive an email with a QR code, which will instantly activate your eSIM. You do not have to worry about roaming or WiFi networks on your trip. And you can also keep your WhatsApp number.

The plans available are all unlimited data plans with durations of 5, 10, 15, 20, 20, 30, 60, or 90 days. And with costs ranging from $19 to $99 for the longest plan. As you can see, Holafly adjusts to your time of stay in the UK. We should mention that this eSIM does not include a local cellular number. So, you could not make analog calls but via WhatsApp or another app.

FAQ about Unlimited Data Plans

We have reached the end of this article, and we hope the information has been helpful and that you can choose the best alternative to get cellular internet during your trip. Finally, we will leave you some answers to frequently asked questions about unlimited data plans. 

Is Holafly legit?

Holafly is a 100% legit Spanish-based provider. It started its operations as a provider of physical SIM cards in Spain, France, and Germany. Currently, they focus only on digital SIM Cards (eSIM) due to their growth and presence around the world.

Does Vodafone have a fair usage policy for unlimited data?

No, as long as you are on the 30-day data plan, you will enjoy the speed available in your coverage area. It is not reduced because it is an unlimited plan.

How to know if you have unlimited data?

For Vodafone, you can call 4354, provide your information and verify that your data plan is unlimited. For Holafly, you can use the customer service channels 24 hours a day and verify that your selected data plan is unlimited.

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