Pocket WiFi in Shanghai: what are the best options?

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China is one of the most visited countries in Asia. No one can deny this, but Shanghai is one of the most beautiful cities in China. That’s why you can’t miss the opportunity to visit, and you must have Pocket WiFi in Shanghai to enjoy your trip and avoid paying roaming charges in China.

Once you have rented a Pocket WiFi service, you can have peace of mind no matter where you are going. That’s why we’ll introduce you to the options we have for your trip.

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Companies offering Pocket WiFi in Shanghai

Pocket WiFi Provider BrandThe rate for one week including postage and handling + insurance
MioWiFi$56 USD (Weekly Rental) + $50 USD (Shipping + Insurance) 
BeFreeTour$31.15 USD (Weekly rent) + Can only be picked up in China at an airport
Rent n’ connected$74,07 to $82,05 USD (Weekly income) + $4,55 to $11,36 USD (Shipping) + $16,24 USD (VAT)
Roamingman$25.38 USD (Weekly Rental) + $3 to $5 USD (Shipping only to China) or Pickup at the airport
Travel WiFi$55.65 USD (Weekly rent) + $8 to $30 USD (Shipping)
List of companies offering Pocket WiFi in Shanghai

Pocket WiFi details and prices in Shanghai 

The Pocket WiFi options in Shanghai are similar to what you can get in China. Best of all, travelers can take advantage of these services to travel all over the country.

But before renting a Pocket Wifi make sure you inform yourself about prices, terms, and conditions. That way we can see what we can count on and what we have to keep in mind depending on each company. 


One of the companies offering Pocket WIFi service in Shanghai comes directly from Argentina. This is a surprise as there are few companies from the American continent offering this service.

The good thing about MioWiFi is the price they have for renting a Pocket WiFi. People will have to pay 56 dollars per week. Also, something to take into account is that you will have unlimited internet access with these devices.

As for shipping, this is a bit trickier. The company changes its prices depending on the country in which the package will be delivered. However, prices are generally around 50 dollars.

But, to help their users, people can pay through various payment methods. The most prominent among them are credit cards and PayPal, which are quite good.

As the last thing, we must mention the penalties that the company applies in the event of losing one of its devices. Those who lose a MioWiFi Pocket WiFi will have to pay $250 to the company immediately. 


One country that is relatively close to China, is Indonesia. And it is in this country that we can find BeFreeTour, a telecommunications company that seeks to reach all of Asia.

The price of its services is very affordable. We can even say that it is one of the cheapest we can get in the market. For a week of use, the payment is 31.15 dollars.

The good thing, for some, is that the company only offers its withdrawal services within China, so you can take advantage of this. However, it is advisable to make sure to stop by one of the pick-up points.

In terms of payments, the company has both credit card and PayPal payments available, which is quite useful for people when paying for equipment rentals.

The company, like many others, penalizes those who lose their equipment. However, in this case, the exact amount is not known, but it is around $130 dollars and upwards as this is the price that a Pocket WiFi is usually available on the market.

Rent n’ Connect

The services of Rent n’ Connect are quite well known. The European-based company has been looking to expand to a huge number of countries, and obviously, China would not be left out of this list.

The company offers rates that are quite affordable, and for travelers, they will certainly be affordable as well. For a week’s use of Pocket WiFi in Shanghai you will have to pay 79,46 dollars, to be exact. 

The company is not closed to shipping and allows people to order the Pocket WiFi to be shipped to a large number of countries. In terms of price, shipments usually range from $4,55 to $11,36 USD

One thing we have to highlight is the number of payment methods that the company has. This is somewhat an advantage as people will find it easier to pay especially because platforms such as Stripe and PayPal are available. Also, credit card payments are accepted.

We finish by mentioning that the company mentions that if one of their devices is lost, a penalty must be paid. The amount is not stipulated, but an amount equivalent to the value of the device must be paid, which could be an additional 147,72 to 215,90 dollars. 


Another company on the list is located in Asia. Close to China, Roamingman offers its Pocket WiFi services in Shanghai with excellent quality.

We can say, without a doubt, that Roamingman’s rates are almost unbeatable. The price for renting a Pocket WiFi for a whole week is $25, which is extremely low compared to other companies.

Moving on to shipping, people will only be able to pick up the devices once they are in China. This can be either through a pick-up at the airport or by requesting a delivery.

In terms of penalties, the company penalizes people in two different ways. One is if the equipment is returned late, in which case, people will pay an amount equal to the days it took to return the equipment. If they lose the equipment, they will have to pay $86 to the company. 

Travel WiFi

Again we are dealing with a company that has its headquarters within Europe. Travel WiFi is a company from Spain, so far one of the best in its field and we are yet to see why.

The rental price only varies slightly depending on the destination. If you want to rent a Pocket WiFi in Shanghai, the price is $55.65 USD, which in theory is an affordable price.

The company offers the possibility of shipping all over the world. Prices range from $3 to $29 depending on the country to which it will be shipped.

In terms of payment methods, there are several methods available to people. Payments can be made via credit card or PayPal, which is quite useful.

Finally, we finish by mentioning the company’s penalty for those who lose their equipment. People will have to pay between $149 and $199 to the company, which will be calculated in case they have lost accessories along with the Pocket WiFi. 

Options similar to the Pocket WiFi in Shanghai

We already know that there are several options we can have when we want to stay connected with Pocket WiFi in Shanghai. However, we have to have other alternatives at hand if necessary.

In this area, we have three options in case one of these devices does not appeal to us. These options are data SIM cards, data eSIM, and free WiFi.

International Data SIM card

Everyone has used a data SIM card at some point in their lives. In general, these little chips are usually inside our phones at all times.

That’s why having such a card is so useful. For travelers, it is one of the most affordable methods, and the requirements to get one are not that complicated.

Data eSIMs

Data eSIMs are quite useful and generally speaking, they are much more affordable than data SIM cards. These cards don’t even have to be inserted into your phone.

When purchasing a data eSIM for Shanghai we have to take into account that there are several of them, and depending on the destination, their benefits and prices tend to vary. However, we can count on them to be quite affordable across the board.

In case you are thinking about getting one of these eSIMs, we recommend HolaFly, which is a pioneer in this field and has a variety of data eSIMs for travelers. 

Free WiFi

Without a doubt, we can say that in Shanghai, free WiFi should not be lacking. However, we cannot comment on how reliable the connection of such free networks can be.

Having free WiFi can be something that can help us for a couple of minutes, but we have to take into account how secure and fast these connections can be. 

Everyone can have access to them, and this can make the connection slow and dangerous. But, it can be helpful in case of an emergency.

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