Pocket WiFi in Barcelona: which are the best options?

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If you’re traveling to Spain soon, Barcelona is a must-go. It is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and if you are going to visit you should take advantage from start to finish. That is why a Pocket WiFi in Barcelona is something that would be extremely useful for travelers.

The best thing about Pocket WiFi is that people can choose from several companies to rent this kind of service. And this is something that is extremely important to know. Let’s see what Poket Wifi options are available in Barcelona. 

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Companies offering Pocket WiFi in Barcelona

Pocket WiFi Provider BrandRate for one week including postage and handling + insurance
Travel WiFi$41.65 to $55.65 US Dollars (Weekly rent) + $8 to $30 US Dollars (Shipping)
My Webspot $83.85 USD (Weekly rent) + $5.60 to $11.32 USD (Shipping) 
Travelers WiFi$75 to $113.13 USD (Weekly income) + $10 to $21.10 USD (Shipping)
Hippocket WiFi$47.22 to $72.37 USD (Weekly rental with insurance) + $11.43 to $22.87 USD (Shipping) 
Wifitakeaway Wifitakeaway  $27,37 USD, (Weekly Rental) + Pickup only in Barcelona and Delivery in the city for $8 USD.
List of companies offering Pocket WiFi in Barcelona

Details and prices of Pocket WiFi in Barcelona

When traveling to another country and city, you can’t lose sight of the options available to you when renting a Pocket WiFi. You should know that each company offers something different and this is something you can take advantage of.

So if you have a plan to travel to Barcelona, and you want to have portable WiFi all time, you should have several options at hand. So we will tell you a little bit about the different options you can have. 

Travel WiFi

First, let’s talk about one of the most famous companies based in Spain. It is undoubtedly Travel WiFi, formerly known as Wifivox. 

For people traveling to Spain, this company is one of the best options due to the quality of service they offer. In general terms, their service is good and the price of 41.65 dollars per week. It is not too much, right?

What can vary a bit and be decisive for people is the shipping issue. Shipping prices range from 3 to 29 dollars, and this changes depending on the distance of the shipment. 

Another important thing to know is the payment method. People can pay via credit card to rent a Pocket WiFi. However, payments via PayPal are also possible. 

The last thing to mention is that people have to pay an additional $149 to $199 per penalty. This is only in case of losing the equipment. 

My Webspot 

Let’s talk about this company named My Webspot. This one hasn’t been part of the market for a long time, even though nowadays it has gained an important position among those offering Pocket WiFi service.

The company’s rates for travelers do not change much. In case you want to purchase this service, the price to pay will be around $83.85 USD.

The good thing about the company is that its shipping is cheap. Regardless of the distance, people will pay between $5.60 to $11.32 USD, which is a fairly low price compared to other companies.

When it comes to payment methods, the company has a wide range of options. PayPal, Stripe, credit cards, and this is just to mention the most famous ones.

Finally, it is important to mention that you have to be very careful with the equipment. If someone loses a My Webspot device they will have to pay between $102,90 to $205,80 USD. Of course, depending on whether or not they had insurance. 

Travelers WiFi

Another option you can count wth while traveling to Barcelona is Travelers WiFi. It is for sure one of the best options for maintaining the connection in your trips.

The price per week to rent a Pocket WiFI at Travelers WiFi is between $75 to $113.13 USD for a week. 

Shipping with the company does change a bit. Their rates start at $10 to $21.10 USD, which is cheap, but it will depend on the distance.

As for payments, the company only accepts a couple of payment methods at the moment, but they are the most accessible at the moment. At the moment, payments are accepted via PayPal and credit card.

For last we must mention the penalties that may be incurred if someone loses a device from the company. Those who lose a Pocket WiFi will have to pay an additional $160,07 USD immediately to the company. 

Hippocket WiFi

Hippocket WiFi is a company that people can find within France but currently offers its services to people who want to travel all over Europe. 

The company offers a variety of prices depending on people’s needs. In the case of traveling to Barcelona, people will have a rate of $47.22 to $72.37 USD for the whole week. However, the service is not completely unlimited.

The good thing about the company is that you can get free delivery, although this has certain conditions. On the other hand, if you need a normal delivery, the price is between $11.43 to $22.87 USD, depending on where the package is going.

As for payments, this is somewhat more limited. Although the company receives payments from various credit cards, this is the only method available to people at the moment.

The last thing to mention is the company’s penalty for losing a device. People would have to pay between $154,35 to $217,23 USD, all depending on whether or not they had additional accessories. 


Wifitakeaway is a company based in Barcelona, so it is easy to access the service they offer, especially for travelers.

As for the prices, we have to mention that they are extremely cheap and quite accessible to everyone. The price per week is $27,37 USD, something that no company can beat.

On the subject of shipping, the company does not offer international shipping. People can either pick up the rented equipment within Barcelona, or they can order a delivery of the equipment for an additional cost of $8 USD.

As for payment, this is a bit trickier. At the moment, the company only accepts credit card payments. No other form of payment is available.

Finally, before booking, the company has a penalty for losing the equipment. This penalty has a cost of $137,20 USD which people will have to pay immediately in case this happens.

Options similar to Pocket WiFi in Barcelona

You already know about several options of Pocket WiFi in Barcelona that you can have at hand. However, it doesn’t hurt to have other alternatives that can be useful.

For travelers, data SIM cards and data eSIMs are extremely useful. Not only is the price affordable, but the service is quite good as well. Likewise, free WiFi can also be taken into account as in many cases you will be able to get an available network to use. 

Data SIM card

The data SIM card is extremely practical and useful no matter where a person is. That is why for travelers it is often quite handy as well. These cards are simple to buy and the requirements to do so are virtually zero. In addition, you are likely to be connected at all times.

In case you want to buy one, we recommend that you visit Holafly and check out what they have to offer with their internet SIM cards for Spain.

Data eSIM

The data eSIM may not be something that everyone is familiar with, as this solution for travelers is somewhat new but quite useful. Data eSIMs, as the name might suggest, is digital data cards that we can install on our phone that will help us stay connected no matter where we are.

In case you want to get your hands on one of these cards, we recommend you visit HolaFly. Not only do they have eSIM data cards for Barcelona, but also for other destinations. 

Free WiFi

It’s no secret that free WiFi is becoming more and more common. Within Europe, it has become quite popular, and obviously, Barcelona will be no exception to the rule.

In Barcelona, there are several places where you can find free WiFi throughout the city. However, it may not be the best option, Barcelona is a busy city and therefore its free networks are likely to be as well. 

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