How to get and activate a Turkcell prepaid eSIM?

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Turkcell is one of the main providers available for people to use in Turkey. There’s a lot we can mention concerning this carrier that those interested might need to know, especially those looking for a Turkcell eSIM. And, especially for those who aren’t clients of the company but are planning to use them as their connection providers!

As we said before, there’s a lot to talk about, such as how we can get an eSIM, what we need to know about the activation process and some other important details of this Turkcell prepaid eSIM. Therefore, you might want to keep an eye on everything we have to mention here!


How does Turkcell eSIM work?

When it comes to an understanding how an eSIM works, there are different things to talk about regarding this topic. The first thing we need to understand is that the Turkcell eSIM doesn’t change much from what we can find on other eSIMs.

We say this to remind people all these eSIMs are mostly the same; a digital SIM card for smartphones and smart devices. There’s no noticeable difference here, and that’s something great for people that have used eSIMs before.

For everyone using an eSIM, the only thing that people informed about is that they have to be clients in order to get one. Other than this, the eSIM works like any other digital SIM card we have seen out there.

So, from this point forward, we’ll discuss other important topics that everyone should know about this.

Does Turkcell eSIM work internationally?

One important fact to keep in mind is that eSIMs are the substitute for SIM cards. Therefore, if there’s roaming available for clients to use, then people can take their Turkcell eSIM to travel everywhere they go. 

It is an excellent option as they can travel without needing to port to a different carrier, or even needing to worry about what eSIM or alternative to using to stay in touch with friends and family.

We can say there are different data plans travelers can use, and that can help them choose which one adjusts more to their budget. So, that’s overall a good point.

Details of Turkcell Prepaid eSIM

Time to elaborate on the details everyone should know regarding the use of the Turkcell eSIM. Keep an eye out because there’s a lot of information to keep in mind and not miss anything.

In this case, the first thing we will talk about is the eSIM in general. Here, we are seeing a digital SIM card like in other cases. Travelers will only need a device that it’s compatible with eSIMs, and they can go from there.

Leaving this aside, we’ll focus now on the roaming. There are over 50 different countries users can visit using Turkcell. There’s no need to take a SIM card because their eSIM will also be capable of providing travelers a roaming connection service offered by the company.

As for the data plans, as we mentioned before, there are different options to pick from. There’s no need to worry about which one to use, as there will be options good enough for all kinds of customers. Depending on what they want to do, or what they need to do, these plans can suit all types of clients.

In this case, the Turkcell customer service is only available in Turkish. Not surprising as this provider is based in Turkish. Overall, there’s nothing else to mention regarding this carrier.

Now, let’s talk about other important things that people need to keep in mind, such as the devices compatible with eSIMs.

Turkcell eSIM supported devices

When it comes to talking about which devices we can use when talking about the Turkcell eSIM, there are different options that might come to mind. But, something to keep in mind is the fact there’s not a specific list of all the devices that are compatible with eSIMs.

Therefore, we can mention general devices that actually support eSIMs. What phones and device brands are we mentioning? Well, Samsung devices, iOS devices, Google devices, and some OPPO devices, among others. But a rule that must be followed here is that all devices must be last-gen to work with eSIMs.

Turkcell Prepaid eSIM App

Even though some providers have an official app to manage their eSIMs, this is not the case for Turkcell. As for now, they don’t have an app available for customers to manage their eSIMs. This is something common to see, as not all companies have invested in developing one.

We could say that, in the future, if Turkcell decides to create an app, this one should work on Android and iOS devices. But for now, we don’t have much else to mention regarding this topic.

How to get an eSIM from Turkcell?

We can say some cellular carriers can provide users different channels to ask for an eSIM. The first thing people need to have is a SIM card and then ask for it to be changed to an eSIM. In some cases, this can be done through an app or through the company website.

As for now, this is not something we can’t mention for Turkcell. They are pretty old-fashioned in what they offer, so that’s something to keep in mind. Customers can only get an eSIM from this provider by going to a physical store. If they don’t want to do this, then they must keep their SIM card.

So, by knowing this, you can get an idea of how Turkcell operates. It might be old-fashioned, but that’s what some people prefer!

Turkcell eSIM activation

Now, we need to talk about the eSIM activation process. This is one of the most important things people need to know whether they use the Turkcell eSIM or not. But we can say there’s nothing to worry about, as the process is totally simple to follow, and people won’t have to worry much about how to complete it. So, let’s check it out!

Turkcell eSIM activation on iOS devices

As we just said, people have to take their cellphone to a store to get an eSIM. The good news about this whole process is: Turkcell workers will activate the eSIM right away when you get it!

So, that’s something less to worry about. If the process were done manually, people would need to scan a QR code, add the eSIM to their cellular data menu, and many other things that are simply avoided!

Turkcell eSIM activation on Android and other devices

Time to talk about the process for Android devices. We could say there are many steps to follow here, but that would be a lie. As Turkcell will activate the eSIM, there’s nothing to worry about in this case.

Pretty much the process would be the same as for iOS devices, but once again, there’s nothing actually to stress about. So, if you have an Android device, you only need to go to a Turkcell store!

Turkcell Prepaid eSIM alternatives

Let’s talk about the alternatives for the Turkcell eSIM. From our experience, options like Pocket WiFi devices are suitable alternatives depending on the budget that users might have. On the other hand, options like roaming are good as well, but these two are pretty expensive compared to others.

One of the best alternatives, especially for all kinds of travelers, is international eSIMs. These are easy to buy, people can buy them on the go, and there’s no need to pay for monthly plans or subscription contracts. It makes things for everyone a lot easier than expected!

eSIM Online

Let’s talk a bit about the option we have in mind for international eSIMs. In this particular case, we want to let people know the alternative we recommend using is the Holafly eSIM for international travel. The best thing about the Holafly eSIM is that it can be bought wherever people are in just a few seconds!

Also, the good thing about the Holafly eSIMs is they offer different data plans to people, which can be good for those with a tight budget. Leaving all this aside, there’s also something important to tell. There’s no limit on how many eSIM customers can get!

FAQ about the Turkcell Prepaid eSIM

Can people who aren’t customers of Turkcell get their eSIMs?

No. Compared to other options, Turkcell is only available for those who are already clients of this cellular provider.

Can people ask for an eSIM through the Turkcell website?

No. As for now, the only way to get an eSIM going directly to a store; they can’t be ordered or requested through the company website.

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