Holafly vs Airhub: What is the best option?

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Between Holafly and Airhub, ¿which is the best option? Truly, we know that it’s not easy to decide on one over the other, as both alternatives offer multiple advantages and wide coverage, so you can connect to the internet from your cellphone during your new destination. But this doesn’t imply having to pay the high roaming costs.

Indeed, the cellular internet connection is no longer a fad or a whim of a few. In fact, now it has become a necessity for all travelers. It’s not only used for business travelers, but also for those who simply go on vacation or outings and don’t want to lose contact with their loved ones at home.

That’s why new technologies have allowed us to choose the eSIM provider that we like the most. For this reason, in this post, we’re going to talk about Holafly vs Airhub. In detail, find out how they work, their coverage, prices, advantages, and disadvantages. Certainly, don’t forget to read right to the end to take a look at the comparative table and our recommendation for you.

Holafly vs Airhub, what is an eSIM or virtual data chip?

In the first place, you should know in this Holafly vs Airhub comparison what an eSIM is. In general, these are virtual cards, easy to install and use. You just have to scan the QR code to activate the eSIM profile on your cellphone. This code is sent to you by the provider once you complete the purchase flow.

Being an innovative technology, the eSIM card comes with an instruction manual, so you don’t have to worry if you’ve never used one. This virtual chip works in the newest smartphones, and it’s expected that they will replace the traditional physical card soon.

How do Holafly and its virtual chip work?

Now, let’s get to know Holafly and its virtual chip. So, this is a company, created by travelers, which offers chips to have an internet connection with your cellphone on your trips abroad. This international SIM card and eSIM card provider wants to help you so that you don’t end up without connection or without being able to contact your family and friends at your destination and, much less, have to worry about the bill that awaits you on your return.

In fact, if you buy an eSIM from Holafly you will have an associated data plan from the start. So, you won’t need to wait for a plastic card to arrive. The activation code arrives in just a few minutes, you scan it, follow a few steps shown by the system and that’s it.

How is Holafly’s coverage?

As for Holafly’s coverage, you should know that there are more than 80 countries where you can take your eSIM. In addition, you can also get an eSIM depending on the region you’re traveling to. These cards work under the network of local operators, usually with a 4G LTE connection.

Holafly virtual data card prices

  • Data eSIM for Europe from $19.00 USD
  • Virtual data card for Asia from $49.00
  • Virtual data eSIM for North America from $57.00
  • Data chip for Latin America from $47.00
  • International data card for China with VPN from $19.00
  • Data eSIM for trips to the Netherlands from $19.00

Advantages of Holafly

  • It’s cheaper than roaming
  • Some eSIMs allow you to share data
  • You can buy an eSIM with unlimited data
  • The SIM card arrives in just 72 hours at your home and with free shipping
  • Customer service in English, available 24 hours a day.

Disadvantages of Holafly

  • If you need to make calls or send SMS, you’ll have to use apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Skype, as Holafly’s eSIM doesn’t include this feature.
  • In multiple destinations you can’t share data with other devices.

How do Airhub and its data chip for travelers work?

Now that we know everything that Holafly has to offer, let’s see how Airhub and its data chip for travelers work. As such, this brand is a store that sells eSIM for travelers, with plans that go hand in hand with local rates, which makes it affordable for users.

Surely, with these cards, you don’t have to buy a chip at the destination. In addition, it’s compatible with multiple devices. As an illustration, you can buy this eSIM on the website, select the data plan, pay online, and wait to receive an email with the activation QR code. It’s important to realize that you must scan this code and activate the eSIM profile to enjoy the benefits.

How is Airhub’s coverage?

Regarding Airhub coverage, you should know that its services are provided in at least 79 countries. Each of them connects to the 4G LTE network. In some cases, it will only reach 3G, but this depends on the network of the local telephone operator to which you are connected.

Airhub virtual card prices

  • Spain: 10 GB / 30 days for $16.30
  • Europe: 20 GB / 30 days for $38.36 (38 countries)
  • Global data: 6 GB / 30 days for $17.26 (20 countries)
  • The Netherlands: 5 GB / 30 days for $15.92 (1 country)
  • Asia: 10 GB / 30 days for $38.36 (9 countries)
  • Russia: 10 GB / 30 days for $55.62
  • Hong Kong: 1 GB / 7 days for $3.84
  • China: 3 GB / 30 days for $11.51
  • Africa: 3 GB / 30 days for $23.97 (6 countries)
  • USA: 5 GB / 30 days for $16.00

Advantages of Airhub

  • More than 250 eSIMs available to buy
  • They have cheap rates
  • Plans are paid at local rates
  • It has local and regional eSIM plans
  • Monthly or subscription data plans
  • Possibility of using SIM card and eSIM at the same time

Disadvantages of Airhub

  • Airhub’s connection stability is not the best, as several users suggest. Their chips usually run out of network signal on several occasions.

Comparative table of Holafly vs Airhub

In the following Holafly vs Airhub comparative chart, you can see other important information. So, if you were curious about the sales channels they use and which devices are compatible with eSIM, here is the information.

ProviderTechnical support Online shoppingApp Compatibility 
HolaflyYesYesNoAll cellphones, as long as it’s an unlocked device.
AirhubYesYesYesSmartphones, tablets, or PC.
Comparative table of Holafly vs Airhub

Holafly vs Airhub: what we recommend

All things considered, we’ve come to the end of this post. But we don’t want you to leave without first knowing what our recommendation is in this Holafly vs. Airhub comparison. The first thing is that, before buying anything, verify that your cellphone is compatible with eSIM technology. Then, you can go at once to buy the eSIM that you’re going to use, depending on the destination of your trip. In the Holafly virtual store, you can buy eSIM and international SIM cards with data.

FAQ about Holafly vs Airhub

How to activate the QR code of my eSIM?

You must open the camera app, point the camera directly into the QR code and wait for a notification to appear on the screen. Then, click on Continue to complete the activation of the virtual card. You must have a double screen or printed code.

Can I use the Holafly eSIM on any cellular device?

The cellphones compatible with the Holafly eSIM are the ones that we mention below:
iPhone XS, XR onwards, iPhone SE 2 (2020)
Samsung Galaxy S20 onwards, Galaxy Fold onwards, Galaxy Note 20 onwards, and Galaxy Z Flip onwards
Huawei P40, P40 Pro, Mate 40 Pro, and newer models
Google Pixel 3, 3rd, Pixel 4, 4 XL, 4a, 5, and newer models
Oppo Find X3 Pro and Oppo Reno 5A
Motorola Razr (2019) and Razr 5G (dual SIM).

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