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Peru is home to archaeological riches, cultural diversity, and incredible sites of natural beauty. Whether you’re traveling there for work or leisure, we know how important it is to stay connected to the internet. So we’re here to help you find the best data SIM card for Peru so you can access the internet on your trip.

We’ll run through the different SIM cards available including their prices and features so you can make the right decision.

Why buy a SIM card for Peru?

Modern travelers need an internet connection and this is the cheapest option. Whether it’s using Google Maps or ordering a cab, an internet connection is essential when you’re traveling but many options are too expensive. However, a SIM card for Peru is affordable and reliable. Let’s take a look at which SIM card is best for you.

Where to buy the best data SIM card for Peru

You can buy your SIM card from online stores (e.g. Holafly) or in person when you arrive in Peru. Some are data-only SIM cards, and others include local calls as well as cellular data.

peru sim card works in chile
Travelers with Holafly’s Peru SIM card can visit multiple Latin American countries. Source: Sofia from eat, love and travel

Buy your Peru SIM card before you travel (recommended)

The best way to buy a SIM card is to purchase it before you travel. Order it online and it will arrive for free! You can buy your Peru SIM card through the online Holafly store.

Holafly’s prepaid SIM card for Peru

Holafly offers you 6GB for €34 lasting 15 days 12GB for €44 lasting 30 days, with a 3G speed. Both options give you enough internet for common activities such as using Google, WhatsApp, searching for direction, and listening to music. And it’s at a reasonable price:

DaysDataPricePrice per Day
Holafly Peru simcard prepaid prices

And did you know that this card will also connect to the internet in several Latin American countries? The Peru SIM card will also work in:

  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • El Salvador
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Puerto Rico
  • Uruguay
  • Costa Rica

Advantages of Holafly:

  • Save time – no need to look for stores once you arrive in Peru
  • You’ll be connected to the internet the moment you land
  • Connect automatically to the best network wherever you are
  • 24 hour technical support available from Holafly’s customer support team
  • Keep your WhatsApp number and all your contacts and conversations
  • No need to share your personal information
  • The Latin America Multi-Country SIM option gives you data for multiple countries, perfect if you want to travel the continent

Disadvantages of Holafly:

  • You cannot make phone calls using this SIM. We recommend using WhatsApp instead, which will work as usual.

How much cellular data do I need when I travel to Peru?

The amount of data you need depends on how much you plan to use the internet. Common reasons to use the internet when traveling include searching for directions, messaging friends and family, and searching for places to eat or things to do.

Holafly’s SIM card for Peru will offer you more than enough data for these activities. For a trip of two weeks, we recommend around 6GB of data to keep you covered. If you don’t have enough data, you might find it runs out when you need it most.

But what other companies offer SIM cards to Peru?

SIMCard for Peru

SIMCard has a prepaid SIM card offering deals from 1GB of data up to unlimited internet. These cards also allow you to make calls.


  • You can receive calls and messages for free.
  • You can check voicemail online for free.
  • Most of your data is at 3G speed.


  • You have to pay for the card and your data plan separately
  • You will also be charged for delivery, making this an expensive option

How much does a SIM card for Peru cost?

Let’s compare the two companies offering SIM cards for Peru.

ProviderSIM card pricePrice for dataAmount of dataNumber of days
Price comparison of SIM cards for travel to Peru.

As you can see, Holafly’s prepaid SIM card is the cheapest option and offers more data. That’s why it’s our recommended option for your trip to Peru.

Buy my SIM card in Peru

If you prefer to buy your SIM card in Peru, you should look out for local stores. The best providers in the country are Movistar and Claro, so we recommend buying your SIM card from them.

Traveling to Peru is beautiful, but many rural areas of the country do not have coverage. But don’t worry, as Peruvians say: “If Movistar doesn’t work, that’s what Claro is for” or vice versa.


Movistar or Telefónica del Perú is the main cell phone company in Peru. It has different data packages available for prepaid SIM cards, from 1 day with 600MB to 30 days with 3GB.


  • Easily available and in many stores in Peru
  • Cheap prices
  • You can top up your data easily if you run out


  • You will have to spend time finding stores and communicating with staff who may not speak English – this is much harder and time-consuming than buying before you travel


Claro Peru is the second-largest mobile operator in the country. It offers similar rates to Movistar. Let’s take a look at its coverage map, so you know where it offers a good connection.

sim card peru claro coverage
Claro’s coverage map in Peru. Source: Claro Peru


  • You can easily top up if you run out of data
  • It has plans for short trips: 1, 2, 3, and 7 days.
  • You can download the the “Mi Claro” application to make cellular data purchases and top-ups.
  • Unlimited social network use


  • You will have to spend time finding stores and communicating with staff who may not speak English – this is much harder and time-consuming than buying before you travel

Entel Peru

Entel is another company that offers SIM cards. Let’s take a look at what they offer:


  • It has several options from 650 MB to 8GB.
  • Unlimited use of some apps like WhatsApp
  • Uses the Entel App to top up your data


  • There are no plans longer than 30 days.
  • The signal quality is lower than Movistar and Claro.
  • You will have to spend time finding stores and communicating with staff who may not speak English – this is much harder and time-consuming than buying before you travel

SIM cards for Peru: which one should I buy?

It is much easier to buy your SIM before you travel. Why? Because you’ll have an internet connection the moment you land and you don’t have to spend ages searching for stores in Peru.

So which company should you buy from? Well, if you want the cheapest deal with the fastest internet the best option is Holafly.

In addition to offering the best price, Holafly’s card uses super-fast internet from Peru’s best provider. There is no delivery charge or hidden cost. You’ll also be covered by their 24-hour customer support team in case you have any problems.

And finally, you can use that card in multiple destinations including Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay. So it is the perfect choice if you’re traveling around the whole continent.

Frequently asked questions about SIM cards and internet in Peru

How good is the internet of the Holafly SIM card for Peru?

The coverage is excellent because the card automatically connects to the fastest network, no matter where you are. If one network is unavailable it will switch to another so you always stay connected.

How long can I use the Peru SIM card?

You can use it for up to 30 days.

Will I be able to use the best Peru SIM card in other countries?

Yes, you can use the card in multiple Latin American countries.

Can I receive messages or calls on the Peru SIM card?

Yes, you can receive calls and SMS at no extra cost. You can also continue using WhatsApp and other apps with your existing contacts.

Do I have to return the data SIM card for Peru?

No. Once you’ve finished your data plan, recycle it. The card cannot be re-used.

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