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Lately, people have been being able to travel like they used to do in the past. That’s why companies are trying to offer users all the benefits that they might need to have to feel comfortable when traveling. One of those companies is Smart, and why we will talk about the Smarty roaming service.

But, to be fair, these kinds of companies are not the only ones that offer that service to people, there are other alternatives in the market too. Therefore, we will talk about all these alternatives and the Smarty roaming, so let’s get to it.

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How does Smarty roaming work?

In case you have heard about roaming services in the past, or that you have used one in the past, then you probably know how they work. But, let’s be honest, not all the roaming services work in the same way, because some of them offer something different to their clients.

In the Smarty case, we find that there are two alternatives available for people to use. One of them is to use their local mobile plan no matter where they go to, and the other one will require users to make a payment to properly use it, but allows them to travel to more destinations.

Either way, both options are pretty good for people. The only thing that people must beware of is to properly know all the information about the rates of the country that they will visit, and that’s what we will be talking about now.

Smarty roaming rates

Rates are what truly matter to people because travelers will try to save as much money as they can. That’s why rates truly matter to them, as that will let them choose from one service to another, especially if they have some options in hand.

As we mentioned before, there are two services available for people to choose from. One of them is cheaper than the other. These services are known as “Pay as You Go”, for people who want to go outside from the European Zone, and for those who travel inside the EU, they can use their local plan.

But, let’s see the different rates that people will get access to on each one of the services that they will need to use when traveling.

Smarty mobile data rates

Mobile data is maybe one of the most important services for people to use nowadays. People can use them for basically anything that they need. Such as phone calls, using apps like Instagram or Facebook, and even sending text messages on some applications.

Now, following what we said before, if you have a mobile plan that can be used in the EU zone, you won’t have to pay more for it, because you can use your data allowance while traveling.

But, if you use the Pay as You Go service, things are a bit different. People will find that prices are affordable, and they actually are. The mobile data rates for this service vary from 0.10£ to 1£ per MB consumed.

Smarty local and international phone calls rates

Phone calls are important for a lot of people, whether it is for personal or business purposes, they can be used in basically every moment. Just like it happens with the other Smarty plans, people will have access to their local minutes when traveling in the EU zone.

For people who are traveling to other countries from all over the world, the service is not free. But, the rates are pretty accessible for everyone out there as prices go from 0.05£ to 0.5£ depending on the destination that you go to.

Smarty text messages rates

Even though we said that you can send text messages by using your mobile data, the traditional option can’t be left aside. People might be needing to send a text message when traveling, and they can do it for free if they are inside the EU zone.

Now, if you are a Smarty client going somewhere else, you will have to pay 0.20 or 0.40£ depending on the country that you go to. For us, is it not a high price at all.

Countries in which people can use the Smarty roaming

Smarty has been working as much as they can so they can offer their service everywhere they can do it so. So far, we do know that inside the European Zone, Smarty roaming service is available for everyone.

But, what about the rest of the world? This is the big question that people might be asking now. Well, the answer is that the service is available in over 50 different countries from different continents.

Countries such as Japan, China, Peru, Venezuela, United States, Andorra, Bermuda, Brazil, Belarus, and many others are included on the Smarty list, so you can be safe when using them.

Alternatives for the Smarty roaming service

We already mentioned before that the roaming service might not be what people needed. There are other alternatives in the market, and thankfully, all these alternatives are pretty accessible for everyone.

So, in case the Smarty roaming service is not what you needed or want to use, let’s see some other alternatives that will help you out during your journey through the world. 

International SIM Card

International SIM cards are well-known no matter where you go to. These SIM cards have been used by people for quite some time now, but the most important thing here is that they can now be used for traveling purposes.

The good news is that people can rely on this service due to it being quite accessible for everyone out there. And, they can be easily bought without worrying too much about it. So, in case you need one, consider using the Holafly SIM card.

Internatinal eSIM Card

Have you heard about eSIMs? If you haven’t, we have good news for you because this is the perfect time for you to meet them. 

These cards are basically SIM cards, but completely digital. You won’t need to physically introduce them on your phone, the only thing that you will need to use is a QR code and you will be good to go. Once again, consider using the Holafly eSIM card when traveling!

Free WiFi

If you are used to using WiFi, we have some good news for you. You can use this service when traveling because you will definitely find a free WiFi hotspot out there.

The only bad thing about using or completely relying on it is the fact that, once you leave the connection area, you will need to have something else to rely on to keep connected to the internet, so keep that in mind.

Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi devices were the most famous alternative for travelers back in the day, and they are still important nowadays. The fact that they are not so used now doesn’t mean that they are not important anymore.

By simply renting one of these devices, people will get access to an internet connection for as long as they have the device with them. And, after all, it might be even cheaper than a roaming service.

How to activate the Smarty roaming?

Smarty, on their website, stands that people can activate the roaming service in different ways depending on the device that people have. But, truth be told, the activation process is the same on each one.

People will need to go to their mobile settings, find the “Mobile Data” menu, and then activate the “Roaming” option that people will find there. Can’t be easier than that.

Opinions about the Smarty Roaming

  1. “Very impressed with SMARTY. The transfer process from my previous provider was straight-forward and the package I’m on is amazing value! Highly recommend.” 
  2. “I switched to Smarty a few months ago as I needed more data for work from home and for a £10. I get 30gb which is good for all my requirements. And the contract is monthly rolling so you can leave anytime.”
  3. “So happy I decided to make the jump from Asda Mobile (Vodafone) to Smarty (3). The Signal in my home is really good and I’m even getting 5G! In some places, the Price Plan I’m on is great!, Unlimited Calls & Texts + 40GB Data for £10pm! and it was extremely easy to Port my number over via PAC Code.”
  4. “Wow 3 days of absolute abysmal service. I couldn’t even connect to Netflix or Amazon prime video tonight so Iv just ordered another Vodafone sim instead of wasting my time on this unlimited crap. Thanks for nothing”
  5. “As a new customer Smarty provided excellent service but now after 2 months they could not care less. They make it as difficult as possible to contact them which demonstrates their unwillingness to resolve issues. A good package spoilt by lousy service.”
  6. “Avoid them like the plague. I have just tried to move to them. My number has been stuck in limbo. They are impossible to deal with being online chat only, they initially lied and told me it was EEs fault but when pressed admitted it was actually their fault. It’s ridiculous that a basic thing like porting a number can be so messed up. And so clueless about what’s going on.”
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