Virgin Mobile Roaming: Rates, countries & alternatives

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Roaming services are quite famous around the world. Nowadays, lots of companies offer this service to people who want to travel, but it can be a bit confusing to understand. That’s why talking about these services is a good idea in some cases, and that’s why we will be talking about the Virgin Mobile roaming service today.

But we know that a roaming service might not be the best idea for people, it might be for the price of the service itself, or because there are other alternatives available in the market for people to use them.

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How does Virgin Mobile roaming work?

A roaming service works in a pretty similar way in all the companies that we can find out there. No one can deny that, but there are some main differences that can be found depending on what service you use.

When talking about Virgin, people will have the chance to use the service in two different ways. The first one is with the Roam Like Home service that they offer to clients that want to travel inside the European Zone.

If you aren’t planning to travel to the European Zone, then you will be charged depending on the country that you go to. This is basically the only difference between the Virgin Mobile roaming service that people can see when comparing it to other companies.

Other than that, the service works in a pretty similar way to other roaming services out there. People will only need to activate it and they will start enjoying all that Virgin Mobile has to offer, it can’t get easier than that

Virgin Mobile roaming rates

Something that people worry the most about is the prices that they will pay for a determined service. And that’s something that Virgin Mobile knows pretty well, and that’s why the company has tried to keep prices as low as possible.

If you paid attention to what we said before, then you might already have an idea of how Virgin Mobile works. People can access their roaming service in two different ways, one with the Roam Like Home service, and the other one by directly paying for the service itself.

Comparing them, the Roam Like Home is cheaper, but let’s take a deeper look at what Virgin Mobile offers to its customers that use their service.

Virgin Mobile mobile data rates

The Virgin Mobile data rates are pretty different depending on which service you use. If you use the Roam Like Home service, we have great news for you because the service allows you to use your local mobile data allowance at no extra cost in some destinations.

But, if you travel outside of these destinations, you will have to pay 12.50£ per MB consumed. The price is quite high, and there’s basically no limit on how much you can use when using this service, so you can pay more than you were expecting to with this service.

Virgin Mobile local and international phone calls rates

Once again, we get to see that Virgin Mobile allows its users to spend their local phone calls minutes when traveling inside the European Zone with the Roam Like Home service. What does it mean? No need to pay more for the service.

Now, if you travel to a different destination, then you need to pay attention because there are changing rates that people will face. People might come across a destination in which there are free phone calls when using the roaming service, but they can also go to a destination that charges 1.50£ per minute. Always check out these rates before traveling!

Virgin Mobile text messages rates

Last but not least, we can’t forget about text messages. We know that nowadays people tend to use other apps to communicate, like WhatsApp or even Facebook, but text messages can come in handy in some situations.

With the Roam Like Home service, you won’t have to pay more for the service. But, if you are using the normal Virgin Mobile roaming service, you must pay for it. People will see that there are rates that go from 0.15£ to 1.50£ per text message, it will all depend on where you go to.

Countries in which people can use the Virgin Mobile roaming

Virgin Mobile plans are to be everywhere in the world, but there are some limitations to make it possible. For now, we can say that Sky Mobile is available in over 170 different countries in the world.

Part of these countries is located in the European Zone, such as Austria, Spain, Germany, France, and many others. Basically, if the country is part of the European Union, Virgin Mobile will be available there.

Now, talking about the rest o the world, people will get the chance to travel to Africa, Asia, and Latin America. There won’t be any kind of issues when using the Virgin Mobile roaming service.

Alternatives for the Virgin Mobile roaming service

We know that using the Virgin Mobile service can be something pretty good. No one can deny that because they have been around for quite some time now, and the service is pretty good.

But prices might be a bit exaggerated for some people, and that’s why people will surely try to find a way to save some money. So, if you need to save some money, here are some alternatives for you.

International SIM Card

People can’t deny that SIM cards are pretty important nowadays. They are used in mobile phones on a daily basis, and now they can be used when traveling through the world.

The good thing about is that the service is pretty accessible for most people, and SIM cards are a reliable tool for people to stay connected no matter where they are. So, if you feel like this is the option for you to choose, go for the Holafly SIM card!

Internatinal eSIM Card

So, we already talked about the SIM card, but now it’s time to talk about its younger brother. The eSIM card has been gaining popularity in the last few years, and now more and more people use it, even on a daily basis.

But, something that you might not know is that eSIMs can be used even when traveling. And, people can even buy it for a specific place, which is even better. Do you need to buy one? Go ahead and use the Holafly eSIM card!

Free WiFi

Free WiFi sounds like something fun to have, and people are pretty aware of that because, well, we use WiFi connections almost everywhere we

But, the only downside is how limited people can be using a service like this one. Once they leave the WiFi hotspot area, they won’t longer have an internet connection until they find another one or go to a place with free WiFi.

Pocket WiFi

In case you only need to have an internet connection when traveling, we have the perfect solution for you to use. We are talking about the Pocket WiFi devices that are mostly used for travelers.

These devices will give people internet access for as long as they rent it, and that’s something great. But, this service limits you to only using the internet, there are no text messages or phone calls included.

How to activate the Virgin Mobile roaming?

The activation process for the Virgin Mobile service is pretty simple, and people can be pretty sure of that.

People will only have to follow these steps to activate the roaming: Log in to their Virgin Mobile service, go to the “Plan & Device” option, turn on the “Going Abroad” section, and they are good to go!

Opinions about the Sky Mobile Roaming

  1. “Never have a problem with them, connections stables and fast, customer service its good and more importantly the price are in line with competitors and sometimes cheaper.”
  2. “Really pleased I have left the three network & come over to Virgin which all my family is now on. Great customer service with a fantastic deal & most importantly I’m getting really fast data speeds on the network which I use for work so that’s the key selling point for me. “
  3. “Been with Virgin for just over a year so far. They have delivered everything they said they would. Have just started using free sim and ported my number to them. Poor signal at outset but after a call it has improved and has been escalated.”
  4. “Ive been with virgin for years with no problem but since I got new phones with them last year the service has been terrible. They have completely ignored my complaints & lied to me when they said they would refund me for my last bill.
  5. “Currently stuck on hold waiting to speak AGAIN with customer service who don’t seem to speak very good English. Sent me a SIM that doesn’t work so I’ve rang them and apparently I don’t even have an account with them.”
  6. “As stated in another review they have stopped providing PAYG and made it impossible for some customers to get their credit back by making contacting them virtually impossible. Not everyone as their Community Forum does have some happy migrators but not me.”
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