Sky Mobile Roaming: Rates, countries & alternatives

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When it comes to roaming services, people might get a bit confused while using them. That’s completely understandable because companies don’t always offer the same to everyone out there. And that’s exactly why we will be talking about the Sky Mobile roaming service so customers and non-customers that are attracted to them can know more about it.

But, if you have used a roaming service in the past and you don’t know if it is the perfect choice for you when traveling, there’s no need to worry. There are other roaming alternatives that people can use, and we will talk about them too.

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How does Sky Mobile roaming work?

Overall, we can say that the Sky Mobile service is similar compared to other roaming services. That’s basically the good side of the things because people won’t have a hard time worrying about how it works or if it has something special that people must activate before using it.

The very first thing that we need to know is that Sky Mobile has two different roaming services available. The first one allows users to use their UK plan allowance in determining destinations. But there’s a different plan for people who want to travel throughout the world without any kinds of limitations.

The first service is known as Roaming Passport. This is one of the most famous services given by Sky Mobile to its customers. But, there’s a different plan known as Roaming Passport Plus, which is the one that allows users to travel to more countries from outside the European Zone, which is amazing.

And last but not least, people can use the normal roaming service in more than 100 different destinations.

Sky Mobile roaming rates

The rates given to Sky Mobile customers are pretty competitive, no one can actually deny that. They are pretty good and will help people to save money even while they are traveling and need to keep connected to their mobiles.

But, beware, because, as we mentioned before, people have the chance to choose three different plans depending on where they are traveling to, and that can make the rates slightly change.

But, in the overall information, we can tell that prices are pretty accessible for basically everyone that wants to travel through the world while using Sky Mobile. Yet, we will dig deeper into mobile data, phone calls, and text messages rates.

Sky Mobile mobile data rates

The rates in Sky Mobile can be a bit confusing depending on where people will travel to, and that’s ok because their service is basically available in every single country in the world.

We can tell that there are three rates here. The first one allows you to use your local plan while traveling inside the European Zone at no extra cost. The second one allows you to travel to determining destinations and pay 6£ per day for the service to remain active. And, if you use the roaming service alone, prices vary from 0.07£ to 12£ per MB.

Sky Mobile local and international phone calls rates

International phone calls might not be so important for people due to it being a secondary service for most people out there. Or, at least that’s how the service has been evolving throughout the last years.

Still, people might need it for an emergency or something similar. The rates here are the same as we mentioned before. Free-roaming on the EU zone, 6£ on determined destinations per day. And, the third one has prices that go from 0.36£ to 8.64£ per minute when calling. And 1.80£ per minute when receiving calls while traveling.

Sky Mobile text messages rates

The last service that we will talk about is text messages. They might not be so important nowadays, just like it happened with phone calls. But still, text messages can be useful in some situations.

Now, what do we have to say about the prices? Basically, the same. The only difference is in the roaming service as people will see that prices go from 0.48£ to 3.30£ for every text message sent. If people are not using the Roaming Passport or Roaming Passport Plus from Sky Mobile, these are the rates that they will find.

Countries in which people can use the Sky Mobile roaming

Sky Mobile is present almost everywhere that you can think about. Whether you want to go to Africa, Asia, Latin America, or who knows where you will get the chance to use their roaming service.

The sum of countries goes beyond 175 countries where the Sky Mobile service is available, and we can see in the list countries such as Spain, Germany, United States, Egypt, Japan, China, India, Turkey, and many others.

So, you can stay calm if you want to travel using Sky Mobile, chances are that the country that you want to visit is covered in their roaming service.

Alternatives for the Sky Mobile roaming service

Now that we have talked about the different rates that are offered by Sky Mobile, people might be thinking that they want to use another alternative. Prices might not be what you are looking, for or the destination you are going to is not covered, people have their reasons.

But that’s ok because there are some amazing alternatives that people can rely on in case they don’t want to use the Sky Mobile roaming service, so let’s talk about them.

International SIM Card

SIM cards are the main piece of our phones nowadays, and people can’t deny that. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to send text messages, make phone calls or navigate through the internet. 

The good news is that people can now use SIM cards for traveling purposes and can buy them basically anywhere they go. In case this is a solution that you think can suit your needs, we highly recommend using the Holafly SIM card.

Internatinal eSIM Card

eSIM cards have been taking over the market for quite some time now, and that’s something that people have been pretty aware of. And now, eSIMs can be used for traveling purposes as well.

These digital SIM cards are one of the most amazing solutions that people can use when traveling, and the best thing about them is that they can buy them specifically for the country they are traveling to. Once again, we recommend using the Holafly eSIM card.

Free WiFi

People know that with WiFi, they can do everything that they want to do or need to on their mobiles phones. And that’s a fact due to how many apps people can download and use

And, just like it happens in your homeland, people can find Free WiFis connections while traveling. But the bad thing is that the hotspot might be limited or might not be enough for them, so keep that in mind.

Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi devices can be a pretty amazing alternative for people who like to travel a lot. These devices give them internet connection from the very first moment that they arrive in a country.

These devices will give people unlimited mobile data for as long as people are paying for them. And that’s why a lot of travelers tend to choose it instead of other services. 

How to activate the Sky Mobile roaming?

We know that activating something can be pretty stressful, and Sky Mobile is aware of this as well.

That’s why they will send you a text message every time that you arrive at a destination in which they have their roaming service available. Now, you simply need to turn on the roaming service on your phone! This option is located on the “Mobile Data” menu.

Opinions about the Sky Mobile Roaming

  1. “I am on my fourth device from Sky Mobile. All have been much better priced than other mobile providers. Love the roll over data which means I can share data on family devices.”
  2. “I am paying a cheap price for what I get included in my contract. and like the fact I can roll my data over”
  3. “My issue was dealt with quickly, which I was surprised about due to the current climate. Signal seems to be ok. Happy to use them.”
  4. “Discrepancy between what my online account says I should be paying for data plan and what it says my monthly payment it, resulting in £10 extra/month being paid. As is often the case with sky customer service of late, it’s impossible to speak to anyone to resolve the issue.
  5. “I simply can’t afford the payments I have lost my job and my phone bill has nearly doubled with no explanation. It’s shocking you can’t make contact with such a huge company!! Will not be using again in the future”
  6. “No one can help and no management is available to resolve this because (and I quote) “of coronavirus?” Complete incompetence. Save yourself the stress, don’t bother with them.”
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