Best prepaid SIM Card for Argentina, which to buy?

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Argentina will give us unique moments with its famous tango, the best meat, beaches, mountains, waterfalls and its impressive cultural mix. That makes it unique.

We will show you the benefits, limitations, where and how to buy your Argentina sim card without roaming bills being a headache.

Another practical option is to get an eSIM for Argentina or embedded SIM card. Check out below if your device is compatible with eSIM so, make sure before getting a data plan eSIM. The only action to set up your eSIM should scan a QR code. 

Why buy a data SIM card for Argentina?

A data SIM card in Argentina will be a great help to find restaurants, hotels, order taxis through apps and especially stay connected with your family.

So, forget the roaming extra charges you have to pay after come back home. Can you imagine once back home, after an awesomesauce tango, the bill waiting for you? 

Getting the best prepaid data SIM card for Argentina

You can buy your prepaid SIM card before and during your trip to Argentina. But avoid having unnecessary worries, buy your chip before you travel, keep it in your suitcase and insert it when you arrive in Argentina.

Holafly makes it easy to buy from home. Now a day is essential to stay at home and don’t take risks for your health.

The other option is to buy the card when you arrive at the airport in Buenos Aires, for example. Also in shopping centres, Vea, Jumbo and Disco supermarkets. Finally, you will find shops of national operators in different parts of the country.

internet in Cerro Torre in Patagonia in your travel tourist
You will find magical places like Cerro Torre in Patagonia, which you will take a picture to post on your social networks. Source: Ryuta Fukasawa on Unsplash

Buying Argentina data SIM card from an online store

This is the comfortable and most safe option, forget about looking for shops while you don’t get the connection. Below, we show you some options such as features, advantages and disadvantages of operators with virtual shops. 

Holafly’s Argentina data SIM card

Currently, Holafly is offering a data SIM card to get around Argentina with 6GB for 15 days, most of the journey connected in 4G. 

Advantages of Holafly SIM card:

  • Unlimited data; Use the 6GB at 4G and not run out of 4G, you will continue to surf at 2G speed unlimited.
  • Free shipping; Receive it in 72 working hours.
  • No need to wait in long lines to buy a card.
  • Easy to use, just put the card in your mobile, activate data roaming and ready to go.
  • Share mobile data with others, just like a Pocket Wifi.
  • 24-hour assistance in English by chat, email or WhatsApp.
  • You will have the best coverage in Argentina with local operators such as Movistar and Claro.
  • You keep your number in WhatsApp to call and write to all your contacts.

Disadvantage of Holafly SIM card:

  • It is a data-only card, it does not include several traditional calls.

One SIMCard

One Sim Card offers a SIM card, to which you can add data credit according to the number of days (14 and 30 days) and data (from 500 MB upwards). The cost of the card is 25 euros and you will have to add shipping costs and the data price you want.

Advantages One SIMCard :

  • It has more than 15 types of a data package.

Disadvantages One SIMCard

  • Charges you up to three fees, for the card (without data), the data package and the shipping.
  • If you want to receive the data SIM card for Argentina with the highest security and speed, you will have to pay up to 100 euros for shipping alone.

TravSIM data SIM card

This company offers a prepaid data sim card for Argentina, with a 6GB data package for 15 days. At first glance it looks like they offer “Free Shipping“, but after entering the data the shipping has an additional cost of 20 €.

Advantages TravSIM

  • You can use the card for 15 days.
  • You can use it in 70 destinations.


  • You will pay for the cost of the card with 6GB of data 40 €.
  • The additional cost for shipping is 20 €.
  • You will receive the sim card within 2 to 5 working days.
  • Technical support is only available in English and German from 9 am. to 10 pm. GMT +1.
  • You cannot share data with other devices.

How much does a data SIM card for Argentina cost?

We were able to see the alternatives of prepaid SIM cards for Argentina and learn in detail about features, advantages, disadvantages and prices. Below, I will show you a comparative table with the prices that each of them offers on their websites to choose the option that best suits our budget.

Keep in mind that not all options are honest with the final prices, they show you the price of your data service, not including additional costs such as the famous Free Shipping and VAT. 

BrandSim card priceData PriceShipping costData amountFixed price
Holafly0 €47 €0 €6 GB47 €
One SImCard25 €41.50 €100 €500 MB166.50 €
TravSim0€40€20 €6 GB60 €
Cost of SIM card Argentina of the providers HolaFly, One SIM Card and Travis.

As we saw Holafly data SIM card for Argentina offers you 6GB for a single price, without paying for shipping or the physical card. Besides, other companies have high shipping costs and take a long time to arrive.

Buying SIM card in Argentina with Claro, Movistar and Personal

You will find three mobile operators in Argentina, Movistar, Claro and Personal Mobile. You can buy a simple card at the airport or in supermarkets.

festival internet in argentina
Tourism in Argentina with internet connection SIM card prepaid. Source: Unsplash

It’s common to find out low rates on the card prices. It’s more common to look for information on what and where I should buy once land in Argentina. You can also buy in the operator’s shop and stand in long lines; Besides under quarantine, we don’t suggest taking a risk like this. 

Claro Argentina

One of the most used companies in Argentina and with high-speed coverage, Claro offers packages for tourists with 1GB to use only on social networks for 15, 20 and 30 days.

Advantages Claro SIM card:

  • Free WhatsApp

Disadvantages Claro SIM card:

  • All their tourist packages include 1GB of the Free Fire game that you may not use.
  • If your balance expires you will need to find an authorised kiosk to top up.

Movistar Argentina

The second most used company in Argentina offering two tourist packages with similar plans to the previous operator.

Advantages Movistar SIM card:

  • Plans include 60 minutes for local calls.

Disadvantages Movistar SIM card:

  • They only have two plans for tourists.
  • To activate the SIM you must be connected to Wifi.
  • You will be charged for the sim and the data package.

Personal Mobile

  • A small company with good national coverage and offers a tourist package.

Advantages Personal Mobile SIM card:

  • Free WhatsApp
  • Calls: 30 minutes of international calls

Disadvantages Personal Mobile SIM card:

  • Not many points of sale
  • The cost of the package is higher than other operators.
  • To use the free WhatsApp, you must have at least a $0.01 balance.

SIM card for Argentina, which one to buy?

Finally, we concluded that Holafly’s Argentina SIM Card is the most suitable option for us travellers. It offers us a 15 days data SIM card with 6GB at 4G speed and unlimited 2G at 128kpbs speed, at a promotional price of 47€.

Besides, you keep your WhatsApp number, you get help in 24 hours a day by chat and email. And if that wasn’t enough, you get your sim card 72 working hours free and it allows you to share data with other mobiles as if you were a Pocket Wifi.

Land, insert and that’s it! You now have Internet in Argentina.

Frequently asked questions about Internet and SIM card for Argentina

How to get Internet in Argentina?

Don’t pay for expensive roaming, forget about looking for free low-speed wifi and buy a SIM card to have Internet in Argentina.

How much does roaming cost in Argentina?

Roaming rates vary depending on your mobile operator. You will find prices between €6.05 and €15 per MB used. Find out more about roaming costs in Argentina in our entry.

How to choose a data SIM card to have Internet and phone in Argentina?

To choose the ideal sim card we have to consider any recommendation. Here you have some aspects: Data amount, quality coverage, carrier type, the shipping cost you should take into account. 

Where to buy a data-only SIM card?

The best thing you should do is to buy a SIM card before travelling. We recommend buying online shops such as Holafly, for example. This way you will avoid long queues in physical shops when you arrive in Argentina and, above all, you will not be infected by the coronavirus.

How much does a SIM card for Argentina cost?

Card costs vary according to the offers and promotions of each operator. As you see, after set differences between the cards, we found that Holafly offers the lowest cost in the market. This SIM includes unlimited data in Argentina, the card has 6GB of 4G and unlimited 2G with 128kbps speed and with Movistar/Claro coverage, the best in the country. For the promotional price of 47€.

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