The best data SIM card prepaid for China includes VPN

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Probably you are thinking about how to stay connected to the Internet in China, and how to get the best data sim card, have you ever wondered something like this? if yes, let us tell you about sim cards for China so that you can surf without censorship via VPN.

In contrast to every single country, you have to know China has censored the internet connection around some companies like Google or Facebook. G mail is not available, for example. You won’t able to access the internet freely. How should you solve this trouble?, its simple buy a VPN program, this technology comes in the SIM card, it’s not usually and there is. It will allow you to use WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter, for example.

China is, after Italy, the country with the second-highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For this trip, you will need a SIM card for China.

Would you like to know all the international sim card alternatives to have the Internet in China? Let’s get started!

Another way to enjoy services like keep your local line might have an eSIM China with VPN or embedded SIM, But then you must to have a compatible device like iPhone XR or XS.

Why buy a SIM card for China?

China has become one of the most strict countries while users connect to the internet, might you found some differences. Even might be a nemesis for travelers. Imagine arriving and having to tell your family “You have to download x app” because in China applications like WhatsApp or Instagram don’t work and, Besides that, are those the restricted APPs.

For this reason, the best option is to carry a SIM card that includes a VPN so that you don’t have to make life hard. In principle, you can forget about paying roaming charges, carrying a pocket WiFi, or downloading VPNs without being sure that everything will work properly. That’s why we recommend buying a SIM card for China with a VPN.

Which SIM card for China offers me more data at the best price?

Exactly we want you to know: First, which SIM card offers you the best data plan at the best price, second, its best features. You can choose whether to buy it in your country or upon arrival in China, so you can make a conscious purchase and forget about connectivity problems. A digital nomad on the streets of Shanghai!

Where to buy the best prepaid SIM card for China?

In the first place, Lets to talk about where to buy before taking the plane. You can buy online or face to face. It can also buy it in China. So you don’t worry about having to get one on arrival to let them know you are ok, or will it be better on arrival in China? Both options are ok, but they are not equally convenient or comfortable. So let’s see which is the best option!

To buy my Chinese SIM card in your country (Word of advice)

These are some advantages of buying a Chinese SIM card before taking your trip. The main one is to take it and have a connection when you land. That’s right, you arrive tired from a long trip and the safest thing is to want to go to rest and not thinking about how to contact your family and friends at home. Plus, the technical support is in English, so you won’t have to stress when getting your SIM to work.

Holafly prepaid SIM card for China

Under coverage of China Unicom, one of the best operators in the country, Holafly offers you a SIM card for China:


  • The sim card has coverage in Hong Kong and Macau.
  • Includes VPN, you can access Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and more apps.
  • There are three cards available: 8 days and 5GB of data for 27€, 15 days and 5GB for 29 € and 30 days with 6GB for 36 €.
  • It allows sharing data with other devices.
  • Automatic activation: you arrive, insert, activate data and roaming.
  • Technical support in Spanish 24/7.
  • Free and quick shipping.


  • Long useful life. 
  • Top-up is not available (you have to buy more cards).

How much data do I need to travel to China?

Let’s take a look, its essential to know how much data you will use in China. So you can manage how much you should use. As we are familiar with data using it is not the same amount of data when you use WhatsApp to watch videos on YouTube.

How much does roaming in China cost?

Using roaming in China can give you a big surprise on your bill on your return, as it has high costs. With Vodafone roaming, you are going to pay a price of 20 USD per day. With Orange, you will pay no less than 12 USD for every 100MB of data consumed on the internet and with Movistar, you will pay around 15 USD per MB.

Buying a SIM card in China with China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile

You can get the internet in three ways being in China. By getting local sim cards, international travel cards, and roaming. We are certain that the last option you would get is roaming.

What if, I Buy my China SIM card in a local store just after landing

As every one of us knows these cards are available in the stores in the airport, you will get access via the internet through these cards as well. Cause the Chinese government’s ban on anonymous use of mobile services the SIM cards in China should buy only with your passport and in authorized stores. Take into account SIM cards don’t include VPN and, make sure that your cell phone is free and will work with the network operator of your choice.

The main mobile operator in China is China Unicom, then you have China Telecom and China Mobile. You will be able to find them upon arrival at the airport, in official stores, or resellers such as Wo (China Unicom). Please note that you will have to use your English to contract the data plan that best suits your travel needs.

Let’s take a look at each of the mobile operators in China.

China Unicom SIM card prepaid

China Unicom is the second-largest mobile operator in China, with over 90 million users. It has been recognized as one of the largest network operators in the world.


  • Hight compatibility with foreign phones.
  • It offers the best deals on data plans: 1GB for $25, 2GB for $35, 3GB for $45, 6GB for $80.
  •  They deliver it to your hotel in China.
  • Hight-quality coverage.


  • Does not include VPN so you will not be able to access government restricted websites or APPs.
  • No technical support in English.
  • They do not sell you the SIM card without your passport (in case you have left it at the hotel).

China Mobile prepaid SIM card

New a day China Mobile has become China’s first operator into Chinese users, actually with more than 900 million mobile subscribers becomes the largest mobile operator in the world.


  • Being the largest operator has more stores and recharge points throughout the country which makes it easier to contract the service.
  • You can pre-purchase it through the website
  • They offer a SIM for tourists, with 3GB at 3g/4g speed for $51, with roaming service outside Hong Kong and you can top up.


  • High-cost in contrast with their rivals.
  • Due to the use of FDD mode, it has compatibility problems with foreign phones.
  • VPN is not included.
  • Not offer technical support in English.

 your SIM card China to share these landscapes
Bring your SIM card to share these landscapes. Source: Markus Winkler on Pexels

China Telecom SIM card prepaid

China Telecom is used especially in southern China and is the smallest operator in the country.


  • Good data speed although with lower coverage.
  • Has 30-day plans: 1GB for $7.5; 3GB for $14.51; 6GB for $26.11.


  • Cards only available from official stores.
  • Don’t include VPN.
  • No technical support in English.
  • Works well if you travel to the south of the country.

SIM card prepaid for China Which one to buy?

The best data SIM card for China is the one from Holafly since it has notorious advantages compared with other options. Mainly we can highlight Its built-in VPN, an operator with good coverage, 4G speed, and 24/7 technical support in English. You can surf an Internet network without restrictions as soon as you get off the plane. For example, use Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook… An advantage.

SIM card China has a competitive price (from 27€ for 5GB), it has the network of the operator China Unicom. It is activated when you insert it when you arrive at your destination and allows you to share mobile data with your travel companions. You receive it free at home, without having to do any extra management, activate data and roaming in landing China and enjoy your trip on an internet connection.


How to connect in China?

You can connect in China by paying roaming to your operator, with a pocket WiFi, a data SIM card or free WiFi from the establishments. Be aware of the government restrictions for surfing online.

What is the price of roaming in China?

With this question in mind, we have listed the prices in detail in our table above. It only remains for you to choose the most convenient option for you.

By choosing a data SIM card to be connected and phone in China?

In principle, ideally, it includes a VPN that allows you to use your APPs without any problem. Technical support in Spanish is a great advantage, it is not the same as having support in English or a language you do not speak. Ease of use and coverage, as well as compatibility with your cell phone.

Where to buy a data-only SIM card?

Buy and receive your card at your home with Holafly, or buy this after landing, you can get it from SIM dispensers, official operator stores, and supermarkets. Don’t forget to have your passport on hand during buying.

How much does a SIM card for China cost?

I can’t tell you how much a China SIM card costs specifically, the price varies depending on its features. For example, the more data you have the higher price will be. The same applies if you have included services such as calls and text messages or simply the operator and their base prices.

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