Data SIM card prepaid for Internet in India: How to get it?

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Do you want to know India, land of different climates, from intense summers and exotic beaches in Kerala to the eternal winters of the Himalayas? Well, here we will tell you which is the best data SIM card for India to have Internet, connect with your friends, make video calls and record your trip.

You will be able to find a comparison between the data SIM card options available. If you want to bring it from home or buy it on arrival, you choose which is the best option according to your needs and budget. Learn about the benefits of SIM cards to have Internet in India, rates per day and GB, features, advantages and disadvantages…

Let’s get started!

Why buy a data SIM card for India?

It is the best way to have Internet in another country because you save a lot of money, you know that roaming is very expensive. It is true that it allows you to have your line in another country but when you come back the bill is an arm and a leg, very unpleasant!

You also find the pocket Wifi but it’s almost the same, in case of damage or loss they charge you as new. You don’t have to return a SIM card like a pocket Wifi and pay an expensive bill like roaming with your operator. In addition you do not depend on free Wifi at all times and you will have good coverage.

Which data SIM card for India offers me the most data at the best price?

Precisely this is what you will see in our post, which data SIM card for India offers you the most data at the best price. But keep in mind that not only offer the most data. It’s also important to consider qualities such as after-sales support, coverage, etc.

You will be able to take a look at all the options, see their advantages and disadvantages and choose the best option. Every travel is different, so it’s good to know which of all the SIM cards for India fits not only your budget, right? Also which one meets your requirements.

How to get the best prepaid SIM card for India

In my opinion the best is a light trip without major complications (I don’t know about you). But arriving at the airport, wanting to get to know everything and thinking about having an Internet connection is not cool. In those moments what you want is to let you know that you have arrived safely and start to live the world or India.

Precisely because of the above, for us the best thing to do is not to worry and bring from home what will keep you connected. In this case a data SIM card will be your best ally in India. GPS, social networks, having your reservations at hand, there is a lot you can do being connected to the Internet.

To buy my SIM card for India before travelling (recommended)

That’s right, earlier I told you why buying your data SIM card before travelling is our recommendation. For this reason, now we have decided to mention here two SIM card options that you can buy and receive at home. You make a safe, comfortable purchase and you just dedicate yourself to prepare your trip, because you are going to have a great time.

Selfie with friends on the trip to India
Carry a SIM card to share photos with your friends in India. Source: William Fortunato on Pexels
Keep your data SIM card handy to be always connected to the Internet.
Carry your data SIM to be always connected to the Internet. Source: cottonbro on Pexels

Holafly Indian SIM card

This option offers you 6 GB of data in 4G speed for 15 days and charges you 47 €, it also offers benefits, which could help you in your budget as a traveler.


  • You will be able to share your data, like Pocket Wifi, with other devices.
  • Shipping is free, only if you want to receive it much earlier, you will have to assume a cost.
  • You can activate it super easy, so you don’t need to be a tech expert.
  • They have 24/7 support and best of all, it’s in English.


  • They only have one option, however, in case you stay less days you can use up all your balance before returning.

If you still do not know how much data you need to travel, we detail it in our entry. So you can see how much you need to make calls through Apps, consultations, use of GPS, among others.

Notice: If you have iPhone XR, XS or higher,
buy an Indian eSIM card and receive discount. Coupon: roaming5

Cellular Abroad Data SIM card

Another option that you can get online and delivered to your door is the Cellular Abroad SIM. Although it is a SIM sold mostly in the US, you can have it delivered with their different shipping options.


  • Serves in different countries with the same SIM, for coverage in India you must choose zone 2.
  • Allows data sharing with other mobiles.
  • You can recharge additional to make calls.


  • Shipping at high prices.
  • Low amount of data.

Will my cell phone work on Indian mobile networks?

It has an excellent connection, which has been growing and becoming the fastest growing market worldwide (1.2 billion subscribers in 2018), so accessing the Internet via your mobile will not be complicated, in any case, you could corroborate its functionality in India on websites such as:

How much does a SIM card for India cost?

You know the good and the bad of each option, here we will show you a comparison of the final and non-promotional prices of each alternative, remember that in this case only Holafly charges you (final price, what you will pay with your credit card) what it sells you (promotional price, what you see initially on the platform).

Cost of the cardAmount of data and priceShipping valueTotal
Holafly0 €47 € – 6GB0 €47 €
Cellular Abroad0 €49,50€14,03 €63,53 €
Price of SIM cards India from providers Holafly, TravelSIM and Cellular Abroad.

Now you have it clear, Holafly charges you what it promotes, an economical option.

Buy my data SIM card in India

You will be able to find a SIM card from your arrival in India, in airports, specialized technology stores, from the mobile operators themselves: Vodafone, Airtel and Reliance Jio. You can find them in shopping malls, near tourist areas of the country, the central areas of the main cities. Also in very crowded points for tourists in India.

The main operators in India are the following: Vodafone – Idea, Bharti Airtel (which has Telenor and Tata DoCoMo), Reliance Jio and BSNL. We are going to analyze the first three and thus expand information on how to have Internet in India.

Vodafone India – Idea

Vodafone is one of India’s largest operators, offering 2G to 4G coverage. Its SIM cards range from 500 MB and upwards and last from one hour or one day to more than a month.


  • The price of their cards is economical.
  • They offer a variety of recharges in data packages.


  • Being a dual-branded company, you should be aware of which type of SIM card you want.
  • Some services are only valid for a few hours, not days, so keep this in mind when you require it.
Bring a data SIM to India to listen to your music online
If you want to create your playlist a data SIM in India can help you. Source: cottonbro on Pexels
Indian high school photography
Carry a data SIM to publish your photos. Source: Akshay Kumawat on

Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel is the leading telecommunications provider in India, offering coverage for Holafly Indian SIM cards and connection to 244 million subscribers, its data packages offer you from 100 MB and up.


  • Its data packages have a low cost.
  • You can check your data consumption by calling 1212#.


  • Remember that working with this operator with 2G, your data could operate with this coverage, which is not the best.

Reliance Jio

Although it is a good mobile operator, Reliance Jio’s Internet connection via SIM cards may not be entirely reliable in terms of consistency and quality.


  • Some data packages can last up to a whole year.
  • It is one of the operators with the highest number of customers gained (7 every second).


  • In some plans, you will be limited to a certain amount of data per day.
  • When you exceed the consumption stipulated by your data package, your speed will drop to 128 kbps.

Which data SIM card to buy for India?

There is no doubt that the best data SIM Card India is the one from Holafly, at a price of 47 € it is valid for 15 days of stay, with 6GB of mobile data at 4G speed and with the excellent coverage of Airtel. In addition, you can share Internet via wifi with your travel companions or your devices.

This SIM card also has these benefits:

  • Easy to use, just place the SIM, activate “data roaming” and you’re ready to go.
  • Keep your WhatsApp number, to stay connected with friends and family.
  • Help 24 hours a day in English and in different media, email, chat and WhatsApp.
  • Share your data with other devices, as it does in portable Wifi or pocket Wifi.
  • Totally free shipping, and you will receive your card within 72 business hours.

Frequently asked questions about Internet and data SIM card for India

How to get Internet in India?

To have Internet in India you can choose either SIM card or Pocket Wifi, Roaming or free WiFi. However the latter is not very easy to get and roaming has very high prices. The Pocket Wifi on the other hand is an additional device that can be annoying and very expensive to pay in case of damage or loss.

How much does roaming cost in India?

Roaming in India has costs that vary depending on the operator and the rates of each one of them. However, you can be charged separately for each small consumption which can raise the bill to thousands of euros, an eye of the face!

How to choose a data SIM card for Internet and phone in India?

Choose a service with good coverage, easy to use but above all with technical support in English. When it comes down to it, it is important to be able to count on the necessary help if it does not work for you. In addition, you should not be overcharged for each use of your card, which happens with roaming.

Where to buy a data-only SIM card?

A data SIM card can be found online at websites such as Holafly or in India upon arrival. Airports, specialized stores and so on. Keep in mind that language plays an important role when buying your SIM card in India.

How much does a SIM card for India cost?

From 47,00 euros and up you can find SIMs that are delivered to your door. This allows you to have a connection as soon as you land. Operators in India handle variable rates depending on the service, but do not forget your passport to buy it.

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