Unlimited data eSIM for Ireland: Compare, buy, and travel connected

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Meeting the European countries is surely one of the things most people want to do. Some of these countries have a feeling that just catches people when they first see it whether it is for its beauty or for the history behind it. Either way, people will want to meet these countries, and one we can mention is Ireland. But, there’s something you might need when you go there, an eSIM Ireland.

So far, so good, but there’s something that might catch your attention here. What exactly is an eSIM card? Well, these digital SIM cards will be your new travel companion, and so, if you haven’t used one yet, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it.

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Things you need to know about the eSIM Ireland

If you have used an eSIM in the past, chances are you know some of the things we’ll mention here. But, if you haven’t used one yet, there’s no need to worry, because you will learn everything you might need to know. So, what are those things everyone needs to know?

  • To buy an eSIM, people must have a valid email address as well as a physical address.
  • eSIM works well in last-gen devices, especially in iPhones, so keep in mind that old phones might not work with eSIMs, only with traditional SIM cards.
  • Users will need to have an internet connection when activating the eSIM, but that’s not so complicated if you have a SIM card or you are already in Ireland.

But, you don’t need to worry. If you think your cellphone won’t be able to work with an eSIM, you can still use the traditional SIM card we all know. For example, you have the SIM from Holafly, which offers two plans, 30 days for $39 with 8GB of mobile data, or 30 days for $50 with 12GB of mobile data.

eSIM mobile operators to travel to Ireland

This information is quite useful for people who are sure their phone works with eSIMs. There are lots of options in the market, but choosing one might not be as easy as someone might think. Still, we will simplify things so people can choose the eSIM Ireland that suits them most for their travel!

  • Holafly
  • Truphone
  • MobilityPass

Rates and data plans offered by eSIM mobile operators for Ireland

Something that people always look forward to knowing is the price they might need to pay for the services they will acquire. That’s why we couldn’t move on without mentioning the rates and data plans offered by the services we mentioned before. 

Holafly rates and data plans in Ireland

  • Unlimited data for 5 days at $19 USD.
  • 15 days of unlimited data at $47 USD.
  • Unlimited data for 30 days at $64 USD.

Truphone rates and data plans in Ireland

  • 5GB for 30 days at $19 USD.
  • 10GB for 30 days at $28 USD.

MobilityPass rates and data plans in Ireland

  • 1GB per day at $10 USD. Plus, $2 for activation.

Mobile operators comparative in Ireland

Mobile OperatorMobile DataDaysPriceSupportShopping channels
HolaflyUnlimited data5 – 9019 – 99 USDSpanish, English, German, FrenchWeb
Truphone5GB – 10GB3019 – 28 USDEnglish, French, GermanWeb, Play Store, App Store
MobilityPass1GB110 USD plus 2 USD for activationEnglishWeb
Table 1. Price and mobile data comparative of mobile operators offering eSIMs in Ireland

Characteristics of eSIMs to travel to Ireland

All services have their own characteristics. eSIMs are not the exception to the rule, and people should know that. If you choose an eSIM Ireland instead of other services, there are some things you should know about, so keep an eye on what we are about to tell you:

  • eSIMs can’t be used to make phone calls or to send text messages to people, but there are other apps people can use for these tasks, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and many others.
  • Once you install an eSIM, your mobile phone will immediately become a dual-SIM device. Your recently activated eSIM and the SIM card you own will work at the same time without any issue.
  • If you have an iPhone instead of an Android device, you can add more than one data plan to it, but remember to check the storage of your device.
  • Holafly eSIM cards allow users to have unlimited data during all their trips.
  • Some eSIMs are ready to use due to them configuring the APN automatically.

eSIM coverage to travel to Ireland

If you are ready to go to Ireland and meet the country you have been waiting to meet for so long, you will need to know some things before arriving there. That way, people will be able to truly enjoy their vacations there.

Yet, there’s something that might be an issue for some people. Is the coverage range of mobile operators good enough in Ireland? So, if you want to take an eSIM with you, this is something you need to keep in mind during the whole trip.

Gladly, we can tell that things won’t be too complicated for users. The reason is that, at least for now, only one company offers eSIM services in Ireland. So, if you are a Vodafone user, keep an eye on the map we’ll show you. There are two more companies working in Ireland as well, Three and eir Mobile, and we’ll show the coverage map for them too, even though they don’t offer eSIM to its citizens.

Vodafone coverage map

Coverage map of Vodafone with an eSIM in Ireland, source: NPERF

Three coverage map

Coverage map of Three with an eSIM in Ireland, source: NPERF

eir Mobile coverage map

Coverage map of eir Mobile with an eSIM in Ireland, source: NPERF

Local mobile operators with eSIMs in Ireland

We already mentioned this but is always good to keep all things cleared up. In case you are thinking about getting an eSIM with Vodafone, we need to tell you that is not as easy as it sounds.

The company only offers the service to people who are citizens of Ireland, so if you are going just for a few days, you might think about using a different company, such as Holafly, for example.

eSIM Ireland FAQ

In case you were thinking about some questions you have after reading all we just said, we will clear up other things here. So, pay attention to what we have to say here, as you might find a question you need to find an answer to.

Does international eSIM expire?

Actually, they do. When you are buying one, you will find different options for you to buy, such as how much you can use it, and how much mobile data it has.

What happens if my mobile data ends on my eSIM?

Something you need to keep in mind is some eSIMs will stop working when you consume the mobile data it offers.

Do I need a passport to buy an eSIM in Ireland?

Not necessarily. Some providers might change what they ask their clients, but most of them only require to have a valid physical address as well as a valid email address as they will send you the eSIM to your email.

Can I use eSIMs from different companies at the same time?

No, People can use only one eSIM at a time, but, if you have a Smartwatch, for example, you can introduce a different eSIM there.

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