Unlimited data eSIM for Hong Kong: compare, buy, and travel connected

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Honk Kong is characterized as one of the most modern destinations you can visit today. Besides, it’s a place full of traditions. So if it is your next travel destination, be sure to take an eSIM Hong Kong with you, an innovative and recent alternative to staying connected to the internet during your travels. 

This alternative will allow you to avoid the high roaming costs while traveling to another country. It will also allow you to stay connected to the best connections in the country. 

So if you are interested in learning more about this option, comparing prices, and where to buy it, you are in the right place. Read on to learn more about this eSIM and all it offers. 

What you should know about the eSIM card Hong Kong:

An eSIM is an innovative SIM card embedded in a mobile device and can connect you to any operator offering eSIM services, so it works digitally. If you are interested in purchasing one of these products for your trip to Hong Kong, then there are specific requirements that you should take into account before making your purchase: 

  • First, you should verify that your cell phone is compatible with eSIMs. For the most part, the latest generation cell phones tend to be eSIM compatible. We recommend checking with a carrier or online store if your cellphone is compatible with eSIM. 
  • You must also have an email address. After you make your purchase, you will receive a QR code in your email to activate the eSIM. 
  • To activate your eSIM, you must have a stable internet connection. You will have to download the eSIM and scan the QR code to activate it. 
  • Some providers or online stores will require you to install their cell phones app. 

If your mobile does not support eSIMs, then you can purchase a SIM card. So you can read our article SIM card Hong Kong to learn more about them.

Mobile eSIM card providers for traveling to Hong Kong 

If you have already read all the requirements, you’ll have to acquire an eSIM, and you are wondering where you can obtain one for Hong Kong. Then let us tell you that there are currently some international online stores where you can buy this type of service. You’ll find:  

  • Holafly
  • Wifimap 
  • Au by KDDI

Rates and data plans from eSIM providers for Hong Kong 

On the other hand, if your cell phone is not eSIM compatible, and you still want a way to stay connected to the internet, purchasing a SIM card for Hong Kong could also be a good alternative. 

Holafly plans and prices in Hong Kong:

  • Unlimited data for 20 days at 54 USD
  • Unlimited data for 30 days at 64 USD

Wifimap plans and tariffs in Hong Kong:

  • 1GB for 30 days at 25USD

Au by KDDI plans and rates for Hong Kong:

  • 5GB for 30 days at 45USD
  • 8GB for 30 days at 70USD

Comparison of eSIM providers for Hong Kong 

SupplierDataDays Price Support LanguageSales Channel
HolaflyUnlimited data20-3054- 64USDSpanish, English, German, and FrenchWeb
Wifimap1GB3025USDEnglishApp Store, Google Play
Au by KDDI5GB3045USDEnglish and PortugueseApp Store, Google Play
Au by KDDI8GB3070USDEnglish and PortugueseApp Store, Google Play
Table 1. Comparison of eSIM providers to connect to the Internet in Hong Kong.

Characteristics of eSIM cards for traveling to Hong Kong 

In addition to the requirements you need for acquiring an eSIM and the costs you will have when you buy one of them, it is important that you know the characteristics of the eSIM for Hong Kong

That way, you will know much more about it, differentiate it from the traditional physical SIM card, and know if this is your best option to have an internet connection on your trip. So you need to know the following about eSIMs: 

  • Most eSIMs only offer mobile data services. So you will most likely not be able to make calls or send text messages. However, you will be able to use Apps like Skype or WhatsApp.
  • Some eSIMs set up the APN automatically.
  • With some eSIMs, you will be able to have unlimited data, like Holafly eSIMs. 
  • When installing your eSIM, you should know that you can only do it once. So if you have problems with it, do not delete it from your cell phone. 
  • Your cell phone will become a dual SIM. So you will be able to use your local SIM during your trip to Hong Kong. 
  • You can add multiple data plans to your cellphone, depending on available memory, although only one can be used at a time. 

eSIM coverage for traveling to Hong Kong 

Another essential aspect you should know before purchasing an eSIM for Hong Kong from any online store is the coverage of the operator you will be connected to. It is essential because if you connect to a network with a poor range in Hong Kong, you might not have excellent internet connectivity. 

So if you want to be connected to the best internet networks while traveling, we recommend you always verify that the eSIM you will purchase is connected to one of the most known operators in the country. 

Among the leading operators in Hong Kong, you can find China Mobile, Three HK, and CSL. 

China Mobile 4G coverage map in Hong Kong 

China Mobiles coverage map in Hong Kong Source: GSMA

Three HKG 4G network coverage in Hong Kong 

Three HK coverage map in Hong Kong Source: GSMA

CSL 4G coverage map in Hong Kong 

CSL coverage map in Hong Kong Source: GSMA

Local mobile operators offering eSIMs in Hong Kong 

Finally, in Hong Kong, some local operators offer their eSIM for local residents and travelers. So, in case you have not purchased an eSIM with the above-mentioned online stores, you can get this type of service with one of the following. However, some of them may require specific contract clauses to make use of their services: 

  • CSL 
  • Three HK
  • China Mobile 

Frequently asked questions about eSIM in Hong Kong 

We answer the most common questions you may have before purchasing your eSIM to travel to Hong Kong.

How do I activate the eSIM for Hong Kong?

After installing the virtual SIM profile, you must choose it as your default mobile data medium, turn on data, and roam and your virtual SIM should be working.

When does my data plan start?

Your plan starts the moment you activate your eSIM by scanning the QR code on your smartphone

Do international prepaid eSIM cards have an expiration date?

Like physical cards, virtual SIM cards also have an expiry date.

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