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One of the unforgettable things to pack on your trip to the capital of Switzerland, is the eSIM for Bern. Specifically, with this card, you can look up routes, discover tourist hot spots and events of the day, know which are the best accommodations in the town, and much more! Also, the best thing is that you don’t have to worry about looking for an internet signal to connect to.

In Bern, you can enjoy beautiful medieval architecture in the Old City which is in an excellent preserved state and that has been a World Heritage Site since 1983. You can also visit the Swiss Parliament, the Federal Palace with its great Renaissance Revival style, the French church, and the famous medieval tower dating from the 13th century, for which you will need to look up online for more information, such as location and schedules open to tourists, which you can easily do if you have a travel eSIM for Switzerland with unlimited data.

For this reason, in today’s post we want you to get to know all the details of the eSIM for Bern: providers, rates and available plans, local coverage, cellular operators, and many more details related to this chip for travelers. Moreover, all this information is available in English, in case you’re not good at German and need to know more about the prepaid eSIM for Switzerland.


eSIM card for Bern: What is it and how does it work?

In the first place, we’re going to define what an eSIM is because we want you to know exactly what this type of card is and how it works. So, the eSIM is nothing more than an evolution of the traditional physical chip, which means that is a virtual card that you can install in your cell phone, and thus transforms your phone into a dual SIM device. So, below you’ll some details of how this eSIM works:

  • Firstly, the eSIM allows you to have several eSIM profiles installed on the same phone. So, it’s like your cellphone became a multi-SIM device.
  • Secondly, your SIM card remains active as if nothing had happened, so you don’t have to change it or remove it from your cellphone.
  • Thirdly, the waiting time for the chip is over because the eSIM arrives on the email you register at the time of purchase, in a matter of minutes! Basically, you just need to activate the eSIM, and voilà, you will have it available.
  • Finally, you no longer need to think about paying for roaming because with the eSIM, you get a special data plan to use in Bern.

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Cellular providers of eSIM cards to travel to Bern

Also, you should know the most important cellular providers of eSIM cards to travel to Bern. While it’s true that you’re going to get many offers on the web, the ones that we mention here are the best and are based on their price and excelent cellular connection quality.

  • Holafly
  • yeSIM
  • Truphone

Prices and data plans of eSIM providers to travel to Bern

Similarly, the next point that we’re going to deal with in this post is related to the rates and plans of eSIM providers for Bern. As you can see in the information that follows, the price varies according to the amount of data, as well as the days that the eSIM is good for.

Holafly plans and rates for Bern with unlimited data

  • 5 days for $19.41 USD
  • 15 days for $48.00
  • 20 days for $58.22
  • 30 days for $70.47
  • 60 days for $88.85

Prices and data plans of yeSIM for Bern

  • 500 MB / 7 days for $3.06
  • 1 GB / 14 days for $4.60
  • 3 GB / 14 days for $14.30
  • 5 GB / 28 days for $19.41

Truphone plans and rates for Bern

  • 1 GB / 1 day for $5.11
  • 2 GB / 30 days for $9.19
  • 5 GB / 30 days for $14.30
  • 10 GB / 30 days for $20.43
  • 20 GB / 30 days for $28.60

Comparison of eSIM providers for Bern

ProviderDataDaysPrice (USD)Sales channels
HolaflyUnlimited data30 days$65.36Web
yeSIM5 GB28 days$19.30Web
Truphone2 GB30 days$9.19Web, Play Store, App Store
Truphone5 GB30 days$14.22Web, Play Store, App Store
Truphone10 GB30 days$20.43Web, Play Store, App Store
Truphone20 GB30 days$28.60Web, Play Store, App Store
Comparison table of eSIM providers for Bern

Features of eSIMs for Bern

Likewise, we’re convinced that information is power, so right now we’re going to introduce you to some of the most outstanding features of the eSIM for Bern. With this information, you will surely know how to make the most of your travel eSIM.

  • Before you buy anything, check with your provider which cellphones are compatible with the eSIM, in this way, you can be sure that your cell phone is.
  • You can use the eSIM to make the most of the data in the destination and, at the same time, keep the settings of your SIM card for calls and WhatsApp as if you were at home!
  • You contribute to the reduction of CO2 because you do your part so that less plastic is used, and the environment is preserved.
  • In fact, you can set up the eSIM by yourself, without asking for help. In any case, along with the card, your provider will send you instructions for use.

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Coverage of eSIMs for Bern

Going down the same line, we’re going to talk about the coverage of the eSIM for Bern. We know that this information is essential for you because you’ll know what the network to which you will be connected on the trip is like. Even so, we recommend that you check with your provider which is the local operator that has a coverage agreement. In short, you can verify this information in the eSIM coverage map for Bern that we show you below.

Salt Mobile coverage map for Bern

Salt Mobile coverage map for Bern. Source: nperf

Sunrise Mobile coverage map for Bern

Sunrise Mobile coverage map for Bern. Source: nperf

Swisscom Mobile coverage map for Bern

Swisscom Mobile coverage map for Bern. Source: nperf

Local cellular operators offering eSIM for Bern

All in all, we’re going to end this post with information about the local cellular operators offering eSIM for Bern. Certainly, you should know that to buy plans from local operators you have to meet some requirements that only residents comply with. So, the choice is to find an eSIM provider that has an agreement to connect to the network of the most important operators in Bern, such as:

  • Salt Mobile
  • Sunrise Mobile
  • Swisscom Mobile

FAQ about eSIM for Bern

Can I have several eSIM profiles on the same cell phone?

Yes. You can have several eSIM cards in the same cellphone, even from several providers. But keep in mind that you can use one at a time.

What happens if the eSIM card expires?

It will remain unused. That is, once the eSIM expires, you will no longer have an internet connection, and it will no longer be able to be used. So, if you need cellular data for a longer period, you need to buy a new eSIM.

What network does the eSIM for Bern connect to?

The Holafly eSIM for Bern connects to the networks of Salt and Swisscom. As can be seen, these are the most important operators in the city and throughout the country.

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