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Who hasn’t dreamed about traveling through Europe and visiting wonderful countries? For example, Belgium is a place that is worth visiting for many of us. There’s no doubt, Belgium has beautiful architecture and the weather is lovely for most time of the year.

It does sound like something amazing. No one can deny that, and it is why Belgium receives so many tourists year after year. But what about communications options while being there? Are they good, or will people be disconnected in Belgium? That’s something we will talk about right now, the eSIM Belgium.



Things you need to know about the eSIM Belgium

For those wondering if they can use an eSIM in Belgium, the answer is yes. There’s no need to worry about the service not being available there. So, if you are planning to get an eSIM Belgium, you can go for it. But, what should people know about the service we’re talking about today?

  • An internet connection is required for people to activate the eSIM Belgium they bought.
  • eSIMs only work in last-gen devices, or devices that support eSIMs, so keep that in mind when buying one.
  • People must have a valid physical address as well as a valid email address to complete the eSIM purchase.

Once these previous requirements are complete and out of the way, we can tell people they are ready to buy an eSIM. However, the thing is, where can people get one? There are many alternatives out there, definitely, but the one we like most is Holafly. These eSIM cards can be found for the price of 27 to 49 USD through their online store.

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eSIM cellular operators to travel to Belgium

Time to talk about the eSIM carriers we can find when traveling to Belgium. We already mentioned one before, but there are a few more. This is something relatively good as people can rely on them when traveling around the world, not only in Belgium.

But, which one are these operators we are talking about? Let’s see the options we have.

  • Holafly
  • Truphone
  • MobilityPass

Rates and data plans offered by eSIM cellular operators for Belgium

We just mentioned the cellular operators offering the eSIM service for people who want to go to Belgium. But, there’s something missing here that many people ask themselves. What about the rates and what do they offer? Let’s talk about the options here.

Holafly rates and data plans in Belgium

  • 3 GB for 7 days for $27.
  • 5 GB for 15 days for $34.
  • 8 GB for 20 days for $44.
  • 10 GB for 30 days for $49.

Truphone rates and data plans in Belgium

  • 2 GB for 30 days for $11. 
  • 10 GB for 30 days for $24.

MobilityPass rates and data plans in Belgium

  • 1 GB for $10, no limit on days.

Cellular operators comparative in Belgium

OperatorDataDaysPriceSupportShopping channels
Holafly3GB – 5GB – 8GB – 10GB7 – 15 – 20 – 30$27 to $49 USDSpanish, English, German and FrenchWeb
Truphone2GB – 10GB30$11 to $24 USDEnglish, French, GermanWeb, Play Store, App Store
MobilityPassAs much as neededAs many as needed$0.95 USD per consumed MBEnglishWeb
Table 1. Price and cellular data comparative of cellular operators offering eSIMs in Belgium

Characteristics of eSIMs to travel to Belgium

Now that we have talked about which cellular operators are offering this service to travelers, it’s time to talk about the characteristics people must consider. Just like it happens with any other service people pay for, we have to pay attention to some aspects while using an eSIM.

  • eSIMs tend to configure the APN automatically in some cases.
  • eSIMs can’t be topped up once people have consumed their cellular data.
  • All the eSIMs will work alongside normal SIM cards without any kind of interference.
  • People won’t have access to a phone number while using an eSIM as they will use their SIM card’s phone number

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eSIM coverage to travel to Belgium

Thankfully, in Belgium, there are numerous companies that can provide people with the proper coverage when using an eSIM. Therefore, people won’t have a hard time trying to use an eSIM once they get there.

But, which are these cellular operators we are talking about? We might know about the cellular operators near us, in our country, but it is quite weird that people know which are the ones used in Belgium.

In case you are wondering which one are these, we will provide a small list, so you can know which are your options when traveling there.

  • BASE
  • Orange Mobile
  • Proximus

BASE coverage map

Coverage map of BASE with an eSIM in Belgium
Coverage map of BASE with an eSIM in Belgium, source: NPERF

Orange coverage map

Coverage map of Orange Mobile with an eSIM in Belgium
Coverage map of Orange Mobile with an eSIM in Belgium, source: NPERF

Proximus coverage map

Coverage map of Proximus with an eSIM in Belgium
Coverage map of Proximus with an eSIM in Belgium, source: NPERF

Local cellular operators with eSIMs in Belgium

For people wondering if they can use an eSIM from a local cellular operator in Belgium, the short answer is yes because as a matter of fact, it is not impossible for people to use this service, but it is kind of complicated to access it, to be honest.

Why do we say that? Because most of the local cellular operators are offering the service only to people who are Belgian citizens or residents. So, in case you want to use an eSIM from any of these companies, you will surely have to spend some time in Belgium.

eSIM Belgium FAQ

Up to this point, we have talked about different things that might be interesting for people. Using an eSIM in Belgium is not as simple as going to the store to buying it, and that’s why we talked about different options here. But, in case you have some extra doubts, pay attention to the following Q&As.

How can I activate the eSIM for Belgium?

It will mostly depend on the device you have. The process is not the same in Android and Apple devices, but overall, people would need a stable internet connection, the QR code from the eSIM, and keep their roaming service on.

Which cellphones are compatible with the eSIM Belgium?

This is something we mentioned before. But, we didn’t mention all the cellphone they can use when trying to use an eSIM. So, here you have the list of cellphones capable of using an eSIM nowadays.
Also, something you need to keep in mind is the cellphone you are taking with you should not have any problem with the cellular networks of Belgium because if they do, you might want to think about renting a phone for a while. Here’s the list you need to keep close when buying an eSIM: iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+, Samsung Galaxy S20+ Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21+, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Huawei P40, Huawei P40 Pro, Google Pixel 3a, Google Pixel 3a XL, Google Pixel 4, Google Pixel 4a, and Google Pixel 4a XL.

What happens if my cellular data runs out on my eSIM?

Well, people won’t be able to use their eSIM anymore. These cards are not designed to be topped up and therefore, people would have to buy a new one. 

Does international eSIM expire?

Yes. Most eSIMs sold for traveling purposes have an expiring date. Therefore, people can only use it for the amount of time stated in the plan or contract. 

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