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Dent Wireless is a company with a mission to tokenise, liberate and democratise one of the most important products of this time: Dent Wireless eSIM mobile data and bandwidth. They have developed products for travellers, tourists, international business agents and companies that allow them to stay connected to the internet. These are eSIM data plans, vos, a data sharing marketplace or dent team, among others through mobile apps and a marketplace that uses Blockchain technology for buying and selling mobile data packages, which can be direct products from telecommunication companies, or coming from users selling unused mobile data packages to each other.

This article focuses on describing and explaining the Dent Wireless brand, the characteristics and definitions of the product line and services, the mobile application, the opinions of its users, its internal and external communication channels and the general benefits to all its users. You will be able to see coverage details on each of their products, requirements to access their products and how to install them.

We will also mention corporate aspects of the company, where it is located, how it came about, who are the responsible agents etc, join us to see what eSIM Dent mobile data is all about and much more.

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The Dent Wireless brand, products and services

In this section we will talk about eSIM, the organisation’s flagship product along with the data plans they sell for roaming, Dent voice the international calling service and Dent team, the data packages to share at destination and how you can become a member of the mobile data marketplace on the Dent wireless exchange.

Mobile Data eSIM Dent Wireless

Dent’s eSIM card is able to connect travellers, business agents, tourists and companies abroad avoiding extra roaming fees. It works in 80 countries, on five continents, and we will show you its main advantages.

What are the advantages of the Dent eSIM?

The advantages you can take advantage of are as follows:

  • Internet connection in 80 countries worldwide. 
  • 365 days of validity.
  • You can keep your current mobile number and receive calls.
  • No SIM card changes
  • Diversity of plans: 1GB, 3GB, or 10 GB

Features of the Dent Wireless eSIM and the mobile data it offers

eSIM Dent operative featureDescription
AccessibilityAvailable from Dent Wireless app
Top UpBuy and sell assets from the Dent Wireless App
Installation guideFollow the installation instructions sent you by email once you purchase. The installation process is automatic, in case you doubt check step-to-step guide installation below
eSIM profilesYou can install more of 12 eSIM profiles but then you can use one eSIM profile at the time
CompatibilityCheck out the devices compatibility in this article
HotspotWith eSIM Dent Wireless it is possible to share data between devices
Operational features for your trip with eSIM Dent

Dent eSIM installation process

Time needed: 15 minutes.

The installation process of your eSIM Dent varies between devices and operating systems. Let’s show you what steps you need to follow to install eSIM on your device without errors.

  1. Download the Application

    Download the eSIM Dent mobile application from the respective shops: Apple store for IOS (iPhones and iPads) Google play store for (Android).

  2. Purchase a data plan

    Select a data plan from your mobile application, select the destination of your choice from the main menu options.

  3. Install the eSIM Dent Profile

    The eSIM Dent profile will be downloaded automatically once you have purchased the data plan.

  4. Configure the activation

    For the last phase you only need to turn on roaming: Settings-Connections-Mobile Networks-Click the switch to activate or deactivate “Data Roaming.

  5. Get online

    Enjoy your data connection eSIM Dent

Reviews Dent Wireless eSIM

Although most of the opinions about this application are positive, there are also users who have had a bad experience. This has mainly been caused by not seeing the money reflected in their accounts. Here are some people’s opinions:

Positive feedback

Before, I used to dial a three-digit number, listen to an automated voice and wait for the payment to be processed to buy data. Now I can do it with just a few clicks in the dent app and go further, buy and send data to my employees and family members.

Dr. Shurie on App Store

I used to dial a three-digit number, listen to an automated voice and wait for the payment to be processed to buy data. Now I can do it with just a few clicks in the dent app and go further, buy and send data to my employees and family members.

SteveUK1980 on App Store.

Good app to buy data packages

Antonio Pesas on Google Play Store

Negative feedback

  • Customer service is poor and they have suspended my account. They have taken my money and won’t tell me why or refused.
  • I had to go to paypaljacksmeth on the App Store. I love the idea, but it’s not quite ready yet. I love the principle of this app. For me, being able to sell my unused data for Dent tokens to someone in another part of the world who needs some is great. I can also see the advantage of buying some abroad instead of paying high data roaming charges.
  • However, that said, the app just doesn’t work for me at the moment. I can only seem to be able to buy data within the US AND Mexico (perhaps this is because my operator hasn’t signed up for the service or it’s not yet supported in the UK and so my UX might be different if I lived in one of those countries) and I can only buy data from an existing contact in my address book. I also can’t sell anything which would be my main goal with this app as I generally have between 10 and 15 GB of my data allowance unused each month.
  • I used it once and all goods made a purchase and paid for it. All good. I bought a bundle and sold it. All good !!!!!!! Until I made a $4 purchase and the balance didn’t show up. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and now I do not enter my profile. I already reported to the mail. I asked for a refund and nothing!!!! Solveme because there is a package that suits me!!!!!!!José Sánchez on Google Play Store.

What to remember during the Dent eSIM installation process

Before you start installing your eSIM profile or installing it on your device, it is important that you take into account the following recommendations:

  • Your phone will need to be connected to the internet on a WiFi network.
  • On an Android device the installation can be done automatically in the application.
  • With an iOS device, you will receive an email with a unique QR code, which you will need to scan with your phone’s camera to start the setup process.
  • You can also enter the eSIM profile details manually. Don’t forget to enable roaming to connect to Dent’s mobile network.

Mobile phones and devices compatible with Dent Wireless eSIM

One of the best things to keep in mind when buying eSIM with any brand is to check key points such as: the destination you are going to, if there is coverage there, the prices of the product and also the features of your phone or device, which should be compatible with eSIM. Only the following phones are compatible with eSIM:

mobile devices compatibles dent
Review if your device is compatible with eSIM Dent above.

Dent eSIM compatible iOS phones

  • Apple iPhone SE (2020)
  • Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Mini
  • Apple iPhone XR
  • Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

*NOTE: “eSIM on iPhone is not offered in Mainland China. In Hong Kong and Macau, only iPhone SE (2nd generation) and iPhone XS are available with eSIM” (

Google phones with Dent eSIM support

  • Google Pixel 3 XL
  • Google Pixel 3a y Pixel 3a XL
  • Google Pixel 4 y Pixel 4XL

Samsung devices compatible with eSIM Dent

  • Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Dent Wireless eSIM compatible devices from other brands

  • Huawei P 40
  • Huawei P40 Pro
  • Motorola Razr (2019)
  • Nuu Mobile X5
  • Rakuten Mini

Tablets and notebooks compatible with the eSIM Dent

  • Acer Swift 7
  • Apple iPad Pro 11 inch and iPad Pro 12,9 inch (3. Gen.)
  • Apple iPad Air (3. Gen.)
  • Apple iPad (7. Gen.)
  • Apple iPad mini (5. Gen.)
  • Asus Transformer Mini
  • HP Spectre Folio
  • Lenovo Yoga 5G
  • Microsoft’s Surface Pro X
  • Samsung Galaxy Book S

Dent Wireless Voice

Dent’s voice call service allows you to make voice calls to your family and friends from anywhere in the world.

Here are some technical recommendations for Dent voice.

  • Calls are to mobile numbers, landlines and customer service numbers.
  • When you call people, they can see your name and phone number.
  • No subscription or monthly fee is required.
  • Pay as you use the service.

Dent Wireless Teams

Dent team is dent’s specialized function for sharing data between multiple eSIM compatible devices. Here we’ll explain how to do it and under what conditions.

How can I use Dent Teams?

The first thing you need to do is download the Dent app from the Apple store or Google Play store, then purchase a Global data plan. Log into Dent Teams with an existing account, add your team or their compatible devices such as iPads and start sharing data.

What are the benefits of this option?

The main advantage is the savings on roaming charges, and the convenience with which you can manage your products and services. If you plan to travel with your family you have in hand the function you need, a family can share mobile data with their children to monitor their internet usage. On the other hand, if you are travelling with friends, your flatmates for example can share a volume of data at convenient prices.

Please note:
Multi-device support makes data sharing possible, you can check and make sure your devices are eSIM compatible.

Dent Exchange (mobile data currency market)

Dent has virtualized the world of mobile data, driven by blockchain.
Assets such as mobile data are the new commodity, similar to electricity, oil and other commodities. Dent has virtualized these mobile assets and made them tradable on a global marketplace – The Dent Exchange.

Dent Tokens

Dent Tokens are the universal currency for buying and selling mobile data. Through these e-currencies you can buy data from the world’s largest carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon, Movistar, Telcel and more.
The DENT token is the central vehicle for transferring value across the entire ecosystem and is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. DENT tokens are used in all marketplace transactions. you can learn more at the following web link.

Dent tokens are used in all marketplace transactions
Dent tokens are used in all marketplace transactions

Dent’s mobile application

Dent eSIM mobile data and other services are managed from the Dent app, which is available from the IOS and Android shops. It currently has 25 million registered users, where you can purchase eSIM data plans, manage your account, add data plans from abroad and purchase services such as Dent Voice. It is completely free to download.

Manage eSIM Dent mobile data and all services from within the application.
( DENT: eSIM data Plans and data top-up for all phones )

What are the functions of the Dent application?

Top-up Dent

There are functions that allows you to send credit to other users or top up your own prepaid card with approximately 200 operators globally. The function shows you the offers available depending on the operator or recipient.

Dent Market

The Dent Marketplace now allows you to buy and sell mobile data and credit packages with its Dent Android application. See more information here.


Afterburn is an exclusive benefit for members, as a Dent Afterburner member you are entitled to operate the Dent app and the Dent exchange. Some benefits are free Dent Voice minutes or a discount on your exchange rate, they are available instantly.

Dent Earn

The Dent Earn feature, available on the Dent app for Android, allows you to earn free Dents to spend on your top-ups, voice minutes or data plans. Learn more about the feature here.

ETHScanr: Manage and track any Ethereum address

Get real-time information on actual token sales and monitor your own addresses and follow other crypto investors. The function is available for both iOS and Android.

Co-founder Team Dent Wireless

Tero Katajainen dent wireless
Tero Katajainen
Mikko Linnamäki dent wireless
Mikko Linnamäki
Andreas Vollmer dent wireless
Andreas Vollmer


Tero Katajainen the CEO and founder of Dent Wireless is originally from Finland and has co-founded several internet companies in his 20-year career. He holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tampere, Finland. His in-depth knowledge of complicated trading systems is a great asset for DENT. Tero was also one of the first developers to implement direct payment systems from mobile operators to consumer applications. As a specialist in large transactional systems, Tero is the brains behind the technology at Dent.


Mikko Linnamäki is an Internet pioneer and serial entrepreneur with a track record of founding successful internet companies since 1994. Mikko, from Finland, is co-founder of DOVECOT Oy, the company behind DOVECOT, the world’s most popular IMAP server, with a global market share of 72% and more than 4 million installations.


Andreas Vollmer is the team’s mobile specialist with 12 years of experience in mobile application development, from Symbian in 2005 to iOS and Android today. Andreas is co-founder of the leading German mobile app development company TD Software, which develops apps for companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Deutsche Post and GLS, among others.

Dent Wireless begining

Dent Wireless LTD, based in Hong Kong, was founded in 2014 when Tero Katajainen decided to develop an automated forex market system with built-in risk management functions. Based on his ideas and experience, he developed the Dent marketplace to enable the tokenisation of Telco assets and the buying and selling of mobile data packages, voice minutes and more.

In 2017, the other founders joined Tero in the venture and built a team to develop and bring Dent’s products and services to the world.

Social media Dent Wireless

Take a look at Dent’s social media to learn more:

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