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The future of the mobile phone industry is the eSIM card.  Its arrival to the market has been rather slow, but that doesn´t mean this has been a problem. Users are demanding more of this new technology every day and the phone companies know this. 

Orange began the eSIM hype in 2018, and now other companies have thus begun to implement it as well. The main objective? Offer users a substitute for the traditional SIM cards or bring forward a multi-device card. 

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What is eSIM?

Let’s begin by explaining the name. It doesn’t stand for “electronic sim” as one might think, it means “embedded” sim. Why? Because it’s directly integrated into your device from the moment you buy it. This is your: smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, laptop, etc.

The eSIM card or Virtual SIM is a real technological revolution that has arrived to replace the mostly used SIM cards. Its size is smaller than usual, exactly 90% smaller than a nano-SIM. With this great difference, manufacturers have decided to incorporate it directly on devices. 

On one hand, we have the integrated part “Hardware” as we already mentioned, and on the other hand, we have the “Software”, which will allow you to use your eSIM with Yoigo. To use it, you just have to download Yoigo’s software to connect to their network. 

What are the eSIM benefits?

First of all, we have one of the biggest benefits that people have been asking for: whenever you wish to change telephone company providers, the process will be much easier. 

Evidently, its main purpose is the wide benefits you will receive while traveling abroad, but this doesn’t mean that this is the only advantage. You will also be able to connect various devices to the same network with one Yoigo eSIM card. 

With the design, we can also see some benefits. There are obvious benefits in this case, as there is an important part of the device which we will be able to use for other things like for example the SIM opening. This will bring forward new designs in the future.

When will eSIM arrive to Yoigo?

Even though Yoigo wasn’t one of the first companies to offer this new technology, it actually has the service. Not all of your devices will be able to use this new technology, but in Yoigo they want to make it clear that those devices which are compatible, can use this new technology. Just contact them!

You can request service in any of the traditional ways: web, store, calling, etc. Once you make the petition, Yoigo will send an email to activate your eSIM card with a QR code, PIN, and PUK.

Yoigo eSIM compatible devices

Right now, the compatible devices with Yoigo eSIM are only Apple. This is iPhone XR, XS, XS MAX. You also need to know that the operating system has to be iOS 12.1 or newer.

How to activate your Yoigo eSIM card

As we said before, Yoigo will send you an email with all the necessary information to activate your eSIM. This is your QR code, your PIN, and your PUK.

The way to use this service will be rather different than the usual. The first difference is with the QR code because you have to bring the code close to the phone’s camera so it can scan it correctly. 

In Yoigo they explain that to activate your eSIM card it is necessary to have another device so you can correctly scan your QR code. You can also print it.

Your iPhone has to be connected to a WIFI network during the configuration so there are no problems during the process. Here at Roami, we explain the easy steps for you to activate your Yoigo eSIM card:

  • Step 1: Go to settings, mobile data, add mobile data plan.
  • Step 2: Scan the QR code Yoigo gave you. There is also a manual option, pressing the link that will appear in your screen in the case of any problems. 
  • Step 3: After scanning the QR code correctly, confirm the activation process entering the PIN number Yoigo gave you.
  • Step 4: Lastly, you only have to accept the terms and conditions on your screen and your Yoigo eSIM card will be correctly installed. 

A piece of advice: If your eSIM card will substitute your regular SIM card, we recommend you remove it so everything works smoothly. If you want to configure a second line, then you have to configure the Dual SIM. Just ask Yoigo about this feature. 

Yoigo eSIM: prices and conditions

For those clients that have an iPhone XR, XS, or XS MAX, (with iOS 12.1 or further), the eSIM will be available for free in Yoigo. This way, with other servers like Pepephone, they offer the substitution of the SIM for the eSIM.

Other servers like Movistar, Orange, or Vodafone prefer that their user have a multi-device associated with a monthly charge. Evidently, the users will be the judges of that as they will choose the one they benefit from the most. 

Alternatives to a Yoigo eSIM card

If you are thinking of traveling abroad, an eSIM card will be of great use as you will save a lot of money instead of using roaming, for example. But, what if you can’t use the eSIM service?

In Roami we have found the best alternative for you! When traveling, you might want to consider the Holafly SIM card. Some companies will charge at least 12€ per MB used with roaming. Why pay so much for the same service?

Depending on the country you visit and the time you will be there, you might want to consider one or another card. The best thing you can do is to compare the conditions and prices and see if it all adds up. Just so you have an idea, we have prepared a table with some of the 5 most visited countries so you see what we are talking about:

CountryTariff 1Tariff 2Tariff 3Tariff 4Tariff 5Tariff 6Tariff 7Tariff 8
EE.UU5 days, unlimited data 29€7 days, unlimited data 34€10 days, unlimited data 39€15 days, unlimited data 49€20 days, unlimited data 59€30 days, unlimited data 87€60 days, unlimited data 169€90 days, unlimited data 239€
Thailand8 days, 3 GB 17€12 days, 4 GB 26€

Canada5 days, unlimited data 29€7 days, unlimited data 34€10 days, unlimited data 39€15days, unlimited data 49€20 days, unlimited data 59€30 days, unlimited data 87€60 days, unlimited data 169€90 days, unlimited data 239€
China7 days, 2 GB 27€15 days, 2 GB 29€30 days 3 GB 36€

Mexico5 days, unlimited data 29€7 days, unlimited data 34€10 days, unlimited data = 39€15 days, unlimited data 49€20 days, unlimited data 59€30 days, unlimited data 87€60 days, unlimited data 169€90 days, unlimited data 239€

As you can see, depending on the time you are abroad, it’s better to use one or another Holafly SIM card. The service is easy, you have 24-hour customer service and the card is shipped for free. In Roami we have had only positive feedback. Help us spread the word!

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