Alternatives to SkyRoam: 5 options to choose from

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It is always good to know a little bit more about the other alternatives you have available because even though SkyRoam is a great option, not everyone shares that same opinion.

So, in this article, we are going to tell you about other alternatives, in case you are not convinced by the services SkyRoam offers. You will read about Holafly, Knowroaming, Flexiroam, Tep, GigSky, and Keepgo.

At the end of this article, you will see a comparison chart, and we are going to give you our recommendations. Let’s begin!

SkyRoam eSIM card: how is it?

Before learning about other alternatives, you should know more about the eSIM card of this company. The SkyRoam eSIM works as a hotspot provider. This means that you can connect more than just one device at the same time without affecting the network’s quality.

As a user, you can choose at least three options for the use of cellular data. But the data plans must be paid daily or monthly, depending on the plan you choose. If you don’t pay, you will run out of data.

It is worth it because the coverage and network stability of this company are very good!

SkyRoam eSIM card: other alternatives

Let’s read a little about eSIM alternatives. The other alternatives you have available, are the following ones: Holafly, Knowroamin, Flixiroam, Tep, Gigsky, and Keepgo, each of them has different benefits that might be of your interest.

Holafly eSIM card: a great option

Holafly is one of the best virtual stores to get an eSIM, they also offer traditional SIM cards. You can get an international eSIM card and be connected everywhere, anytime!

In the virtual store you can pick the destination, the amount of data, the number of days, and also contact the 24-hour service and support. You will receive this virtual SIM card in your email in just a few seconds, and you can share your cellular data with other devices.

To get this eSIM card, all you have to do is to enter the online store and make the purchase process. Once you do that, you will receive, on your email, the QR code for the activation of the eSIM.

Knowroaming eSIM card

The eSIM card of this company lets you remain connected all the time in at least 200 countries, to the 4G LTE network. Also, it lets you keep the same number because you don’t have to take out your domestic provider’s SIM card.

To buy the eSIM card from this company, you have to enter the website, pick the destination, the data plan you want, and the number of days. Then, you fill out the form with your personal information and that it!

Just like Holafly, with Knowroaming you don’t have to sign any contract. There are no minimum clauses, and the compatibility is bigger.

Flexiroam: another alternative

The third option is Flexiroam, a cellular app/virtual store that offers an international eSIM card. You can use this eSIM card in different countries and regions of the world, using the data plan you pick, which goes from 500 MB to 7 GB.

To buy and use this eSIM card, you will have to create an account on the platform and keep the cellular app installed on your cellphone.

This means that you will be able to manage the eSIM through the cellular app. The price of this virtual SIM card may vary, depending on the destination you pick.

Tep eSIM card: similar to SkyRoam

Tep is an option that is not very different from SkyRoam. This company does not offer a traditional eSIM card, but a cellular Wifi device, very small and comfortable for you to carry in your pocket.

This cellular Hotspot offers an unlimited connection in any destination. You don’t have to configure it, since it starts working when you turn it on. Why? Because it connects to the networks of the cellular operators of each country. You can also choose a prepaid plan or pay for days or months of use.

GigSky virtual SIM card

GigSky is another alternative. You can get the eSIM of this company through the cellular app or the virtual store. There you can pick any of 170 destinations, and data plans that go from USD 8 or another one with more advantages at the price of USD 80.

You can buy this eSIM card with the data plan you need, and the best part is that you won’t have to worry if you have a problem because this company offers 24-hour customer service and support.

Keepgo: our last option

The last option we are going to show you is Keepgo. This company sells eSIM cards, and also it offers data plans that you can buy either together or separately. However, this company is not very big, so it only has coverage in 60 countries.

But, wait. It does not mean that it doesn’t have advantages. The Keepgo eSIM card can be topped up whenever you need it, it does not expire, and you can download it from the website, without having to pay extra.

SkyRoam eSIM alternatives: a comparison

Now that you know the general aspects of these companies, you can have a look at the following table, in which you will find a comparison between the alternatives we just showed you.

CompanyMobile AppQR codeShare your dataService and support

Our recommendation

Before you go, you should read what, we think, is the best option you have. We are talking about Holafly. This company offers great advantages in cellular data, 24-hour service, and support, here you don’t have to set up an account or download a cellular app.

To get the eSIM card of this company you only have to enter the Holafly virtual store, follow some steps, and that’s it. You will receive the QR code in your email in just a few minutes! We recommend you print it or save it on your computer because you will have to scan it with your cellphone.

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