Best SIM Card for Puerto Rico: Which one to buy?

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Ready to travel to Puerto Rico and don’t know which SIM card to choose? To share photos on social networks and keep in touch with your family, you need Internet connection without paying Roaming. That’s why we’ll help you find the best Puerto Rico SIM card.

The “Island of Enchantment” awaits us to enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere, with the most beautiful colonial cities and paradisiacal beaches.

In this article you will learn which one to buy, where, how much it costs, advantages and disadvantages.

Which prepaid SIM card for Puerto Rico offers me the most data at the best price?

We advance you that Holafly’s Puerto Rico SIM card is one of the most preferred by many travelers. It offers two SIM cards for a 30-day stay, the first with 5GB of mobile data, the second with 12GB of data. It also allows you to use it in 9 other countries such as Panama, Peru, Chile, Nicaragua, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Uruguay and El Salvador.

Where to buy the best prepaid SIM card for Puerto Rico

You can purchase a data SIM for Puerto Rico from the comfort of your home before you travel. Another option is to do it upon arrival, at the airport, in a store or in a shopping mall. However, it is not the most advisable during the Covid season, you will have to wait in long lines and you will lose time choosing one.

Buying Puerto Rico SIM card before traveling

The most comfortable and safe option is to buy it before traveling, you can do it in online stores that offer many deals and you don’t have to leave home. You simply order it online, it arrives to your address and you keep it in your suitcase to Puerto Rico. We show you some options below:

Holafly Puerto Rico Prepaid SIM Card

Holafly’s Puerto Rico travel SIM cards offer for 30 days, 5GB or 12GB of data at 3G speed, they are very easy to use. They have free shipping and you can keep your WhatsApp number.

DaysDataPrice (USD)Price / Day
305 GB39,631,3 USD / Day
3012 GB51,281,7 USD/ Day
SIM Card Options for Puerto Rico with Holafly.

Advantages of Holafly:

  • Free shipping.
  • Very easy to use, insert, activate your “mobile data” and you are connected.
  • You can purchase a Latin America Multi-Country SIM card, with coverage in 10 countries, including Puerto Rico.
  • 24-hour support in Spanish, English, German and French for any questions you may have.
  • You keep your number in WhatsApp.

Disadvantage of Holafly:

  • Unlike other Holafly products, you will not be able to share data.

TravelWIFI SIM card

This company offers the Explore SIM card for 30 days, we will have 2GB in 4G to surf the Internet at 34.91 USD. The shipping cost is approximately 10.43 USD.


  • They allow you to make the card payment online.


  • You will have to pay for the SIM card and shipping.
  • They only have one data package for Puerto Rico and it limits the purchase.
  • The amount of mobile data they offer in their package is reduced.

How much does a SIM card for Puerto Rico cost?

Now that you know these companies in detail, we show you a comparison table of Holafly with another operator so that you can make a decision as the best option of prepaid SIM card.

Card costCost dataAmount of dataFinal cost
Holafly39,63 USD5 GB39,63 USD
TravelWIFI SIM10,43 USD34,91 USD2 GB45,34 USD
Comparison of SIM card prices for Puerto Rico for a 30-day stay.

An inexpensive option without offering excessive per day coverage and data (GB) rates is Holafly, so buy the SIM card for Puerto Rico and forget about looking any further.

Buying SIM card in Puerto Rico

In case you are unable to purchase your data SIM card before arriving, you can buy it at the airport, supermarkets or local stores of the mobile operators themselves.

Keep in mind that acquiring this card implies making the purchase upon arrival, looking for a store and not having internet until that moment. In addition, in times of coronavirus you should avoid crowded places and do not let other people handle your cell phone without biosecurity measures.

Below are the SIM card rates of the local mobile operators in Puerto Rico , only if you want to buy it when you arrive at your destination.

Claro Puerto Rico

One of the largest operators in the country, Claro offers different prepaid data packages. All plans include Voice, SMS and MMS for use in Puerto Rico and USA.


  • Packages include 1,000 long distance minutes to the USA.


  • If you have any complaints about the service, you must do so within the first 10 days.
  • In addition to the $22.98 cost for your card, you will have to add $6.99 for the Claro Assistance service.

AT&T Mobility

One of the most used companies in Puerto Rico, they have different prepaid packages, ranging from 3GB for $35 to 8GB for $50 and others with unlimited data.


  • Includes calls, messages and data usage in USA, Mexico and Canada.


  • Unlimited Internet packages are at a maximum speed of 128 kbps.
  • Videos on social networks or apps such as YouTube will only be played in 480p quality.

T- Mobile Puerto Rico

This company offers 5 prepaid packages, from 2GB to 10 GB for $60.


  • Unlimited domestic calls and texts.


  • The internet has 4G speed for the first GB, but then the speed drops to 3G.
  • If you wish to receive calls from another country, you will have to pay a $15

SIM card for Puerto Rico, which one to buy?

In conclusion, the best SIM card for Puerto Rico is from Holafly. It offers two options for 30 days, the 5GB costs 39.63 USD and the 12 GB at 51.28 USD. Buying with Holafly you get the following benefits:

  • Receive free local calls, free of charge.
  • 24-hour support in English, Spanish, French and German, via e-mail, chat and WhatsApp.
  • Easy to use, just place the chip and activate “data roaming”.
  • Multi-country Latin America SIM, covering 10 countries, including Puerto Rico: Panama, Peru, Chile, Nicaragua, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Uruguay and El Salvador.
  • Maintain your WhatsApp number, so you can connect with your friends and family.
  • Free shipping.

Frequently asked questions about Internet and SIM card for Puerto Rico

How to have Internet in Puerto Rico?

You can choose to buy a data SIM card, use roaming, portable Wifi or search for places with free Wifi while traveling in Puerto Rico.

How much does roaming cost in Puerto Rico?

Many of the operators charge between $6.99 to 17.48 USD per MB consumed, so it all depends on how you use your mobile data in Puerto Rico. Therefore, we conclude that this is not a good option.

How to choose a data SIM card to have Internet and telephone in Puerto Rico?

You should look for the one that best suits the number of days you will be traveling and how much data it provides. Also verify that the final price includes shipping costs and other expenses. This way we will avoid surprises at the time of payment. Another important point if you are traveling in Latin America is that you can use your SIM card in different countries like the one offered by Holafly.

Where to buy a data-only SIM card?

The easiest way is to do it with online providers (like Holafly), or when you arrive at your destination at the airport and in operator stores. The latter is not the best option as you will not have Internet until you get to buy a prepaid sim.

How much does a SIM card for Puerto Rico cost?

The costs of a SIM card vary according to the days of validity of the data plan, if it includes shipping costs and if they provide you with a phone number in Puerto Rico. For example, Holafly has a discount of 5GB for 30 days at 39.63 USD and for 12GB at 51.28 USD. In addition to free shipping they allow you to use it in 9 other countries (Latin America Multi-Country card).

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