Best SIM Card for Internet in Canada: Which to buy?

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You’re traveling to Canada and want to stay connected to the internet without paying roaming charges, with the peace of mind of being able to contact your family or find a restaurant nearby. You will get all this with a data SIM for Canada.

Therefore, we prepared an article with the comparison, advantages, disadvantages, and how to buy the best SIM card to travel to Canada. All this without leaving home and from the comfort of your couch, that’s why as a sneak preview we want to let you know that Holaflys Canada Data SIM Card has the best offers on the market, and you can buy it online. Isn’t that great?!

Moving forward, we tell you that if your cell phone works with eSIM, you will be able to know which Canadian operators accept this benefit so you can know which eSIM cards Canada to look for.

Did you know that with a Holafly eSIM Canada, you will have Internet without an actual chip card?

Why buy a SIM card for Canada?

Simple! Because being connected to the internet is a must if, for example, you want to post photos while touring Canada, to listen to streaming music while surfing lakes, even if you’re looking for a restaurant near you.

Therefore, having internet at every moment will be of great help. Read on to find the best SIM card to suit all your needs.

Which SIM card for Canada offers me the most data at the lowest price and with the best coverage?

We will find many options at different prices and most with high costs, little coverage, and data, although there is a SIM card that can offer you everything on your trip to Canada: quality, a good amount of data, and at a low price.

These are Holafly’s Canada prepaid SIM cards, which with their alternatives with unlimited data and unlimited local calls, in addition to other benefits, you will be able to enjoy your trip.

Now we show you a comparison chart of the rates per day and GB, note that Holafly does not show the rate per GB since it offers unlimited data.

Now that you know a little about the options, here are their advantages, disadvantages, prices, and the cellular operators you can choose from.

Where to buy the best prepaid SIM card for Canada?

You can buy your SIM card in person, online, or in a specialized shop, in the first shopping mall, you find in Canada.

Certainly, the best option is to buy it before traveling or once you have arrived at your destination. Therefore, you will save a lot of time and avoid going to crowded places in times of coronavirus.

sim card travel montreal canada
Leonard Cohen, Montreal. Canada. Source: I Want to Travel Alone
Notre Dame, Montreal. Canada
Notre Dame, Montreal. Canada. Source: I Want to Travel Alone

Buy my Canada SIM card from an online shop

The best option is to buy a prepaid SIM card before traveling, and you will enjoy your stay in Canada. Therefore, we show you three SIM card alternatives for your trip to Canada.

Holafly Canada prepaid SIM card

It offers you a Canada data SIM card with unlimited Internet at 4G speed and calls to local numbers in Canada. Also, it is supported by AT&T, one of the best operators in the region.

There are eight-day options on Holafly SIM cards for Canada, depending on the length of your trip:

DaysDataPricePrice / Day
5Unlimited29€5,8€ / day
7Unlimited34€4,8€ / day
10Unlimited39€3,9€ / day
15Unlimited49€3,2€ / day
20Unlimited59€2,9€ / day
30Unlimited87€2,9€ / day
60Unlimited169€2,8€ / day
90Unlimited239€2,7€ / day
What SIM card options are available for Canada with Holafly


  • Eight plans to fit your needs.
  • Unlimited data and free local calls.
  • You can keep your WhatsApp number.
  • Delivery time to deliver the Canada SIM card to your home can be as little as 24 hours.


  • You should pay attention to the activation date of your SIM card.

Canada SIM card from Public

It offers you a Canada SIM card with 3G data speed, but you have to buy the SIM card at 8.65 € and one of the four plans that this company offers. Note that their prices range from 17.31 € to 34.61 € and they offer you from 250MB to 4.5GB for 30 days.


  • Three plans offer you unlimited calls and messages.
  • Coverage includes low connection areas. National parks and lakes, for example.


  • No plan offers you more than 5GB.
  • The connection speed is only 3G in its four operator plans.
  • As in other alternatives, you will be forced to pay two installments (SIM and data).

Phonebox Canada SIM Card

A card that you can put on any device. Tablets or Wifi modems, for example. In contrast, their prices range from 38.95 € to 73.56 € for one month. Its prepaid SIM card Canada also includes unlimited calls and SMS throughout the country.


  • SIM cards can be purchased and teopped up in stores.
  • Two data-only plans (Data-Only) are available.


  • The three plans that this company has can only offer you up to 6GB of data.
  • Their prices are not competitive at all, one GB of data can cost you 95 €.
  • Their online purchase process can be tedious since they ask you to fill in several pieces of information.

How much does a SIM card for Canada cost?

You know each option in detail; their cards, prices, advantages, and disadvantages. Now we will show you a comparative chart to see which one suits you best from their prices and data.

Card costCost dataTotal costAmount of data
Holafly49 €49 €Unlimited
Public9,23 €46,06 €55,28 €8 GB
Phonebox6,49 €30,65 €37,14 €6 GB
Comparison of SIM card prices for Canada for a 15-day stay (Holafly, Public, and Phonebox).

Therefore, Holafly stands out as the best SIM card for your next trip. Economically priced and beneficial in terms of the unlimited data it offers.

Buying a SIM card in Canada with Rogers, Bells, Telus and Freedom Mobile

You can find them in the official establishments of the local cellphone operators themselves. Also in specialized stores; such as Walmart, TBooth, or Cellular Point.

For these last three alternatives, you may find a wider variety of data SIM card options.

Rogers, Bells, Telus, and Freedom Mobile are cellphone operators in Canada. As well as other considered sub-brands, Chatr, Koodo, Virgin, among others.

Moraine Lake, Alberta (Canada)
Moraine Lake, Alberta. Source:

Freedom Mobile SIM card

Freedom Mobile SIM cards’ price starts at 8.65 €, and you can get them on official stores (Walmart), authorized resellers, or online.


  • All plans provide unlimited local calls and SMS.
  • Their prices are affordable, ranging from 63 € to 51.05 €.


  • It can only operate optimally in large cities or capitals.
  • Not all cell phones are compatible with this cellphone operator. Prior verification is required.
  • The network can sometimes become so congested that your connection speed can slow down quickly.

Bell SIM card

Its Canada data SIM card can be purchased and topped up in official stores (BestBuy, 7-Eleven), resellers, and online, and prices start at 8.61 €. The Canadian operator Bell has five plans that offer you from 20 MB, a daily rate, to 2 GB.


  • It is the only Canadian operator that sells prepaid SIM cards in Canada for modems and tablets.
  • They offer low rates, ranging up to 43.33 €.


  • You must verify if your cellphone/device is compatible with this operator.
  • To cancel the plan you have purchased, you must call customer service or do it online.
  • They do not have a plan that offers more than 2 GB of data.

Rogers SIM card

Its products can be purchased at official stores (Walmart, Bestbuy) or authorized resellers, as well as online. Rogers now has five plans that manage a low per MB rate, ranging from €8.67 per MB.


  • There is a very cheap tariff called “Talk anytime,” and it costs you 0.65 € the SIM Canada card per month, also, while the top up minimum is 8.67 €.
  • Similarly, there is another costs that lasts for one year and offers unlimited calls and SMS.


  • Just like Bell, there are no other plans that give you more than 2 GB.
  • Most plans operate for 30 days, and there are no other plans that operate for a specific number of days.

Best SIM card for traveling to Canada. Which one to buy?

In conclusion, we know that the best option is the best data SIM card for Canada from Holafly. Offering UNLIMITED data at 4G speed and free local calls, from its eight different plans (from 5 to 90 days), with a cost starting at 29€.

You will be able to make unlimited free local calls, keep your WhatsApp number to communicate with your friends or family, free shipping to your home, and 24-hour support.

If you are also considering traveling to the United States and Mexico, you may want to sign up for Holafly’s North American data SIM card. It comes in six presentations, from 7 to 60 days, all with UNLIMITED data. In addition, it allows you to share cellular data at a price ranging from 36 euros.

Land, insert, and you have internet in Canada!

Will my phone work in Canada

Before purchasing your SIM card for Canada, you should consider whether or not your mobile will be compatible in Canada. To do so, you should check the compatibility of your device with the cellphone networks in the country.

Keep in mind that not all foreign smartphones will be able to operate, especially if they are not very modern models.

There are web portals, such as Kimovil, that tell you in detail which bands and coverage (3G or 4G) your cellphone or device is compatible with. If so, it can operate and access the Internet without problems.

Which bands do cellphone carriers operate in Canada?

The following cellphone operators operate in Canada; Rogers, Bells, Telus, and Freedom Movile. The main frequency bands operated are as follows:

  • 2G: No frequencies.
  • 3G: 850MHz, 1900MHz, AWS.
  • 4G: Band2-1900MHz, Band4-AWS, Band7-2600MHz, Band13,700MHz, Band17-700MHz, Band40-2300MHz, Band41-2500MHz.

Finally, if you want to have more options to stay connected during your trip, please visit our article: Internet in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet and SIM card for Canada

How to get internet in Canada?

With a SIM card, connecting to roaming, portable Wifi, or even the “Free” Wifi of establishments such as cafes, restaurants, and hotels. These are some ways to have internet in Canada.

How much does roaming cost in Canada?

According to the details shown in our article roaming in Canada, operators usually charge up to 12 euros per MB consumed outside Europe.

How to choose a data SIM card to have internet and telephone in Canada?

It is important that when choosing a SIM card for Canada, you pay close attention to the quality-price ratio. That is to say, if it has unlimited data, includes phone numbers, local calls, and SMS, allows sharing data with other devices, operator coverage in Canada fits your days of stay, etc.

Where to buy a data-only SIM card?

You can purchase before traveling to Canada with online providers such as Holafly. At your destination, you can purchase these cards in supermarkets like Walmart or specialized stores.

How much does a SIM card for Canada cost?

The price depends on the data plan, days, and validity of the SIM card you buy. For example, at Holafly, at a cost of 34€, you can receive at your home a SIM card with unlimited data and local calls for seven days of travel.

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