The best data SIM card for internet in Australia – which to buy?

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With its magnificent beaches, coral reefs and unique animals, you’ll never forget a trip to Australia. But if you’re traveling to the Land Down Under, it’s important to think about buying a SIM card to connect to the internet when you’re there.

It’s every traveler’s worst nightmare to be left isolated with no way of connecting with loved ones back home or accessing directions. With a data SIM card for Australia, you can stay connected while avoiding expensive roaming charges. In this article, we’ll explain the best way to access the internet during your trip to Australia.

Buy your Australia Holafly SIM card

If your mobile phone is compatible and you need internet quickly, you can choose an eSIM card for Australia. The eSIM is a new technology that gives you access to the internet simply by scanning a QR code.

Why buy a SIM card for Australia?

There are many ways of accessing the internet when you travel to Australia. If you turn on Data Roaming on your phone, you’ll be able to access the internet from your cell phone provider. However, this will be very expensive and you might receive a nasty phone bill when you return home.

So we recommend buying a SIM card for tourists before you go to Australia. You’ll have fast internet at a good price.

What’s the best SIM card for Australia?

We recommend buying a SIM card before you go so you can enjoy the start of your trip hassle-free. Let’s look at the different companies that sell SIM cards for Australia and compare their deals.

The Holafly Australia SIM card has many advantages such as strong, fast internet coverage, free delivery, and 24/7 tech support. It also comes at a cheap price. Let’s take a closer look.

Where to buy the best prepaid SIM card for Australia? 

Before Flying from your country? after landing in Australia? Which of these options is best?. Not worries, probably both SIM cards from online store and Australian cards provide you high-coverage but then we have to consider some alternative points. For example. You have arrived tired from a long journey, buying to get your bags quickly and get in touch with your family. 

esim australia
  • High speed connection without surprise bills.
  • Receive your QR code immediately.
  • Connect to the best network.
  • Forget about roaming and searching for WiFi.
  • Keep your WhatsApp number.
  • Easy to set up: you’ll receive an email with your eSIM in seconds, no matter where you are.
  • Get 5% OFF. Code: roaming5

Buy my Australia SIM card online (recommended)

The best way to ensure a calm start to your trip to Australia is to buy a data SIM card before you go. That way, you’ll just need to insert the card into your cell phone when you land and you’ll already be connected. But which companies offer the best deal?

Australia SIM card from Holafly

Holafly provides you with 5 or 12GB of 4g coverage in Australia. This deal will last you up to one month. Is this option for you? Let’s take a look.


  • Easy to use, after you land, put the sim card in the phone, activate data roaming and you’ll be connected at once. 
  • You can receive unlimited calls without additional charges.
  • 24-hour support from their website
  • You can use it in other destinations including New Zealand.
  • This SIM includes a phone number that you can use this number to receive calls.
  • You can share data between your devices


  • You cannot make calls to other numbers in Australia. You can use apps like WhatsApp instead.
sim card internet australia travelling
A data SIM card for calling via APPs. Source: Achraf Alan on Pexels
whatsapp internet australia sim card
You need a SIM card for GPS on your mobile. Source: Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels. 

Cellular Abroad SIM card

Cellular Abroad also offers a SIM card for Australia. Let’s look at its key features.


  • Works in many countries
  • Allows you to share data between devices and has 4G speed
  • Phone number included
  • You can top up to make more calls.


  • Shipping is very expensive
  • The amount of data provided is limited

This might be the best option if you need to make calls to other Australian numbers. But in terms of the price and data offered, Holafly’s SIM card for Australia is our recommended product.

How much does a SIM card for Australia cost?

Let’s compare the price of Holafly and Cellular Abroad. You can see that Holafly comes out as the cheapest option for the amount of data offered.

SIM cardData amount GBPrice per GB (€)Fixed price (€)
Holafly12 GB/30 days€3.6 €44
Cellular abroad1 GB/30 days€21 €21
Price comparison for data SIM card Australia

Buying a SIM card in Australia

You can buy your SIM cards in Australia at newsagents, specialist shops, and supermarkets. Major providers such as Telstra and Optus have shops offering SIM cards. Let’s look at their products.


With 4G coverage, this Australian provider covers 90% of the country. You can purchase their SIM cards from local shops.


  • It has 4 different packages, starting at 2.5GB.
  • It includes local calls.


  • SIM cards must be activated via SMS


Australia’s second-largest mobile operator, part of Singtel (from Singapore), offer several SIM card models: Daily Plus, Long Expiry, Prepaid Epic Value and Prepaid Epic Data.


  • They offer you options with cost per day
  • Top-up available if you need more data


  • If you have a 2G-only mobile, this option is not for you.

Vodaphone Australia

Vodaphone Australia is the country’s third-biggest provider. It offers flexible data plans according to your needs.


  • Its options offer you unlimited SMS sending.
  • You can choose how many MB you want with their MyMix package.


  • Remember that you must activate the prepaid SIM card on the operator’s website.
  • You will require an Australian address to activate the card.
beach internet australia sim card
Bring a data SIM card to post your photos on the Australian beach. Source: Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

SIM card for Australia, which one to buy?

There’s no doubt about it, Holafly’s SIM card for Australia is the best out there. You can pay either €34 for the 5GB card or €44 for the 12GB card. Both are guaranteed by and covered by Orange and are valid for 30 days once activated.

Also, it offers six great benefits

  • Free delivery within 72 working hours.
  • 24-hour help via e-mail and chat.
  • You will be able to use your card in New Zealand.
  • Easy to use, just insert your SIM card when you land and activate data roaming.
  • Free incoming calls in Australia.
  • Keep your WhatsApp number to stay connected with friends and family.

Frequently asked questions about the Internet and SIM card for Australia

How to access the internet in Australia?

To access the internet in Australia you can choose one of these options: Data SIM card, data roaming, pocket WiFi or connect to free WiFi in cafes, restaurants and so on. Choose which option meets your needs.

How much does roaming cost in Australia?

The cost of roaming depends on your mobile operator and their tariffs. The price will be different if you are on a contract or prepaid deal and if it is a closed or open plan.

How to choose a data SIM card for internet and calls in Australia?

Choosing a data SIM card for internet and calls in Australia can be complex depending on the offers available. However, think about what you need: a strong internet connection at a good price, tech support if you need it, and fast delivery.

Where to buy a data-only SIM card?

If you want to buy it from an online store you can order it online at websites like Holafly. On the other hand, if you chose to buy it in Australia you can find SIMs in shops and provider stores.

How much does a SIM card for Australia cost?

The Australian SIM card from Holafly costs €34 with no additional delivery charge.

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