Best SIM Card for Aruba: prices and where to buy? 

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Aruba is the go-to destination for many travelers looking for a totally personalized adventure. This Caribbean island is one of the most visited tourist sites every year. However, traveling to another country and staying connected to the internet can be a barrier that some travelers aren’t aware of. That’s why today we will be talking about the best SIM Card for Aruba, so you don’t lose connection during this adventure! 

We will answer any questions you may have about how to buy a SIM Card for Aruba. We will discuss the costs and plans available, so you can choose which one fits your needs, and finally, we also want to take the opportunity to present an alternative to SIM Cards that can make your purchase even more accessible and safer.

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Where to buy the best data SIM card for Aruba?

We mentioned above that there is an exciting alternative to SIM Cards. However, if you want to go down the traditional road, there are basically two ways to buy them. Online stores offer SIM cards on their online site. You just have to go onto their website, fill in your information, pay, and wait for the SIM Card to be sent to your physical address.

For most travelers, this first option of buying SIM Cards in online stores is the one that fits their needs. However, the second alternative available is to buy them through local cellular operators at the destination country. Of course, you would have to wait to arrive to look and find a SIM card. Also, language barriers or not knowing where these physical stores are located can make this task a little more tedious.

Buy my Aruba SIM card before traveling

We already gave you a hint, but we want to emphasize that the trend among tourists and travelers is to buy their SIM cards through online stores. Mostly this is due to the facilities provided by this service, buying it from home, having more time to compare plans and services, and you connect to the internet as soon as you arrive in the country. This is just to mention some of the advantages of this way.

Of course, we must consider that after the purchase, it may take a few days for the SIM Card to arrive at your home. The shipping service is usually free but if you’re in a hurry, then this could be a reason to think about the eSIM as an alternative that we will present to you later.

How much does a SIM card for Aruba cost?

There are a variety of online stores where you can find SIM card plans and services for Aruba. These chips are usually prepaid. The plans’ costs are associated with how much data the package includes and how many days you can use them.

The range of costs is extensive, and you should think well about which one is more convenient for you. There are plans that range from $15 for 1 GB for 7 days, which is suitable for short stays. Other plans from $40-$60 for data packages of 3 – 5 GB for 30 days more oriented to medium stays, and finally, there are plans for 90 and 30 GB and up with costs around $400 if you’re going to visit for a long time.

Buy my SIM card in Aruba

As we mentioned at the beginning, you can buy your SIM cards once you land in Aruba. The way to do this would be through the physical stores of local carriers that operate in the country.

There are several providers that provide services in the country. You just have to choose which one you want to purchase and then look for a store that is close to the location where you are once you start your trip. Here we will introduce you to the telecommunications companies with the most significant presence in Aruba.


Operating since 2001, Digicel has become one of the cellular providers with the best coverage in the Caribbean. The SIM cards they offer for Aruba include good connection speeds and also provide coverage in neighboring islands without roaming costs.


  • Offers a wide variety of data packages with different durations.
  • Coverage in neighboring islands and in the whole territory of Aruba.


  • Only offers 4G speeds at best and only up to 7.2 Mbps.
  • Higher costs compared to other alternatives.
  • Calls to the operator are required to activate the cards.


This company is also present in the country and has higher connection speeds; however, there is less coverage available in the surrounding areas of the island, and the service tends to be a bit deficient.


  • Higher connection speed.
  • It is possible to share data in case you buy the SIM Card “Wi-Fi Aruba,” as the company called it.


  • Service on neighboring islands comes with roaming fees.
  • At the ends of the island and some more remote places, the coverage is decreased. 
  • To obtain the data-sharing service, you have to pay a slightly higher amount than the selected package.

eSIM card for Aruba, the new alternative

Since the beginning, we have been talking about an alternative to the SIM Card for Aruba. Now, we introduce you to the eSIM Card for Aruba, which in a few words, is explained as a completely virtual SIM Card.

It is the new technology offered by operators and telephone companies and, of course, the one that offers the most perks and advantages. You can buy it from your home through online stores such as Holafly. You only need the QR to activate it, and you do not have to wait for any shipping or delivery of a physical SIM Card and even. So, it has all the benefits that we already know about traditional chips. Without any doubt, it is the new choice for travelers.

Some things you should know about the eSIM before buying them are:

  • You have to confirm that your phone is compatible with the eSIM service. It is a new technology, so not all devices can support this technology. Phones from the last couple of years have a good chance of being compatible.
  • The QR code to activate it is sent by mail, so you must have an active email, as well as your personal information at hand.
  • When activating your eSIM Card, you will need an internet connection. We recommend you do this before starting your trip and not activate your roaming until you arrive at your destination.
  • You will have the possibility to use your eSIM for Aruba and your domestic country SIM Card, at the same time without losing your data.

How much does the eSIM for Aruba cost?

Another advantage of an eSIM Card over a SIM Card is that their cost is usually lower both in data packages and roaming. Here you can see the prices of eSIM plans for Aruba.

Aruba eSIM card

Days of useAmount of cellular dataPrice (USD)
7 days 3 GB $37
15 days 7 GB$44
30 days 15 GB$54
Holafly eSIM for Aruba Pricing Table

Frequently asked questions about the Aruba SIM card

At this point, we have provided all the information on where you can purchase an international eSIM for your trip and the prices to consider. We hope that the information provided will be of great help to you. Finally, we will leave you with some frequently asked questions that travelers have about SIM cards: 

What do I need to know to choose the best SIM card with data for Aruba?

The most important thing to remember when ordering your SIM card with data is the number of days your trip will last. This is important because, based on this, you can decide the number of days you want your data to remain active. Another very important aspect is the amount of data you need during your trip; if you are a person who uses more or less data, one SIM card will be more convenient than the other.

Will I be able to share data with other devices while using a SIM card?

It will depend on the SIM card you buy. But consider that with Holafly’s eSIM, you can share data or use a hotspot with other devices.

What other options do I have to connect to the internet in Aruba?

During your trip to Aruba, you will find several options that, like the SIM card, lets you connect to the internet. However, most of these options tend to be very expensive and impractical or insecure. Among these options are the roaming service, Pocket WiFi, and public WiFi. That’s why we recommend the eSIM as the best alternative of all. 

Can I buy more than one SIM for my trip?

If you are traveling with someone else, the answer is yes. There’s no limitation about how many SIM Cards someone can buy.

Can I receive messages or calls on the Aruba SIM card?

Yes, it is possible, but only through APPs like WhatsApp, Skype, or Facetime.

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