How to buy the best data SIM card for Andorra

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In this article, we’ll show you how to buy the best data sim card for Andorra, so you can guarantee internet connection during your trip.

But why buy a SIM card for the internet on your travels? Nowadays, an international SIM card for Andorra is the cheapest and most reliable option. Although you can use your current SIM card for the internet (data roaming), this is a very expensive option. Another choice is Pocket WiFi, a device that generates WiFi for your mobile. But this option is pricey and you’ll have to carry a device around with you. An international data SIM card is cheap and easy to use, making it the best option for your trip to Andorra.

We’ll take a look at the different companies which offer SIM cards for Andorra, so you can choose the best option.

SIM card for internet in Andorra. Buy your Holafly SIM card

Why buy an Andorra SIM card?

That is simple! High costs for Andorra roaming. Vodafone will charge you a minimum of 15 euros per day, with Orange the cheapest rate is 7 euros per 100MB of mobile data used, and with Movistar, you will pay 12 euros per MB downloaded.

When it comes to Andorra SIM cards, the price speaks for itself. Without a data SIM card, you’ll have to pay for data roaming charges. Prices vary between providers, but data roaming could cost as much as €15 per MB. So if you wanted to watch a movie on Netflix, it could cost €100s!

Don’t get ripped off. The best alternative to data roaming is buying a SIM card for Andorra.

An international SIM card for Andorra offers all the internet you need at one upfront and affordable price. You don’t need to worry about surprise bills when you get home!

Which SIM card for Andorra offers me the most data at the lowest price?

We recommend the Andorra SIM card from Holafly. It offers different data deals from 3GB to 8GB at one of the lowest prices out there. The Holafly SIM card also includes local calls and you can share data with other devices.

Where to buy the best data SIM card for Andorra?

There are two ways you can buy a SIM card in Andorra:

  1. Buy your SIM card from an online store (recommended)
  2. Buy your SIM card from a store in Andorra

Get your Andorra SIM card in online store (Recommended)

We recommend buying your SIM card before you travel to Andorra. That way, you’ll connect to the internet the moment you arrive in the country. This gives you peace of mind to enjoy your trip.

Let’s take a look at the companies which offer a SIM card for Andorra:

The Prepaid Holafly SIM Card

It has two SIM cards, which offer you 3GB for seven days and 8GB for 14 days, from 29€ to 34€, respectively. To this excellent cost-benefit, you can add free shipping in the next 24 to 48 hours to your home or wherever you are, keep your WhatsApp number, share data as if it were a Pocket WIFI, and make local calls in Andorra.

The Holafly SIM card offers 3GB for seven days or 8GB for 14 days, depending on the length of your stay. Deals start from just €29. In addition to excellent data coverage and an excellent price, you get free delivery within 72 hours and you can access Holafly’s 24-hour customer support team if you have any problems.

You can also share data between devices. Traveling in a group? You can share data with your companions for no additional cost. Sharing is caring, right?

Holalfly gives you a local cell phone number, so you can call and message other Andorran numbers for free.


  • Local calls included
  • 24-hour support
  • Data sharing
  • No delivery cost


  • If you’re going to Andorra for more than 14 days, Holafly’s cards will not cover the length of your stay
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OneSimCard to Andorra.

OneSimCard also produces SIMs for Andorra. Although the card itself is cheap (€18) you will have to pay additionally for the data pack, which costs almost €40.


  • Cheap SIM card


  • Additional costs for data makes it an expensive option

Andorra SIM card from TravelSIM.

TravelSIM offers numerous deals for SIM cards in Andorra. Just beware that you may face additional costs for delivery and VAT.


  • User-friendly website, with numerous options allowing you to choose how much data you need.


  • Additional charges for delivery and VAT
  • Its cost per GB is very expensive

How much does a SIM card for Andorra cost?

Now we’ve seen the options, let’s compare their prices:

BrandCard price (€)Data price (€)Shipping price (€)Total price (€)
Holafly0 29 029
Travel SIM10 61,39 071,39
OneSimCard17,59 44,03 061,62
Andorra SIM card cost by Brand.

As you can see, the Holafly SIM card offers the best deal and it is our recommended option if you need an internet connection in Andorra.

Buying a SIM card in Andorra with Andorra Telecom

If you couldn’t buy your SIM card before you go, you can purchase your card from a store in Andorra. Being a small country (smaller than some cities), Andorra only has one mobile operator, Andorra Telecom, which has stores in the country. Let’s take a look at what they offer.

Andorra Telecom

It has connection frequencies in 2G (900 and 1800MHz), 3G (2100MHz), and 4G/LTE (1800 MHz and 800MHz). Its prepaid card is called Mobiland Clic! and you can get it via official distributors, its SIM card prices range from 15€, while the packs range from 15€, 30€ and 60€.

Andora Telecom offers a prepaid card called Mobiland Clic. Prices range from €15 – €60 depending on your needs.


  • Attractive range of prices
  • Includes voice calls


  • Like data roaming, you’ll have to pay per MB used which could be more expensive than a prepaid card

SIM card for Andorra – which should I buy?

Having considered all the options, we recommend Holafly’s Andorra SIM card – it is the cheapest option with no hidden costs, and it offers excellent coverage throughout the territory.

Here’s a reminder of what they offer:

DataLength of planCost
3GB7 days€29
8GB14 days€34
Holafly SIM card for Andorra


  • Easy to use – insert the card, turn on data roaming and you’re conected
  • Free delivery
  • Calls and SMS includes
  • Keep your WhatsApp number, contacts and conversations
  • Share mobile data with other devices


How access the internet in Andorra?

The best option is a SIM card for Andorra, which offers data for one price. This is the cheapest option and the best way to guarantee a stable connection.

How much does roaming cost in Andorra?

Too much. You could be charged up to €15 per MB – if you watched a movie on Netflix, that would cost hundreds! That’s why we recommend buying an international SIM card for Andorra instead of data roaming.

Where to buy a data-only SIM card?

The easiest option is to buy it online from a store like Holafly

How much does a SIM card for Andorra cost?

The price of an Andorra SIM card will depend, in addition to its data plan, days of validity and whether it provides you with a phone number in Andorra, on whether you buy it when you arrive in the country or before you travel, online. As we saw Holafly you will make a one-time payment of 29€ with the card price and free shipping.

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