Best Italy SIM Card: Price and which one to buy?

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A lot of people would love to visit Italy. We can say that it is one of the most magical countries in Europe, and there are a lot of places to visit. Whether you choose to go to Venezia or to the Coliseum in Rome, both are good options for travelers. Therefore, you will need an Italy SIM Card in order to keep your mobile or tablet with an internet connection.

But, how can I get that SIM Card? That’s a pretty common question, especially for those who have never visited Italy. So, let’s see all the options that people can get to enjoy their trip to Italy!


Where can I buy an Italian SIM Card?

Is Italy in your plans to travel in the future? Then, you need to know all the ways in which you can get a SIM Card in this country. Just like it happens in other European countries, people will get the chance to choose the option they like the most to buy their international prepaid SIM Card for Italy

Whether you choose to buy it at the Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, in Rome, or while walking down the streets of Milan, you will surely get surprised by all the mobile operators that you can find!

Yet, there are also other ways to purchase a SIM Card before you arrive in Italy. But, the final decision is in your hands, so choose the one that suits you better, but first, let’s see which options people have!

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Buy an Italy eSIM online

Buying the Italian SIM Card before traveling

  1. Money won’t be an issue for you: As you will buy the SIM Card before you travel, you will know how much money you have left for the trip. Thanks to that, you might get the chance to spend a bit more on whatever you want to!
  2. All your time will be spent enjoying your trip: No worries about buying a SIM Card; you only need to enjoy the views of where you will be staying, or you can spend more time knowing the city, but no time will be spent looking for that SIM Card!
  3. You will reach Italy with an internet connection: New country means something you don’t know, and having a SIM Card that provides you with the internet is quite helpful as you can get in touch with a friend or use the GPS on your phone.

Buying the SIM Card while in Italy

  1. The perfect alternative to know more about the city in which you are staying: To make it simple, if you need to buy something, you will walk to find a place to purchase the item that you need. The same happens with SIM Cards. While looking for them, take the chance to learn more about the city.
  2. Need to make a complaint? Go to the store: The best thing about buying something directly in a store is that, if something goes wrong, you can make the complaint physically, not by Internet, which happens to be relatively better for users.
  3. Try out the SIM Card before paying for it: Technology in Europe is relatively more advanced, so people might be worried about if their phone will work or not with a mobile operator from there. Did you get time to purchase the SIM Card while in Italy? Try if your phone is compatible with it.

Mobile carriers available to buy a SIM Card in Italy

If you are wondering if there are mobile operators to get an Italy SIM Card, the answer is yes. Just like it happens in different countries, people will get to choose the one that suits them most.

While in Italy, people can choose between three different companies. TIM, Vodafone, and W3 are the best options for both travelers and Italian residents

Nowadays, W3, also known as WindTre, has taken advantage of TIM and Vodafone when it comes to coverage, but Vodafone and TIM offer more benefits to its users

But, TIM is the cheapest one, while W3 and Vodafone are tied when it comes to prices. So, the final decision is taken by customers, but we can quickly tell that these companies are pretty good.

eSIM Card for Italy, a new alternative for iPhone

Almost everyone has heard about the SIM Card, or they have owned one. Meant to work with our phones, these SIM Cards are about to be replaced with a new technology that will offer the same, but everything is digital.

Thanks to the eSIM for Italy, people have come across a more practical solution for their phones; yet, the technology is entirely new, so it’s still under development, but we promise that you won’t regret trying it.

Requirements to buy an eSIM

  • To buy an eSIM, people must have a valid physical address.
  • People must have a PayPal or Google Pay account to make payments. Credit cards are also accepted.
  • Before buying the eSIM, people must tell the same country that they will visit.

Pros and Cons of the eSIM for Italy

  • The price of the eSIM is lower than what people will spend with a different mobile operator.
  • People will have Unlimited Data.
  • The purchase can be made within a few minutes.
  • The eSIM will work alongside the standard SIM Card; no need to worry about only one SIM working. 
  • Access to phone calls while using the Holafly eSIM.

The only thing that people must know about the eSIM are:

  • It only works on most of the new-gen devices.

How much does the eSIM for Italy cost?

Days of use Available Mobile DataPrice (USD)
5 Days Unlimited data$19
15 DaysUnlimited data$47
30 DaysUnlimited data$64
60 DaysUnlimited data$84
Prices eSIM for Italy

Frequently Asked Question about eSIM for Italy

Can I use the SIM in every Italian city?

Yes! There’s no limit to where you can use the eSIM.

Can I buy more than one SIM for my trip?

In case you are traveling with someone else, the answer is yes; there’s no limitation about how many SIM Cards someone can buy.

Do I need to return the SIM Card once it stops working?

Not at all! People don’t need to make a return of the SIM when it stops working.

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