Top 5 Best Prepaid SIM Cards for the UK

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The United Kingdom is a very touristic country, due to all that it can offer to travelers who make it their destination. When traveling, especially to the UK, there are a variety of preparations to be made, including those related to staying in contact or connected. If you want to know which are the top 5 best prepaid SIM Cards for the UK, keep your eyes open.

In addition, you will not only learn which are the top 5 best prepaid SIM Cards for the UK but also where to buy them, their prices, the services they offer, and much more. So keep an eye on everything we have to say here.


Where can I buy a Prepaid SIM Card for the United Kingdom?

If you wish to purchase a prepaid SIM Card in the UK you will have two options. One of them is before traveling, as there are many companies offering people the chance to buy a SIM card through a website with ease.

On the other hand, you can buy the SIM card once you arrive in the country. It makes things a bit more complicated for travelers, but it can end up being a good idea to get to know new places and more.

The final decision will come when people decide what they actually want to do. Why do we say this? Because some travelers will surely get a SIM card before traveling, just to be safe when arriving in the UK. But, others are taking this opportunity to meet more of this wonderful country.

So, take your time to think about this and see what option will suit you most. There’s no need to worry if you make a different decision from what others do, it is a valid choice.

What is the Best SIM Card for the UK?

Nowadays, you can find in the United Kingdom a wide variety of telephone operators offering SIM cards. Although all of them have exceptional services, here we will help you to choose the one that best suits your needs. 

You will be able to know from the prices to the services that the mentioned operators can offer you. And, of course, we will also give you reasons that will allow you to choose the one that best suits what you are looking for. Below, you will find everything you need to know about some details these SIM cards must always have.

  • These SIM cards should work well with different cellular networks in Spain.
  • People should be able to get enough cellular data while they are in the UK.
  • Buying an international SIM card should be something easy to do, through different methods.
  • Remember to keep an eye on how customer service works before buying a SIM card.
  • Try to use a company that offers more than one cellular data plan, so you can manage your budget in a better way.
Coverage map of Vodafone in the UK. Source: GSMArena

This is something we have to mention not only for the United Kingdom SIM cards. Most of these rules apply to different locations throughout the world, so travelers won’t have to find new information every time they decide to go on a new trip. But, there’s another question people might have in their minds with these SIM cards.

That’s why today we will talk about Holafly, O2, Three, Vodafone, and EE Mobile, the top 5 best prepaid SIM cards in the UK.


Holafly is a company based in Spain. They are offering UK SIM cards and eSIMs to people who like to travel around the world at affordable prices. People won’t need to make many efforts to get one, as they are pretty easy to get through a website.

The downside with their service comes with the fact the delivery is not available in countries outside of Europe. Other than that, it is a reliable option not only for people who are going on a vacation trip, but also for families and business travelers.


A local operator with different communication options is O2, which offers its customers the ease of acquiring a SIM card for free. What must be paid to obtain the service is the plan, as people will have four alternatives that can be adapted to the needs of tourists. 

All the plans available offer unlimited calls and text messages, varying only in data. These are: 7 GB data, 15 GB data, 30 GB data and 100 GB data plans. The main issue here comes when we talk about how foreigners can get a SIM card from them, which can be a bit hard to deal with.


Another option that tourists can get to communicate is the one offered by Three. Users will have the basic features of a free SIM card with no activation fee, 4 plans available, and a 5G signal.

On the other hand, the more expensive plans are the most sought after because, in addition to the basic services of unlimited calls and messages, they offer significantly better benefits. Just like it happens with other local services, it might be hard for locals to access this service.


Unlike most operators, Vodafone sells SIM cards with pre-determined packages. The variety of plans makes it possible to suit all types of travelers, from those who only use what is necessary to those who enjoy using social media more often.

Today the cheapest plans are 5 GB data, 10 GB data, and 20 GB data. The most expensive plans are 5 GB of data and one offering unlimited data, but using them will depend on the customer. All plans include unlimited calls and text messages, but the main issue might come when talking about the prices of the company.

EE Mobile

Another cellular operator in the UK is EE Mobile due to the wide variety of benefits it offers. It has WiFi signal in all subway stations in London, places where there is usually no phone signal. At the same time, it provides one of the best 5G networks in the country, all in exchange for an excellent price that tourists should not miss.

Their plans have wide coverage, unlimited calls and messages, and other things. They currently have 5 plans available: 5 GB data, 15 GB data, 30 GB data, and 100 GB data. The main issue here comes with their coverage, as it still needs some improvement.

What is the best price?

Talking about prices is something people would eventually do. Therefore, having the best price on the market will help people to decide on which service is better for them to use. In this case, we have to recommend Holafly as the cheapest service available on the list we talked about.

Other options, at least for travelers and not locals, can be O2 or Vodafone, but getting a SIM card with them can be something hard to do due to their company policies being quite strict with people from other countries buying a SIM card.

Which one offers more mobile data?

When talking about cellular data, we are talking about one of the things that matter most to people out there. If people want to stay communicated as much as possible, then the more cellular data they have, the better the service will be for them.

That’s why using the Holafly is quite a good option. They offer different plans for travelers who are visiting the UK, so there’s no need to worry about which service to use. And, you won’t have to pay a monthly fee to renew your service, as this happens with other services out there.

What is the most complete SIM Card?

When it comes to innovative services and features, Holafly is the option that comes out on top due to different reasons. Its level of adaptation to the user’s needs makes this operator the most complete and desired for many travelers.  It offers pretty decent coverage in the country, and people can easily get one through a website in a matter of seconds.

And there are other reasons here too. We couldn’t just make an easy choice due to everything the SIM card offers to people. But after making a comparison in prices, cellular data offered, and more, we can tell why Holafly is superior in the comparison of the top 5 best prepaid SIM cards in the UK.

Which SIM card is the most affordable?

There’s a question that many of us will make. Which SIM card is the most affordable for travelers? We have talked about many of these SIM cards throughout the article, but now it’s time to make a choice.

For us, the Holafly SIM card comes first. It is the most affordable option alongside the different benefits it provides to travelers. In second place, we could mention any of the SIM cards we talked about before.

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