Voxi Roaming: Rates, countries & alternatives

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Nowadays, people can find different alternatives to keep connected to the internet while traveling around the world. Whether they choose to use their phone with their roaming service or a device that will give them internet access, these have become common options for travelers. That’s why we will discuss Voxi roaming today, so people can know more about that service.

Voxi is a well-known company that has been around for quite some time now. But, people might not know all that they need to know about the company, that’s why we will elaborate on their roaming service and the rates the company has listed.

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How does Voxi roaming work?

Roaming services work in the same way no matter the company that you choose to subscribe to. There are some differences between them, yes, but they are basically the same everywhere. People have to activate it and pay as they go, or use their domestic plan with the included services.

Voxi, just like many other UK companies such as Vodafone, Sky, and Three offers two different ways for their clients to access the roaming service. The first one is by giving them access to their domestic plan which has minutes, data, and phone calls included.

The other one, the traditional way of using roaming services, is that people will have to pay for the service as they travel. Each option works similarly to other roaming services, so no need to worry about them.

Voxi roaming rates

In case you are planning to go on a trip with the Voxi roaming service, you need to pay attention to two things. The first thing is to check if the service that you choose charges you extra fees besides your regular plan at the destination where you are going to.

And, second of all, if the destination you are traveling to belongs to a certain zone and is covered under the Voxi service. That way, you can get to know how much you will have to pay for your service, or maybe you won’t have to pay for it at all! That’d be the cherry on the cake.

Either way, let’s dive deeper in to which one is the rate that you will have to pay in order that you want to use Voxi.

Voxi cellular data rates

Voxi, as we said before, is quite similar to other companies out there that offer the same service in the UK. People will have access to their domestic data plan when traveling, but for as long as they are inside the European Zone.

That’s something that we have seen in the past now, but if you are traveling around the world, and you want to take Voxi with you, then you will need to pay a bit more for the service.

But, thankfully, the price that people will have to pay for the Voxi service is not so high. For each GB consumed when using the roaming service, people will only have to pay £3.13!

Voxi local and international phone calls rates

Phone calls are important for many travelers out there. Whether it is for personal reasons because they need to call someone, or maybe for work reasons, this service is one of the most used by people throughout the world.

Either way, people will have access to their phone calls included in their plan for free if they are traveling inside the European zone. But, if they go somewhere else, they will have to pay 0.03£ per minute.£0.03

Voxi text messages rates

Text messages might seem like an old service that plenty of people don’t use anymore. But, truth be told, this service is still alive and numerous people still use it.

Just like it happens with the other services, people will have to pay only if they go outside the European Zone. To be more exact, the price per text message is £0.01, and if you are inside the European Zone, there are no extra charges.

Countries in which people can use the Voxi roaming

Now, one of the most important things to know has come. If you are planning to travel, and you have read all that we said up to this point, then you are wondering if your destination is included on Voxi’s list.

Well, to be fair, if you are traveling inside the European Zone, there’s no need to worry. The reason? The service will be available there without any extra cost for people, as we said in the past.

Now, Voxi is actually available in many different countries from around the world. Countries such as Argentina, the United States, Russia, China, Japan, and many others are included on the list too.

Alternatives for the Voxi roaming service

So far, we have noted that Voxi is a pretty reliable service for most people out there. They offer a quality service that all clients can enjoy, but what if that’s not what I need or want? Are there other alternatives for me to use?

Well, the answer to this question is yes. People have other alternatives available when it comes to substituting their roaming service for something else. 

International SIM Card

If you haven’t used a SIM card in the past, chances are that you have not owned a cellphone. We say this because almost every single phone out there works with SIM cards, and now the international SIM cards are taking over the market too.

People can use these SIM cards for traveling purposes, which is pretty remarkable. And they can be easily bought in different places, such as an airport while walking through the city, or before traveling with the Holafly SIM card.

International eSIM Card

Now, if you haven’t used an eSIM card yet, it’s not actually uncommon because they haven’t been around for too long compared to other alternatives. 

These digital SIM cards, known as international eSIM cards, work in the same way as the traditional SIM card, but you won’t need to physically introduce them to your cellular phone. In case you need one of these cards, go ahead and pick a Holafly eSIM card!

Free WiFi

No one can deny that good free WiFi is something amazing that we all love to have. And, from a few years ago until now, some countries have been trying to provide travelers and residents as much free WiFi as possible with open hotspots throughout different cities.

This is something that you can rely on if you know where to find free WiFi in the city that you are visiting, or when staying at the hotel, just be careful to have something else to stay connected to once you leave these hotspots.

Pocket WiFi

The last alternative on our list is Pocket WiFi devices. These are known among travelers because of how useful they can be while traveling around the world. Especially for those who need to have as much cellular data as they can.

In case this alternative sounds good for you, you can go ahead and rent one with ease through different companies from around the world!

How to activate the Voxi roaming?

To activate the Voxi roaming things are pretty simple for tourist and residents in any case. The only thing that is required to do is to activate the roaming option on your phone.

For this, go to “Mobile Data” in your settings and then find the “Roaming” button. Select this option and you will immediately activate the service once the roaming button is on.

Opinions about the Voxi Roaming

  1. “Still early days yet but can’t fault the service at the minute , had a few issues at first with my number switching networks but once I switched my phone off & back on its working fine”
  2. “Excellent value for money. Haven’t used a single GB of my data and already halfway through my first month!”
  3. “Excellent service and coverage, brilliant tariff choices. Me and my daughter is on the £15 tariff and savings a fortune as she's always on tiktoc and me youtube, when wife’s current tariff finishes with another network she’s going on the £10 tariff. Best network out there for speed and coverage.”
  4. “I would give a minus 100% star if I could. Attempted to register a new SIM. Was unable to to receive a passcode, didn’t know the SIM number and wanted to keep my own number. I went on the online chat and the customer service agent was diabolical. I spent nearly one hour on the chat to resolve this issue among other things.
  5. “Disgusting customer service. Cancelled my order without telling me and have still taken payment. 5 times on live chat to try and rectify it and 4 of those times told me the order would be delivered in 2 days. Yet two days later they said it had been cancelled. Phone was advertised at a good price, and apparently was ‘out of stock’ and it’s been fully removed from their site.”
  6. “AVOID! The worst onboarding and customer service. Been without a working phone for 5 days and can’t get anyone to rectify the issue. No phone number to contact for help.”
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