ID Mobile Roaming: Rates, countries & alternatives

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If you have ever traveled somewhere around the world, chances are that you have come across a roaming service. Maybe, you have come across something similar, but both things were allowing you to have internet while traveling, no? Well, today we’ll focus on the ID Mobile roaming service and all that it offers to clients.

In case you haven’t heard much about it, this is the perfect moment for you to know more about it. But, we won’t only talk about the ID Mobile roaming service, because we want to talk about other alternatives too

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How does ID Mobile roaming work?

Have you ever used a roaming service in the past? If the answer is yes, then you have a brief idea of how it works and how can people get access to it. Basically, people will activate a service that will allow them to communicate with others while traveling around the world.

Some companies allow their users to use their local data, text messages, and even phone calls allowance. Is this the case with ID Mobile? The answer is yes, but they also offer a different service for those who want to go to certain destinations from around the world.

The ID Mobile roaming service is pretty complete, and it basically works in the same way as any other roaming service out there.

ID Mobile roaming rates

Truth be told, people will always care about the price that they will pay for something. If it is too expensive, people might not want to pay for it, or they might try to find a cheaper alternative for them to use.

People will have the chance to use ID Mobile in two different ways. One of them is by traveling inside the European Zone, as they will have the chance to use their local plan for as long as they want to without any kind of restrictions. 

But, if people choose to travel somewhere else using the ID Mobile roaming service, the rates are slightly different then. But, let’s get to talk more about it.

ID Mobile mobile data rates

Nowadays, people can use everything that they need by simply having access to an internet connection. There are lots of applications out there that people can use and will solve their lives with ease.

The good news here is that, if you travel inside the European Zone, you can use your local mobile data allowance for free. There won’t be a need to pay any more for it, simply keep your plan activated and that’s it.

But, if you choose to travel to somewhere else outside of the EU zone, then prices are different for travelers. Price will go from 0.10£ to up to 9.60£ per consumed MB, and that will depend on the country that you go to.

ID Mobile local and international phone calls rates

People can think that they can use other apps in order to make phone calls, and they actually do, so they can save some money here. But still, there’s no hurry so we can talk a bit about the prices of phone calls for people using the ID Mobile service.

People who are traveling inside the European Zone won’t need to pay more for the service, but, if you travel somewhere else, the prices of phone calls will vary from 0.40£ to 6£ per minute. 

ID Mobile text messages rates

The last service that we will talk about is text messages. We know that these are not so used nowadays because people can use other services like WhatsApp or Facebook instead, but they can come in handy at some point.

Once again, if you are traveling inside the European Zone, the service is completely free. But, if you are traveling to a different destination, prices vary from 0.60£ to 1.60£ per text message sent.

Countries in which people can use the ID Mobile roaming

The most important thing for people is for them to be able to use the service wherever they go to. When it comes to ID, people will have the chance to use the service in a lot of different countries from around the world.

On the first hand, we must say that ID Mobile is available in different European countries, such as Germany, Slovenia, Russia, and many others. This is important, but, remember that only the countries that are inside the EU Zone will have a discount.

Now, if you want to travel through the world, there are lots of countries in which the service is available. Countries such as Bahrain, Japan, Korea, Senegal, Argentina, Peru, and many others are included in the list in which the ID Mobile roaming service works.

Alternatives for the ID Mobile roaming service

In case that you think that the roaming service can be somehow expensive (Because it can truly be expensive), there are other alternatives in the market that people can use instead of relying only on this service,

We can see that options such as SIM cards, eSIMs, and other alternatives are available for people to use, but let’s see what they offer to people.

International SIM Card

International SIM cards are quite famous to people. Even if you don’t use them for traveling purposes, there is no need to worry about them because the service is available in both ways.

People can buy these SIM cards when traveling or even before traveling. And, the good thing is that the service is quite complete, just like any other SIM card. Now, if you want a recommendation from our side, you can go for the Holafly SIM card.

Internatinal eSIM Card

eSIMs are the younger brothers from the SIM cards. People have the chance to use these digital cards on their phones with extreme ease and there won’t need to worry much about it because the service is pretty reliable.

People can easily scan a QR code on their phones and the eSIM will be ready to be used, and the best thing, in some cases, people can choose an eSIM for a specific destination. Either way, we recommend using the Holafly eSIM card due to how good it is.

Free WiFi

We all know that people can rely on having WiFi no matter where they go to. And, even more usually nowadays, there tend to be free WiFi connections around the world.

But, there’s a problem with relying on this service. We know that once we leave the WiFi hotspot area, there won’t be any more internet access. Still, it is a good option for people to rely on for a while.

Pocket WiFi

In case you are someone that has traveled a lot in the past, chances are that you have come across a Pocket WiFi device back then. These used to be quite important for travelers back when other alternatives didn’t exist, and they are still important nowadays!

These devices can be rented with ease thanks to different companies offering the service to people. The good thing? The service is completely unlimited, and that’s something that travelers like a lot.

How to activate the ID Mobile roaming?

The ID Mobile roaming activation is quite simple for people to do. Actually, there are two ways to actually activate it.

People can do it through the website of the company, or people can make it through the “Mobile Data” menu on their phones by activating the roaming option. Either way, they can be done within seconds

Opinions about the ID Mobile Roaming

  1. “Love my mobile and using iD, keeps me in touch with friends and the service that is available when I need them. And the fact that iD keeps in touch and at a very reasonable price, what not to like. Thanks a lot.”
  2. “Really competitive prices with the latest handsets and bundle deals. The mobile app makes managing accounts and upgrades so straightforward. Initially signed my elderly mum up as she only needed a basic sim-only plan, but was so impressed, I changed to them when my previous contract ended and haven’t looked back.
  3. “Recently moved to ID Mobile having used them years ago. After Being with a large operator where information is hard to find and customer services non existent it was a welcome change to have all of the info I needed in easy to find format. Three months into my contract and no regrets.”
  4. “I live in Birmingham and I struggle to get signal in and around where I live absolutely awful can’t get through to customer services. I had to buy another another sim because I couldn’t recieve phone calls in my house or on my road. “
  5. “Purchased 3 sim cards only to find out the signal is really bad. So, within the 14 days trial, I cancelled them. Only, they didn’t cancel 2 of the cards. I was then charged for sim cards I wasn’t using. “
  6. “No direct phone contacts. Have to leave a message every time, can’t email have to use some poor automated chat app. Poor customer service when you eventually get through. Difficult company to deal with. Lack communication. Poor service provider.”
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