Giffgaff Roaming: Rates, countries & alternatives

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Looking for an innovative service that you can use on your mobile phone? Well, here we are to introduce you to Giffgaff, one of the side-companies from Telefónica UK. They work in a completely digital way, and to be more specific about what we will talk about, we are about to talk of the Giffgaff roaming service.

Therefore, if you are needing to know something about a service like this one, you came to the right place. We will give you all the information that you need to know, as well as other alternatives that you can find in the market.

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How does Giffgaff roaming work?

The roaming service work in a pretty similar way in most cases, yet, some companies have their own rules. That is the case of Giffgaff because they are giving users the chance to use their local plan while traveling to selected destinations, and this is the main difference to other similar companies from the UK.

People who are customers of Giffgaff will need to keep in mind, in every single moment, that they will have access to the mobile data, text messages, and phone calls that are included in their plan. They won’t be able to pay to access more of these services.

But, this is only on selected destinations. To travel to other countries, people will have to add credit to their account and will have to pay the standard price of their services if they go to the selected destinations of Giffgaff.

For these countries, people will have to buy Goodybag’s that are offered by the company. Sounds like a bad deal, but it is actually a pretty nice way to stay connected while traveling.

But, here’s a little reminder. The Giffgaff roaming service only works for a small amount of time, as stated on their website, so keep that in mind.

Giffgaff roaming rates

Talking about the rates in Giffgaff is somehow complicated. As we mentioned before, the company works in a pretty particular way. People can use their local allowance while traveling, or they can pay for Goodybag’s in case they travel to countries from outside their list.

For example, if you travel inside the European Zone, you will have the chance to use your local plan at no extra cost. So, if you pay 10£ for your plan, that’s exactly what you have to pay to keep your plan activated. 

Now, if you go to other countries, there are Goodybag’s offered by the company that varies from 25£ to 35£ and offer different benefits on each plan. But let’s take a look at other important rates.

Giffgaff mobile data rates

As we mentioned before, there are two different rates that people have to take into consideration when using the Giffgaff service. 

Also, take into consideration that if you pay 10£ for your normal plan, that’s what you have to pay to keep your mobile data on while traveling to selected destinations. If not, then you will have to pay from 25 to 35£ to use Goodybag’s and keep the mobile data on as long as you can.

Giffgaff local and international phone calls rates

When talking about phone calls, we need to take into consideration what we said before. There are no big changes here, the rates basically remain the same for this service too.

So remember, if you pay 10£ for your local, you will have access to the phone calls allowance that you usually have, but only on determined destinations. But, if you go to other countries, then you have to go for the Goodybag’s.

Giffgaff text messages rates

Last but not least, we have to talk about the text messages rates. This might not be the most used service for people who are roaming through the world, but it can be somehow useful for a lot of people.

Once again, we have to mention the same stuff that we were talking about previously. People will have the chance to get their local text messages allowance, or they can use a Goodybag to properly enjoy the service, but it all will depend on where the people will travel to.

Countries in which people can use the Giffgaff roaming

Surprisingly, the list of countries that people go to and enjoy their travel with their local allowance is pretty low. That’s a big downside when choosing this service because there are other services that offer better deals than Giffgaff, like Vodafone or Google.

Here’s the small list of countries where people will have the chance to use their local allowance when traveling: 

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

But, the list is a bit bigger when talking about the other countries that people can travel to using the Goodybag’s. Basically, the list is bigger than expected as people can basically use that service in a lot of different countries, but they are not listed on the company’s website.

Alternatives for the Giffgaff roaming service

So far, we have talked about the rates that Giffgaff offers to people. But, for some clients, the service might not be enough for them. That’s why we have other services that we can use while traveling through the world, and they can be even better than the Giffgaff service.

What are the services, you might be asking? Well, some of them are SIM cards, eSIMs, and other services that we will talk about right now.

International SIM Card

We all have used SIM cards in the past, and that’s basically what we will be using right now. It might be surprising, but yes, SIM cards can be used for traveling purposes.

People can buy these SIM cards wherever they go to, and they can buy before they reach the country, or they can buy them while already being in the country they are visiting. Either way, one of the companies that we recommend using is Holafly.

Internatinal eSIM Card

If you are familiar with SIM cards, we have great news for you because there’s a new alternative that people can use, and we are talking about the eSIMs cards.

These “SIM cards” are completely digital, and they might be the future for mobile communications, and even for roaming services. And, in case you need a recommendation on which one to choose, we recommend using the Holafly eSIM card.

Free WiFi

We all know that WiFi can be pretty helpful for people depending on where they are at. Whether they are at a hotel, a restaurant, or even while walking through a city, you might find a free WiFi hotspot that you can connect to.

And, this can be useful for some people, but remember that once you are no longer inside the hotspot area, then you won’t be able to use an internet connection anymore.

Pocket WiFi

If you have been traveling through the world for quite some time now, chances are that you have heard about the Pocket WiFi devices in the past

These small devices work by giving people a WiFi hotspot that they can connect to for as long as they rent the device, and the service tends to be completely unlimited, which is why it become popular a few days ago.

How to activate the Giffgaff roaming?

The activation process with Giffgaff is quite simple. People can do it through the company’s website in a matter of seconds, and that’s basically all the process that they need to follow.

In case you need to buy a Goodybag, you can also do it through the Giffgaff website as well.

Opinions about the Giffgaff Roaming

  1. “I have been a customer of Giffgaff for more than 10 years and I have never considered going elsewhere. Admittedly I invested in a great device that I have looked after leaving me only to pay for my monthly Goodybag. “
  2. “Giffgaff, a great company, and great prices! Always kept up to date with usage and prices. Would highly recommend it.”
  3. “Well pleased with GiffGaff service. Website is easy to navigate and very transparent for the customer. Good offers all year round and easy to switch packages at the flick of a button to recommend GiffGaff to anyone who wants a no-nonsense simple to use provider.
  4. “Twice bought a refurbished phone described as ‘as new’. Had to send both back. Scratches on front and back and poor battery health. My sister in law (who I recommended giffgaff to) received one with very large cracks on the back. Disappointing. Rated and recommended giffgaff but no more :(“
  5. “A lot things to improve: 1) Connection to London Underground network is not available or not working 2) price for oversea data is way to expensive, having a good pack is useless 3) No 5G available for UK”
  6. “I bought new Giffgaff SIM card tried to activate the SIM card to just use a pay as you go voucher as I don’t do contract. Giffgaff wanted my bank card details to activate this SIM card. This just doesn’t make sense to me”
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