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eSIM Yoigo: Everything you need to know

esim yoigo

The future of the mobile phone industry is the eSIM card.  It´s arrival to the market has been rather slow, but that doesn´t mean this has been a problem. Users are demanding more of this new technology every day and the phone companies are conscious of this.  Orange began the eSIM hype in 2018, and the …

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eSIM Vodafone: All you need to know

esim vodafone

During 2018, Orange announced that they would change the technological market with a new technology. The rest of the companies followed their steps so they wouldn´t be left behind.  Everybody is aware that the future of mobile technology is the eSIM card, and even though it´s arrival has been rather slow, we will see hoy …

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eSIM Truphone: Characteristics, prices and countries

esim truphone

The free market has allowed for new companies to appear and that way we can find better options every day. One of these companies is Truphone, and it is here as a strong competitor for similar companies. But, what is Truphone? What is the Truphone eSIM technology? In which countries can we use the Truphone …

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eSIM Orange: All you need to know

esim orange

Every month a new device appears bringing new and improved hardware for mobile phones. Years ago, it was impossible to imagine travelling around the world with a technology different from roaming and during years there has been a struggle for this service to be better and cheaper. Today, the situation is different. Even though roaming …

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eSIM O2: Everything you need to know

esim o2

During the summer of 2018, Orange explained publically that they were going to bring the eSIM technology to their users. This alerted the other companies and they decided to do the same to also give their users the best conditions possible.  Understanding that this substitute for the physical SIM card is making its way step …

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