Use Cell phone in Morocco: How much does it cost? (Guide for travelers)

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Does Morocco sound like a place you would like to visit? If the answer is yes, then chances are you need to find a bit of extra information to enjoy your trip as much as possible. That’s why today we will talk about something quite important today, how to use a cell phone in Morocco.

So, what do people have to know about this service? That’s what we will explain, as there are many things people might not know and that can make their trip much better, so keep an eye on what we have to say.

Can I use my cell phone in Morocco?

This is the biggest question people have when traveling. Using a cellphone is nowadays one of the most common things people can do, no one can actually deny that. And while traveling, using these devices is even more important.

Now, there are some things people should know before traveling, such as which bands work in the country, what options they have for using their cellphone, and a lot more. But don’t worry, we’ll talk about that right now.

5G bandsNo 5G networks are available for now.
4G bandsLTE 800 (Band 20), LTE 1800 (Band 3)
3G bandsUMTS 2100
2G bandsGSM 900
Table 1: Network frequencies in Morocco. Source:

What are the options for using a cell phone in Morocco?

There are many options for people to use while being in Morocco. There’s nothing to worry about in case an International eSIM is not what someone wants, or if a Pocket WiFi device is too expensive. Let’s see what options are available for us.

eSIM for traveling abroad

The first option on our list couldn’t be other than the eSIM. Undoubtedly, it has become the most used alternative among travelers due to everything it has to offer and all the benefits it gives to people.

So, in case you are needing a service that can help you stay connected while being in Morocco, this is something that will surely help you. And if you want a more personal recommendation, the Holafly eSIM Morocco is a good option for everyone.

Days of useAmount of mobile dataPrice (USD)
5 days2.5GB27
7 days3.5GB34
10 days5GB37
15 days7.5GB47
Table 2: Values of Holafly’s eSIM data variants for Morocco

We can’t move forward to other options without talking about the advantages and disadvantages of this service.


Without a doubt, eSIMs have many advantages for people to consider, so let’s get to know which one these are.

  • Works with most 4G networks and gives high-speed connections.
  • eSIMs won’t require to change to a new phone number.
  • Only needs a QR code to complete the activation process.
  • Holafly gives access to 24/7 customer support if the eSIM comes from them.


Let’s talk about the disadvantages of this service. Don’t worry, there’s no big deal to worry about here.

  • Only work with last-gen devices such as iPhones, Samsung, and similar.
  • People can only use their eSIM on one device.
  • eSIMs won’t give access to text messages or phone calls. 

International SIM Card

Time to talk about another alternative that has become quite famous. Up to this point, international SIM cards are among the most popular alternatives for travelers as they are easy to use, and even easier to get.

We have a recommendation for many people out there, and that one is the Holafly Morocco SIM card due to everything it offers to travelers! 

Days of useAmount of mobile dataPrice (USD)
7 Days2GB31
10 Days3GB38
30 days5GB42
Table 3: Values of the data variants of Holafly’s Morocco SIM card

Time to talk about the pros and cons of this service that many people are waiting to use.

SIM card advantages

This SIM card is somehow different to the one we are used to seeing on a daily basis. Therefore, there are some differences worth mentioning.

  • Gives people a new phone number to use.
  • Doesn’t actually require people to change their cellphone number to use this SIM card.
  • Holafly gives 24/7 customer support service to whoever needs it.

SIM card negative points

There are some negative points about this service, but there’s no need to worry as these cons aren’t a deal-breaker for travelers.

  • Will only work with open-band devices.
  • The amount of mobile data is a bit low.

Pocket WiFi for Morocco

Back in the day, Pocket WiFi devices were among the top options for travelers. But, nowadays this has changed a bit. It is mostly due to the price of renting one of these devices.

Other than that, the service is still pretty solid and offers people a good chance to enjoy their trip while being connected. But, there are other alternatives that are way cheaper to use.

Free WiFi in Morocco

Morocco is a place where people can enjoy lots of things, and free WiFi connections are part of that list. In different places in the country, there’s a free connection for sure.

But, the issue here comes when people want to fully rely on that service, because it is not worth it. Still, you can get a bit of help by using apps such as Avast Wi-Fi Finder, WiFi Map, or WinMan.

Can I use my phone service in Morocco?

As a matter of fact, you can. As long as your mobile company works there with their roaming service, there’s nothing to worry about because your cellphone will still work, but with different plans, of course.

Today we will talk about two of the most important mobile companies people tend to use, so pay attention to what we have to say.

Using my cell phone in Morocco with AT&T

The first option for us is AT&T. Up to this point they offer people two different plans, and the one they choose will depend on their needs, to be fair. One of them is focused on phone calls, and it costs $15 per line.

The second option is to use the International Travel Pass which costs $10 per day, and this one does give access to mobile data

Using my cell phone in Morocco with Vodafone

Vodafone is quite known among people who are in the UK. They offer their customers the chance to enjoy their local plan in different countries, but Morocco is not part of that list as of now.

Therefore, people will have to pay to access to mobile data and other similar services. The price they charge is $7 per day.

Local mobile operators in Morocco

In case you are planning on getting a SIM card from a local company in Morocco, that’s possible to achieve. But, getting it is not as easy as it looks, as the companies are strict with their policies.

Still, there’s no need to worry, you have plenty of options to forget about using these SIM cards.

How much does it cost to use my cell phone in Morocco?

To close things up, we have to refresh people’s memories a bit. We have talked about different mobile services, different traveling options, and more. So, let’s see what are the prices people can come across when finding the proper service to use while traveling to Morocco.

Service Internet tariff in Morocco
eSIM card Morocco7.5GB for 15 days for 47 USD
SIM card Morocco5GB for 30 days for 42 USD
AT&T roaming in Morocco$10 with the International Travel Pass
Vodafone Roaming in Morocco7 USD per day depending on the destination
Pocket WiFi for MoroccoFrom 50 to 100 USD for a week of usage.
Public WiFi in MoroccoFree
Table 4. Rates of the different options to connect to the internet in Morocco

Remember that this guide might help you out when traveling to other locations. The only thing you will have to do is to change the prices of the services mentioned here, but that’s nothing to actually worry about.

Other than that, we only have to give people a recommendation, as it to use the Holafly SIM and eSIM card if possible, everything that it has to offer won’t disappoint people.

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