Pocket WiFi Dominican Republic: What are the best options?

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Traveling through the Caribbean is surely one of those trips most people have dreamed about. Losing in the clear waters of its beaches, listening to some local music, and learning about the roots of these countries. For example, Dominican Republic is one of those countries we mention. And if you want to go there, you should take a Pocket WiFi Dominican Republic with you.

In case you don’t know what we are talking about, there’s no need to worry about that. We have you covered, and we will tell you everything you need to know in order to rent a Pocket WiFi Dominican Republic. But, what’s more important, we’ll also tell you about other alternatives. 

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Companies offering Portable WiFi in the Dominican Republic

Portable WiFi provider company Weekly rates (Including other expenses)
Travelers WiFi84.85 USD (Weekly use) + 5.80 to 35 USD (Delivery)
Mio WiFi56 USD (Weekly use) + 11.36 to 22.71 USD (Delivery)
Travel WiFi62.65 USD (Weekly use) + 50 USD (Delivery + Insurance)
Cello Mobile104,93 USD (Weekly use) + 14.99 USD (Insurance) + 75 USD (Worldwide delivery) or 20 to 40 USD (Delivery to Dominican Republic, USA, and Canada) 
My Webspot 83.85 USD (Weekly use) + 5.57 to 11.24 USD (Delivery)

Details and rates of Portable WiFi for the Dominican Republic

So, to get into the details we want to know, we have to take a quick look at the service we are talking about. Now, it’s time to talk about the details people must know.

Each one of these companies offers a different service, and therefore, have their own policies. So, keep an eye on what we will be telling you. 

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Travelers WiFi

The first company on our list comes directly from Europe and offers its service all over the world. 

Travelers WiFi has been quite famous in the past, and they are still a reliable company. In case you want to rent a device with them, you will have to pay $84.85 per week. Also, you need to know the service only includes 1GB of mobile data per day.

In case you want to receive the Pocket WiFi in your house or in a determined location, you can ask for a delivery. It will cost around 5 to 35 USD depending on how far you are from Switzerland.

The last thing to mention here is the fact that this company has its own policies regarding the loss or damage of its devices. If any of these situations happen, people will be charged $159 which must be paid as soon as possible.


A company located in South America couldn’t be out of this list. MioWiFi is located in Argentina, and they are offering the Pocket WiFi Dominican Republic service.

For those who are near Argentina, it is a decent company to rely on. They offer a week of usage for $56 which includes 1GB of mobile data per day.

The downside here is when we get to talk about the delivery rates. They do offer delivery to its clients, but the price of it is around 40 to 50 USD depending on where people are at. But, in most cases, people will have to pay 50 USD for the delivery.

Now, to finish what we have to say about this company, let’s talk about their policies too. Such as other companies in the market, people will have to pay if they damage or lose the Pocket WiFi. The penalty for this is $260 and must be paid immediately. 

Travel WiFi

Moving on with the rest of the companies on our list, we get to talk about Travel WiFi. Known before as Wifivox, they are located in Spain and offer the Pocket WiFi Dominican Republic service.

This company offers different plans to its clients, and the rates will mostly change depending on where people are traveling. In the case of the Dominican Republic, people will have to pay $62.65 for a week of usage. These devices will give people access to 1GB of mobile data per day.

In case you need to receive the device in your house or office, you can count that Travel WiFi will send it to you. Obviously, you will have to pay for the service. Depending on where you are at, the delivery rates are around 3 to 23 USD.

Something that can’t be forgotten here is the fact the company also charges an extra fee to those who lose or damage their devices. If this happens to you, be prepared to pay around $149 to 199 if you have any accessories with you.

Cello Mobile

Cello Mobile is a company located near the Dominican Republic, which makes sense of why they are on our list. 

This company is based in the United States and will offer people the chance to use their service in the Dominican Republic. To rent a Pocket WiFi Dominican Republic with them, people will have to pay $104.93 per week.

Just like it happens with many other companies around the world, they offer people the chance to receive the rented device on their houses. Depending on where people are located, the rates will vary from 10 to 75 USD. The cheapest countries to receive the device in Mexico and Canada, as the rest of the countries will have to pay $75 to receive the Pocket WiFi.

We couldn’t miss the chance to tell people to be prepared to pay an extra fee in case they have damaged or lost a device of the company. Just as we have seen before, they will charge people if this happens. The main difference here is they only charge $75 for their device. 

My Webspot 

The last company on our list also comes from Europe. To be more specific, they are the closest competitor of Travelers WiFi as they are both based in Switzerland.

As we have seen before, this company will also have its own rates. If you want to have Pocket WiFi Dominican Republic with you, the price to pay is $83.85 per week with 1GB of mobile data included.

My Webspot also offers people the chance to receive the rented device wherever they want. But, gladly, their rates are somehow low. In case you go on with this option, the rates are around 5 to 11 USD.

To finish things up here, the last thing we will mention is the penalties. As we have seen before, all these companies will charge if you lose or damage their devices. My Webspot is no different, but they charge in two different ways. The first one, if you didn’t have insurance for the device, is 204.41 USD. If you had insurance, it dropped to 102.20 USD. 

Similar Portable WiFi options in the Dominican Republic

Maybe the Pocket WiFi devices aren’t the best alternatives after what we have seen. Not only for the prices of the services but also due to the policies of each company. Having one can end up being a nightmare.

So, in case you want to have another alternative for your trip, we have you covered. We will briefly talk about eSIM and SIM cards, so pay attention to what we will say.

International SIM Card for the Dominican Republic

To begin with the alternatives we just mentioned, we’ll talk about the international SIM card. This international SIM card will work exactly like a normal SIM as it will give you a new phone number and access to all the features we all know.

The good thing is, now you can buy a SIM card for the specific destination you are visiting. And they are quite affordable in most cases, which is great for travelers.

In case you want to go ahead and give them a try, we have a recommendation that might be the perfect one for you. Try out the Holafly SIM card, we are sure that you will surely love their service. 

eSIM cards for the Dominican Republic

Moving on to the next alternative, we will talk about the eSIM card. These cards work in a pretty similar way to the traditional SIM cards, but they are mostly used to have internet access around the world.

These digital SIM cards are the modern alternative for the old-known SIM card and mostly work in new-gen devices. People can use them on cellphones and smartwatches, and the activation process is quite simple.

Now, if you need a recommendation about which eSIM you should use, try out the Holafly eSIM for the Dominican Republic

Free WiFi

We all have had, at least once, the chance to use a free WiFi hotspot. When traveling, you will surely find one with ease and different places, such as a restaurant or your hotel room.

But, keep an eye on these connections, as they are not always available. We can tell the free WiFi is a good alternative for travelers to save some money, but it might not always be available.

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