How to get Mobile Internet in Romania: Which option to choose?

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Are you planning to travel to Romania during your next vacation? If you’re visiting this European country, but don’t know which the best option is to have internet, don’t worry. In Roaming, we will show you everything you need to know about the options to have internet in Romania. Additionally, you will also learn about the rates and data plans they offer you, along with their cellular coverage.

Here you will learn about the best options to have internet in Romania, such as SIM and eSIM cards. Moreover, you’ll see other options, perhaps not so recommended due to their high price, such as roaming. If you can’t decide, you will also find our recommendation, based on the pros and cons of each option.

Mobile data in Romania

Currently, there are many ways to connect to the internet in Romania. Even so, in any country in the world without the need to be a resident. This is due to new technologies that give us the possibility to connect to cellular services around the world. These new alternatives can be found in Pockets WiFi, SIM cardseSIM, and even in your operator’s roaming for Romania. Countries have been making progress in aspects such as cellular internet coverage, which allows us to connect without any of the above products. All thanks to the free WiFi spots offered by the Romanian government.

Here at Roaming, we anticipate that one of the best options available to have internet in Romania is the SIM and eSIM cards offered by Holafly. Since with this company you can connect to the internet for a cheap price through its different products. You can also have additional advantages both in your Holafly SIM card for Romania and in your Holafly eSIM card for Romania.

Internet prices in Romania

We know that one of the most important aspects that we must pay attention to when buying any product is the price of that product and what it offers us. This also applies to deciding which of the options mentioned is better to have internet in Romania. For you to have this information, at Roaming, we have made a comparative table with all the data rates. This way you can compare the price of each product and what it offers you.

ServiceInternet prices in Romania
SIM card Romania30 days, 8GB of data for 34 dollars
eSIM Romania5 days with unlimited data for 19 dollars.
Rent Pocket WiFi– Travelers WiFiPocket WiFi for 7 days costs 72 dollars and includes 1GB of data in 4G for each day
Public WiFiFree Public WiFi, usually lasts 45 minutes
Verizon operator roaming $2.05 for every MB and $1.78 per minute
T-Mobile operator roaming$15 per MB
AT&T operator roaming $2.05 per MB
Table 1. Comparison of internet rates in Romania with USA cellular operators.

SIM card to have internet in Romania

As we mentioned at the beginning, SIM cards with data for Romania are a very good option when you want to connect to the internet. This is due to multiple reasons, such as the simple process of buying and activating this product, which makes it very convenient, or the low price offered in different places, which makes it affordable.

However, not all SIM cards offer the same thing. Although you can buy this product at Romanian airports, we recommend that you do it before traveling through the Holafly online store. In this way, your SIM card will have more advantages, such as a reasonable price, coverage in multiple countries, free shipping, and even a number to receive free calls.

SIM prices to travel to Romania

  • 30 days, 8GB of data for 34 dollars.
  • 30 days, 12GB of data for 44 dollars.

eSIM to have internet in Romania

Another of the most recommended options is eSIM with international data for Romania. As with SIM cards, allows us to connect to the internet at a good price. However, you should consider that eSIMs, unlike SIM cards, are not compatible with all smartphones since it’s a somewhat new technology. Therefore, before buying one of these products, we recommend that you check their compatibility with your cell phone.

If you already know that your cellphone is compatible with the eSIM with data for Romania and you’re interested in buying it, we recommend that you take a look at Holafly eSIM for Romania. As with SIM cards, they also have additional advantages that can be quite useful for your trip. For example, unlimited data, 24-hour customer service, instant shipping, etc.

eSIM prices to travel to Romania

  • 5 days with unlimited data for 19 dollars.
  • 15 days with unlimited data for 47 dollars.
  • 20 days with unlimited data for 57 dollars.
  • 30 days with unlimited data for 69 dollars.
  • 60 days with unlimited data for 87 dollars.

Portable WiFi to have internet in Romania

In short, the Pocket WiFi is a small router whose main feature is providing internet to more than one cell phone at the same time. This makes it a very interesting alternative if you travel with a large group of people. Another of its main features is how expensive it can be to rent one of these routers.

What makes it so expensive? In addition to paying a fee for renting the Pocket WiFi, you will also have to pay for the data plan you want to use with it. This makes you pay twice for the same service, not to mention shipping costs and anti-theft insurance, which are not included most of the time. However, if you’re interested in buying one, below, we show you the companies offering this product and their prices:

Travel Wifi. The price for renting a Pocket WiFi for 7 days is 72 dollars. It includes 1GB of data in 4G for each day and unlimited data in 3G. Additionally, you will have to pay a shipping fee of 9 dollars and a return envelope of 5.10 dollars. So, you’ll end up paying 87 dollars.

How to get internet in Romania with your cellular provider?

Almost ending with the options to connect to the internet in Romania, we can find one of the most expensive alternatives besides Pocket WiFi. We are talking about the Roaming service offered by cellular operators in the USA. This service is expensive, mainly because instead of giving you a data plan for a fixed price, the company charges you for every MB you use, which makes it quite pricey at the end of your trip.

Now we will explain in detail what each of the plans mentioned consists of to connect to the Internet in Romania.

Internet in Romania with Verizon

If you use the cellular operator Verizon and want to connect to the internet with its international roaming service, the good news is that you can choose between different options. First of all, with the Travell Pass, you can enjoy your phone services as if you were at home, you only have to pay $10 a day. You can also use the services on a pay-as-you-go basis, i.e. for every MB you use, you will pay $2.05, and if you prefer to make calls, you will pay $1.78 per minute.

Internet in Romania with T-Mobile

If you are a user of T-mobile you will have to pay a fixed price for each MB you use, which will be 15 dollars. You will only have to pay this if you do not have one of the Simple Global Plans. However, if you currently have one of the above-mentioned plans, you will be able to use your phone services at no extra cost.

Internet in Romania with AT&T

Finally, if you are a user of the mobile operator AT&T, you can make use of international roaming during your trip to Romania. You can purchase the International Travel Pass, which cost 10 dollars a day and with which you can make use of your phone call and internet services. However, you can also use the roaming services and pay for the usage you have, i.e. if you use one MB of data, you will have to pay $2.05 for it.

Public WiFi in Romania

Finally, one of the easiest and cheapest options to have internet in Romania is through the Public WiFi spots that we can find throughout this country. Even though this can be considered as one of the best options because you don’t have to pay to have unlimited internet, it is one of the least recommended options to have internet for a long time during your vacations.

The public WiFi networks that you can find in places such as bars, restaurants, metro stations, squares, parks, etc., don’t offer any kind of security. As a result, anyone with malicious intent to steal the data you enter while connecting to one of these networks.

Therefore, we recommend that if you want to save some money and you’re only going to travel a couple of days to Romania, this option can be quite good for you. However, try not to enter any type of important banking information, since, as we mentioned, this can be easily stolen.

Internet coverage map in Romania

If you plan to be permanently in Romania, we share the fixed internet coverage map that you can get during your trip to this European country.

Coverage in 3G, 4G, and 5G networks

Telia coverage map in Romania. Source: GSMA

What we recommend

Once you have seen and analyzed the previous alternatives to have internet in Romania, we mainly recommend Holafly SIM cards and eSIM cards. Because, in addition to being one of the cheapest, its advantages and benefits make it the most complete alternative and, without a doubt, a very good candidate for your trip to Romania.

FAQs about the internet in Romania

Here are some useful questions that travelers often have when buying internet service for Romania.

What network frequencies work in Romania?

The frequencies usually vary depending on the type of network (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) but most of them in Romania use 800, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600, and 3500. If these network frequencies are not supported by your smartphone, you won’t be able to connect to the internet during your trip to Romania.

What are the phone companies operating in Romania?

Currently, there are many telecommunications companies in Romania, but the main ones and ones most recommended by tourists and locals alike are RCS & RDS and Romtelecom.

What kind of networks exists in Romania?

Currently, in Romania, they have networks: 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G.

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