How to get Mobile internet in Mendoza: Which option to choose?

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If it’s the first time you are traveling to Mendoza and you don’t know how to connect during your trip to this city, here we will show you all the alternatives to connecting to the internet in Mendoza. Their prices, advantages and disadvantages, and so much more.

Some of the alternatives we will mention will probably seem familiar to you, like the traditional cellular data SIM card or the expensive international cellular roaming service. We will also tell you about some new alternatives, like the eSIM card for Mendoza, which offers cellular data for an accessible price, or the Pocket WiFi, a small router that will let you have a WiFi signal while carrying it around with you.

If by the end of this article you are not sure which option is the best for you, we will give you our recommendation to help you pick the alternative that best suits your needs.


Mobile data in Mendoza

As we already told you, there are many ways to connect in Mendoza. However, not all of them are the same. In this article, you will see the prices of each alternative and how to connect to the internet using SIM and eSIM cards, Roaming, Pocket WiFi, and the public WiFi networks available in Mendoza.

Remember that the roaming service will depend on your domestic operator and location so that the price will vary. For example, if you live in the USA, operators like AT&T or T-Mobile offer very interesting plans. Or if you are from the UK and use the services of O2, you’ll have different perks and benefits.

How much does it cost to connect to the internet in Mendoza?

One of the most important things is knowing each alternative’s price. To help you compare them, we have prepared a table that you can check below, with each alternative’s prices and data plans.

ServicesPrice (USD)
AT&T International Roaming$2.05/MB
T-Mobile International Roaming$15/MB
O2 international roaming$6 per day
Rent a TravelersWifi Pocket Wifi500MB at $16.4 per day
Holafly SIM card6GB 4G for 15 days at $47
Holafly eSIM card6GB for 15 days at $44
Public WifiFree
Table 1. Rates of the different options to connect to the internet in Mendoza

SIM card for Mendoza

Getting a SIM card for Mendoza is one of the best alternatives. Why? Because it is a product we are already familiar with, so the installation and activation process won’t be a problem. It is also an accessible option. We recommend you buy the SIM card before traveling to have an internet connection right when you land in Mendoza.

You can get a SIM card in the Holafly virtual store, which offers a SIM card for Mendoza with free shipping and 24-hour customer service and support. It also connects to the Movistar network, one of the best in Argentina.

Holafly SIM card for Mendoza: prices and data plans

  • 15 days, 6 GB, at $47

eSIM card for Mendoza

A new alternative to avoid expensive international roaming fees is to connect to the internet with an eSIM card. This card works like a traditional SIM card, but it is a little bit better since it is a virtual device; you don’t have to wait for it to arrive, and you can acquire it anywhere you are in just a couple of minutes.

Before acquiring an eSIM card, you have to know that there are some conditions you have to consider: first, you have to make sure that your cellphone can support the eSIM technology. If you are interested in this device, you can acquire it on the Holafly virtual store, for an accessible price, with 24-hour customer service and the possibility of sharing your cellular data with your loved ones.

Holafly eSIM card for Mendoza: data plans and prices

  • 6 GB for 15 days at $44

Can I connect to the internet with cellular operators?

Yes, you can use international roaming for your trip to Mendoza, but this alternative is very expensive, and the price may vary depending on your country. If you are from Chile, for example, you won’t have to pay any extra price if you are traveling to Argentina because both countries neighbor each other. But, if you are from another country and want to know the price you will have to pay, you can keep reading this article.

AT&T Roaming for Mendoza

In case you want to use the international roaming service offered by this company, you should know that the price will be $2.05 for each MB used. Likewise, if you would like to make calls, these will be priced at $3 per minute. And as for text messages, they are $0.5 for each one.

On the other hand, AT&T also offers its users the International Travel Pass, which costs $10 per day, and if you purchase it, you can enjoy unlimited telephone services, just as if you were at home!

T-Mobile Roaming for Mendoza

If you are a T-Mobile user, the price you will have to pay with this provider is $15 per MB. However, this is only for those users who do not have a Gold Simple plan. Users who do have this plan will be able to enjoy T-Mobile’s roaming services at no extra cost.

O2 Roaming for Mendoza

Contrary to the other companies, O2 UK offers a plan called Travel Bolt On, with which users traveling to countries outside the European Union will be able to enjoy their phone services, paying only $6 per day. Also, this plan is effortless to activate.

Pocket Wifi for Mendoza

Another option is to rent a Pocket WiFi, which is a small router device that you can carry in your pocket during your adventures, and it will let you connect to the internet as long as it has a charged battery. It is important you know that its battery usually lasts 8 hours, so if you plan to take long walks, this option may not be the best for you.

Pocket WiFi is also known because of its high price. It is a costly option because you are paying for the cellular data and renting the device, the shipping, returning, and the anti-theft insurance. Everything is separate!

If you want to know more, you can read additional information below, where we show you the price and providers that offer this product. We recommend you check the terms and conditions since sometimes there are extra terms and conditions in the small print.

Travelers WiFi: With this company, you can acquire a Pocket WiFi with a daily 500 MB at $16.4. But you have to know that the shipping price is $28.3 and that you also have to pay for the return shipping of the device. If you lose it, you will have to pay $100.

Public Wifi in Mendoza

The last alternative is to connect to the public networks that you can find in malls, parks, public and cultural spaces, and more. Anyway, these types of networks usually are very slow, and not safe.

We recommend you pick this option only if your stay is short, and you don’t want to spend money on any extra device.

Coverage map for internet in Mendoza

Another important aspect is the coverage. If the coverage is not great, your connection won’t be the best. You can check the coverage maps below to see which zones offer the best coverage.

Fixed internet coverage

Map of local internet coverage in Mendoza. Source: Enacom Indicators Ar

3G, 4G coverage

Claro’s mobile coverage map in Mendoza. Source: GSMA

Our recommendation to have internet in Mendoza

Before you leave, we want to help you pick the best alternative, and we think that the best for you is to visit the Holafly virtual store and pick either a SIM or eSIM card. They are easy to acquire, and they offer so many benefits. Some advantages are 24-hour customer service, support, and keeping your WhatsApp number.

Frequent questions about how to have internet in Mendoza

What frequencies work in Mendoza?

The best frequencies are 700, 850, 1700, 1900, 2100, and 2600. Remember to make sure that your cellphone uses the same frequencies, or it won’t work.

What companies can I find in Mendoza?

Nowadays, the companies with the best coverage in Mendoza are Movistar, Claro, and Personal.

What networks can I find in Mendoza?

There you will find 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Nowadays, they are working on a 5G network.

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