How to get Mobile internet in Grenada: Which option to choose?

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Considered one of the most beautiful countries in the Caribbean, and even in America, Grenada is a destination that you surely don’t want to miss for anything in the world during your trip to the Caribbean coast. With some spectacular beaches, Grenada is also considered the most photogenic country you can find in this part of the world. However, if you want to get the best out of the beauty of this island, you need to know how to connect to the international internet in Grenada.

In addition to showing you what these options are, we will also show you how much it costs to connect to the internet in Grenada. Also, what cellular coverage can you enjoy on this island? If you are not sure which option to choose, you can see our recommendation at the end of this post. We will analyze each of these alternatives’ advantages, disadvantages, and rates to decide which is the best.

Options for cellular data in Grenada

As you might guess, there are a wide variety of options to get internet in Granada. Some of them offer you data packages at fairly reasonable prices, like the eSIM with data for Granada. In addition to offering low prices, depending on where you buy it, you can also enjoy other advantages that will improve your experience on this Caribbean island. 

Meanwhile, there are other options that, although they are not as affordable or beneficial, can also help you get an internet connection in Grenada. That is the case with the roaming service your domestic operator offers once you leave your home country. Despite the convenience of having internet just one click away, the price you will have to pay for this service is very high. Instead of paying for a low-priced data package, you will have to pay for each MB, minute you consume and each text message that you send.

However, in addition to these options, there are others that most travelers forget or overlook. Options such as Pockets WiFi, despite being quite pricey, are practical if you’re going on a trip with a large group of friends. Or free WiFi spots, which can also be useful if you use them wisely.

Cellular Internet prices in Grenada

With that in mind, another topic we have to discuss are the different prices and rates for these connectivity options. For this reason, we have compiled the data rates for each option in the comparison table below so that you can analyze and compare them and decide which of them suits you the most when connecting to the internet.

ServiceInternet prices in Grenade
eSIM Granada7 days with 3GB at $37 USD
Roaming in Grenada with AT&T1 MB at $2.05
Roaming in Grenada with Vodafone1 MB at $6.05
Roaming in Grenada with T-Mobile1 MB at $15
Rent Pocket WiFi from Travelers WifiInternet for a week at $65 + $25 for shipping costs.
Public WiFiFree
Table 1. Rates of the options to connect to the internet in Grenada.

eSIM to have internet in Grenada

As we mentioned before, one of the best options you will have to connect to the internet once you arrive in Grenada will be the new international data eSIM, also known as a virtual SIM card. Being a digital product, there are no shipping or delivery fees whatsoever! Therefore, you’ll be able to buy your eSIM for Grenada anywhere in the world in a flash. Easy-peasy!

In addition to this advantage, the data rates of these eSIMs are money-saving compared to other rates, such as roaming or Pocket WiFi. Consequently, you’ll end up saving a lot of money once you finish your vacation. However, not all providers offer the same thing, much less at the same price. Therefore, if you want to buy the best eSIM for your trip to Grenada, we invite you to take a look at the Holafly eSIM.

eSIM plans with data

  • 7 days with 3 GB at $37
  • 15 days with 7 GB at $44
  • 30 days with 15 GB at $54

How can I connect to the internet in Grenada with my operator?

Another alternative to having an internet connection during your trip is the roaming service if you don’t want to buy any additional products. Despite being effortless to install, this service is usually quite expensive. However, the price and amount of data offered by roaming vary depending on your operator and your home country. Therefore, it is not usually recommended due to its high price for each MB you use.

If you’re still interested in having internet using the roaming service, then we present the data rates offered by three cellular operators.

Internet in Grenada with AT&T

If you use AT&T and you want to connect in Grenada with their roaming service, you will have to pay $2.05 for each MB you use while you are in this country. However, this company also offers its customers a daily plan, with which they can enjoy certain telephone benefits for only $10 a day.

Internet in Grenada with Vodafone

With a somewhat reasonable rate, Vodafone offers 1 MB of the internet at $6.05 during our stay in Grenada. To activate this service, you must install the My Vodafone official app. From the app, you can go to the roaming section and, from there, activate or deactivate the service as you like. 

Internet in Grenada with T-Mobile

On the other hand, if you are a user of the American company T-Mobile, then you can make use of the roaming service to Grenada, paying $15 for each MB you use. This applies only to those customers who do not have a Gold Plan.

Portable WiFi to have internet in Grenada

In short, they are small routers that you can carry in your pocket which can be uncomfortable. As long as their battery is charged, you can connect to the internet through a private WiFi network. However, the great disadvantage of these small WiFi Pockets is their high price. Like roaming, these small products are considered the most expensive alternative to having internet abroad. Moreover, its battery makes it risky to go out carelessly and enjoy your travels, while worrying that the device might run off the charge. It can be worse when there’s no outlet available.

If you’re still interested in knowing how much they cost and how to get them, then we will show you some Pockets WiFi providers and their rates to connect to the internet.

Providers of Pockets WiFi

Travelers WiFi: With this provider, you can browse the internet during your stay in Grenada for a week at $100 with shipping included. The data package offered by this provider is 1 GB of 4G data and unlimited 3G data once the first data runs out.

Travel Wifi: They offer you a Pocket WiFi with 1 GB of internet for a week at $90. Also, $65 for Pocket WiFi, and $25 for shipping.

Public WiFi spots that offer internet in Grenada

Finally, we have one of the cheapest options that are frequently forgotten by travelers. We are talking about the spots that offer you free WiFi in Grenada. These spots are usually found in public places such as bus stations, parks, squares, etc. However, they are also easy to find in private places such as restaurants, bars, and hotels, where you will surely have to buy something to access the password.

However, this type of free WiFi spot is usually congested, which means that the internet connection will be quite slow, and also somewhat unsafe because these types of networks don’t have a strong security barrier set up.

Internet coverage map

Do you want to know in which areas of Grenada you will have more or less coverage? If you want to know where you will have higher or lower data coverage in this country, read on.

3G or 4G coverage

3G cellular internet coverage map in Grenada. Source: GSMA

What we recommend

If, after seeing all these options, you are still not sure which alternative to choose to connect to the internet in Grenada, our recommendation is the new eSIM with data for Grenada. Certainly, it’s the only one of the alternatives previously seen that, in addition to having a good data rate, also has added advantages that can be very convenient during your vacation to this heavenly Caribbean island. 


We hope that this post has been useful to you. If you have any questions, below we will answer the most frequently asked questions that travelers usually have when connecting to the internet in Grenada.

What network frequencies work in Grenada?

Grenada internet networks work on the following frequencies: 2100, 1900, 1800, 1700, 900, and 850. However, these frequencies usually vary depending on the type of network (2G, 3G, 4G). Remember that these frequencies are important because, if your cellphone doesn’t work with them, you won’t be able to connect to the internet in Grenada.

What are the telephone companies that exist in Grenada?

Currently, there are quite a few companies that supply phone services in Grenada. However, the three main companies in Grenada are Flow, Digicel, Lycamobile, and Spice Mobile.

What kind of networks exists in Grenada?

Currently, the internet networks available in Grenada are 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular internet networks. 5G networks are expected to arrive in this country soon. However, for the moment, only 2G, 3G, and 4G networks are available.

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