How to get Mobile Internet in Andorra: Which option to choose?

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If Andorra is the next destination on your list, but you still don’t know how to connect to the internet while exploring, we recommend you read this article and pay close attention. Here we will show you the different options available to connect to the internet during your trip to Andorra. We will also let you in on the details of roaming in Andorra with the main international operators, even prepaid SIM cards! In this article, you will learn how to buy, activate, and use each of these options.

In addition, you will learn about the rates of the different options offered, such as data roaming, Pocket WiFi, and SIM cards for Andorra, among others so that you can compare them and decide based on their prices and features.

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Cell Phone data in Andorra

As you could see, there are many options to connect to the internet in Andorra. However, all these options are different from each other, features and prices are different as well. Additionally, the advantages they offer are different depending on each product.

As for international roaming, the main advantage is that you can easily activate it and start browsing quickly. However, its high price is a great disadvantage compared to the few advantages it offers.

One of the most common alternatives to check is the Pocket WiFi, which provides you with the internet at a fairly expensive price as well. However, they give you more advantages, such as sharing data with others. The most popular companies to buy one of these products for Andorra are Travel WiFi and Travelers Wifi.

Undoubtedly, one of the best options you have to connect to the internet from Andorra is Holafly data SIM cards. Why? The reasons why this is your best option are quite varied, but, mainly, it’s due to its affordable price and the number of advantages SIM card offers you. The advantages of this product range from free shipping, and quality customer service, to sharing data during your trip without additional fees.

Internet prices in Andorra

If you’re interested in knowing the rates of the aforementioned options, we encourage you to check the table below. Here you can find and compare the prices and features of all the services and products that we mentioned. This way you can decide which is the best option to connect to the internet during your trip to Andorra.

ServiceInternet prices in Andorra (USD)
Andorra SIM card4 GB of data for 7 days for $31.41
Roaming in Andorra with AT&T USA2.05 USD/MB
Roaming in Andorra with Vodafone UK2 USD/MB
Roaming in Andorra with T-Mobile15 USD/MB
Rent Pocket WiFi from Travelers Wifi1 GB for 7 days for $76.36 + $17.87 shipping
Rent Pocket WiFi from Travel WiFi1 GB for 7 days for $51.18 + $9.15 shipping
Public WiFiFree
Table 1. Rates of the different options to connect to the internet in Andorra

SIM card to have internet in Andorra

Holafly’s SIM card with data for Andorra is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives against roaming and Pocket WiFi. Why? There are several reasons why the SIM card is the best of the options. But the main one is the price. You only pay $31.41 to remain connected for 7 days with 4 GB of data. Additionally, the Holafly Andorra SIM card provides several advantages, such as free shipping to your home and free sharing data with friends.

How to get internet in Andorra with your cellular provider?

There are many ways to get internet during your trip to Andorra. Next, we will show you and explain in detail each of the steps you must take to connect to the internet with the roaming services of the main international operators, with the Pockets WiFi, and with the Holafly SIM and eSIM cards.

Internet in Andorra with AT&T USA

To have internet through AT&T roaming, all you have to do is activate the international roaming option. But obviously, you will have to pay extra fees for them depending on your daily usage. So if you are considering using your service with AT&T while being in Andorra, then you must know that for each MB consumed you will have to pay 2.05 USD.

On the other hand, if you would like to make calls you’ll have to pay  2 USD per call minute. And sending or receiving text messages will cost you 0.5 USD for text messages, as well as 1.5 USD for video and picture messages.

Internet in Andorra with Vodafone UK

To connect with Vodafone in Andorra, all you have to do is visit the official website of Vodafone and click on the international roaming tab. Enter your prepaid account number and select the destination where you want to travel. Once you activate data roaming with Vodafone, you will spend 2 USD per MB. You can also choose from their range of international roaming packs to activate an international roaming plan.

Internet in Andorra with T-Mobile

To access the internet through the T-Mobile roaming what you must do is dial #RON#, once you dial, and they verify that the roaming service has already been activated, you must activate the data roaming option on your cell phone.

If you have one of T-Mobile’s Simple Global plans you can get unlimited text messages and data. You will only have to pay for the calls you make in Andorra, only 0.25 USD per minute! On the other hand, in case you have other T-Mobile plans on your cell phone, you can also activate roaming. You will have to pay 15 USD per MB, a pretty high price, as you can see.

Portable WiFi to have internet in Andorra

Another pricey option to connect to the internet is Pocket WiFi, which, unlike the roaming service, allows you to share data with your fellow travelers. However, they aren’t entirely convenient, since you must have something other than your cell phone to connect to the internet, which is somewhat uncomfortable. Additionally, you must always keep your Pocket WiFi charged before leaving, so that you don’t run out of internet while traveling.

The companies that are most often used to travel to Andorra are Travel WiFi and Travelers Wifi. The rates of these companies are $51.18 and $76.36, respectively. In addition, you have to consider that these rates don’t include anti-theft or loss insurance, so you should consult it in advance so as not to have any surprises on your bill.

Public WiFi in Andorra

Surely, you’ll find several places where you can connect to the internet for free. Most of these places are public in Andorra. The squares, shopping malls, and subway stations often provide you with a completely free internet connection. However, these internet networks are not usually recommended because they have very little security, so they are easily hackable and the data you enter during your connection to these networks can be stolen.

Internet coverage map in Andorra

Coverage in Andorra doesn’t work unanimously, but rather by areas in which there’s good or not so good cellular internet coverage and fixed internet. In most cases, we can see how cellular and fixed internet is concentrated in urban areas with higher population density. However, for you to have all the information about the coverage in this country we present below the coverage maps in Andorra.

3G or 4G coverage

As for 3G or 4G cellular internet networks for Andorra in the following map, you can see the areas in which these networks have greater coverage and stability.

Cellular data coverage in Andorra. Source: GSMA

What we recommend

In conclusion, we can say that options such as your provider’s roaming service and Pockets WiFi are not the best idea to connect to the internet in Andorra due to their high prices. Regarding Public WiFi, is not so recommended either, despite being free, it has many shortcomings in terms of security.

However, we can see that the SIM card or the international eSIM or virtual SIM card for Andorra is an excellent option because it has many advantages and very few disadvantages. Free shipping to your home and the affordable prices are among the most notable advantages of this product offered by Holafly. And being able to share data with your fellow travelers without paying very high rent for a Pocket WiFi is another positive aspect. In addition, with Holafly’s Andorra SIM card you can connect to the internet from several countries such as France, the United Kingdom, or Switzerland.


What network frequencies work in Andorra?

Andorra’s internet networks work on the following frequencies: 2100, 1800, 900, and 800.

What are the phone companies operating in Andorra?

In this case, there’s not a great variety of telecommunications companies providing internet. The main company is Andorra Telecom.

What kind of networks exists in Andorra?

The internet networks available in Andorra are 2G, 3G, and 4G.

Can I have an eSIM to connect to the internet in Andorra?

Yes, with an eSIM for Andorra you can also connect to the internet in the Principality. For this, it’s essential to have a cell phone compatible with this technology.

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