Use Cell phone in Israel: How much does it cost? (Guide for travelers)

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Traveling around the world is one of the most amazing experiences someone can have. Therefore, they need to be prepared for their journey, and knowing how to stay communicated is something vital. That’s why today we will talk about how to use your cell phone in Israel, as it will help you out a lot.

So, if you are traveling to Israel any time soon, this article will help you to understand some things that can save your life while being there, and that can also help your budget a lot.

Can I use my cell phone in Israel?

Use cell phone in Israel? Is that possible? Of course, it is, and it is not as hard as people may think. There are some things people have to keep in mind, such as will they need a SIM card or a roaming service there?

But other than that, there’s nothing to actually worry about. Maybe you want to check the network bands of your cellphone before traveling there to see if it can work in Israel. Here’s the information about which network bands work there.

5G bands3500 (78)
4G bandsLTE 700 (28), LTE 1500 (32), LTE 1800 (3), LTE 2100 (1)
3G bandsUMTS 850, UMTS 900, UMTS 2100
2G bandsGSM 900, GSM 1800
Table 1: Network frequencies in Israel. Source:

What are the options for using a cell phone in Israel?

In case you are wondering which option you can get to use a cell phone in Israel, there are lots available. From eSIMs to roaming services, people have the chance to pick the alternative that suits them better. 

eSIM for traveling abroad

The first alternative on our list will be International eSIMs. For those wondering what eSIMs for Israel are, these are basically digital SIM cards that people can take wherever they go while traveling worldwide.  

Israel is part of the list of countries people can visit with an eSIM, and there are different companies offering this service. For us, the best option is Holafly, so let’s see the prices of their eSIM Israel.

Days of useAmount of cellular dataPrice (USD)
8 days3GB$34
15 days5GB$44
Table 2: Values of Holafly’s eSIM data variants for Israel

Now, something is missing here. What about the advantages and disadvantages of using an eSIM?


Just like happen with any other product, there are some advantages to using an eSIM while traveling; here’s a list of what you should know:

  • The eSIM won’t change the WhatsApp phone number people are using.
  • No need to subscribe to purchase a Holafly eSIM.
  • People can activate an eSIM by only using a QR code.
  • SIM and eSIM cards can work together.
  • It gives access to high-speed connections while traveling in Israel.
  • Availability to share cellular data with other people.


Now, let’s talk about the disadvantages of using an eSIM. There aren’t many, but it is worth knowing them.

  • eSIMs only work in last-gen devices.
  • eSIMs don’t offer people phone calls or text messages.
  • Once installed, the eSIM can’t be switched to a different device.

International SIM Card

Nowadays, people can use International SIM cards when traveling worldwide. This is a perfect option as people can save a lot of money by using one, and there are lots of benefits people can get by using one.

For us, one of the most reliable options for people to use is the Holafly SIM card for Israel, which we will see the rates right now. 

Days of useAmount of cellular dataPrice (USD)
8 days3GB$39
15 days5GB$49
Table 3: Values of the data variants of Holafly’s Israel SIM card

Now, let’s talk about those pros and cons people have to know about while using a SIM card.

SIM card advantages

SIM cards have some advantages for users being. The most important one is the chance to use them worldwide. But, let’s see what other things we have to say.

  • Cheaper than other communication services.
  • Access to 24/7 customer support service if bought through Holafly.
  • Gives a new phone number to people at their destination.
  • No need to change the WhatsApp number someone is using.
  • Easy to activate once people have reached their destination.

SIM card negative points

Just like it happens with similar products, we have to talk about the disadvantages of this SIM card.

  • Might not have the expected duration for people’s journeys.
  • Only work on open-band devices.

Pocket WiFi for Israel

Another alternative for people traveling to Israel is the Pocket WiFi device. These devices were quite famous back in the day when eSIMs and SIM cards weren’t available for traveling, and they are still an option nowadays.

The only thing to consider about them comes when talking about the price, which is quite high. Most devices are rented for 50 to over 100 USD for a week. Still, it can be an option to consider. 

Free WiFi in Israel

As we are talking about a highly visited place, the chances are that there are lots of free WiFi hotspots in Israel. It can be a good idea for people to use them, for an emergency or something similar, but we can’t really recommend relying on them.

Still, you can go ahead and find free WiFi while visiting the city, and you can use apps such as Avast Wi-Fi Finder, WinMan, or WiFi Map to make things easier. 

Can I use my phone service in Israel?

In case you think using a roaming service is the best option for you, that’s totally ok. International roaming is available with different companies in Israel, but you have to keep in mind that this service is pretty expensive.

Still, if you want to go ahead and use it, we are here to talk about it. To be more specific, today we will talk about two different cellular operators people can rely on while being there, AT&T and O2.

Using my cell phone in Israel with AT&T 

AT&T is one of the most famous cellular operators in the United States. They have different plans for their customers and for travelers; they offer two different plans to make things easier for them.

One of these plans is only focused on giving people access to phone calls and text messages for a price of $15 per line, but that’s not what we are looking for.

On the other hand, people can use the International Pass, which gives access to cellular data and text messages, and phone calls. The main difference is the price, as it costs $10 per day, or people can go ahead and use only data for $2.05 per consumed MB.

Using my cell phone in Israel with O2

Another option for people to consider is using O2. In this case, this cellular operator is from the UK, so keep an eye on that if you are not living there.

The rates offered by O2 are accessible for some people, as they charge $6 per day when it comes to their roaming service. Other than that, there’s nothing else people have to know about this service.

Local cellular operators in Israel

People can use cellular operators once they reach Israel; that’s true. But, these services are more focused on being accessible for locals, not for travelers. Still, if you think you want to give them a shot the options available are Cellcom, HOT Mobile, and Partner Mobile.

How much does it cost to use my cell phone in Israel?

Now that we have talked about the different services available for people who are visiting Israel, it is time to make a summary of all the options available for traveling there. It might be good for you to save this table for the future if you want to compare prices for a future trip!

Service Internet tariff in Israel
eSIM card Israel5GB for 15 days for 44 USD
SIM card Israel12GB for 30 days for 49 USD
AT&T roaming in Israel2.05/MB or 10 USD per day.
O2 Roaming in Israel6 USD per day
Pocket WiFi for IsraelFrom 50 to 100 USD for a week of usage.
Public WiFi in IsraelFree
Table 4. Rates of the different options to connect to the internet in Israel

Up to this point, we truly hope that everything we have told you here can help you make the perfect decision. Keep in mind that Holafly is one of the best possible options to use for travelers. 

We hope you can enjoy your trip to Israel and meet all those wonderful places while showing them to the world through your cellphone!

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