Truphone alternatives: other options to consider

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Before you buy the Truphone eSIM card, you have to ask yourself the following: have you considered other options? No? Well, in case you didn’t, in this article we are going to tell you about different alternatives to consider and make sure that you pick the one that best suits your needs.

In this article, you will be able to pick any of the following alternatives we are going to mention: Holafly, Ubigi, GigSky, Nomad, Airalo, Knowroaming, and Keepgo. We will talk a little about each of them, you will also find a comparison chart and our recommendation.


How does the eSIM card from Truphone work?

Before we start mentioning the other alternatives, we are going to tell you about the eSIM card from Truphone. It is a company that offers many tech solutions, and one of them is the integrated SIM, which translates into the eSIM card.

The eSIM card from this company is renowned because of having GSMA technology. It updates remotely, and you can share cellular data with other devices. The International eSIM card from Truphone is aimed at businesswomen, men and organizations, at corporate teams.

Holafly eSIM card

The first of the seven alternatives we are going to show you is Holafly. You can visit its virtual store, and there you will find an eSIM card available for many destinations around the world. You buy it online, and once you make the purchase you receive the QR code for the eSIM activation in your email. It is known because of the following aspects: the eSIM card lets you share your cellular data, you can use the eSIM card and the traditional SIM card at the same time, 3G and 4G speed, you can keep your WhatsApp in your language, and other advantages.

Ubigi virtual eSIM

The second alternative is an international eSIM card, a pioneer in the market of global eSIM cards. On the other hand, this card is known because it can be topped up, you can pick a data plan for days, weeks, or a year, and it has coverage in 180 countries around the world.

GigSky eSIM card

The third company is GigSky. It is a virtual SIM card provider, that offers cellular data plans for different international destinations. Also, this SIM card has the following characteristics: you can manage it through an app, it has coverage in 170 countries, and it has 24-hour support on its website and the app.

Nomad, another alternative to the Truphone eSIM card

Nomad is an app that also works as a virtual store, in which users can find virtual SIM cards for countries, regions, or global, in more than 100 destinations. This eSIM card uses a QR code for its data plans, and you can buy it either on the website or through the app.

Airalo: another eSIM provider

Another virtual store. This company is a pioneer in the market of international eSIM cards, and its eSIM cards have coverage in 190 destinations all over the world. You can buy it and manage it in their official app, it uses a QR code for the data plan activation, and their plans are categorized as local, regional, or global.

Knowroaming eSIM card

Before you buy the eSIM card from Truphone, you can consider the Knowroaming eSIM card. It is an international eSIM card with coverage in more than 200 destinations. Its main characteristics are the following: the speed of connection is 4G LTE, it has wide compatibility, you can keep your physical SIM card, and there is no minimum subscription clause.

The virtual SIM card of Keepgo

And finally, we have to mention Keepgo. It is an eSIM card provider, for more than 60 destinations around the world, (especially in Europe). The main advantage is that the eSIM card is toppable, and it does not expire. Also, you can download it for free from the official website.

Truphone alternatives: a comparison table

Now that you have read about all the available alternatives, we are going to give you a comparison table, so you can check each aspect, and make the best decision.

ProviderDo I have to create an account?Data SharingKeep the SIM cardQR codeService and supportAppTexts and calls
Comparison table between the Truphone alternatives.

Our recommendation

After reading about all these alternatives to Truphone, there is one of them that is better than the rest. We recommend you the Holafly eSIM card. This eSIM guarantees an unforgettable experience, thanks to its many advantages. If you want to be connected all the time, make sure you pack a Holafly eSIM card.

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